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Matrix of This Dimension

Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here, always to support and encourage your true understanding of who you are. We continue to remind you that you are pure conscious energy and light. You are infinite and limitless. These concepts and ideas are being offered to you in many form and many sources. We are also messengers to spark your awakening to your own unlimited magnificence.

We honor you also in your physical form and realize that has been your main focus. However, the time has arrived that you own and you recognize the truth of who you are as a being of light consciousness dwelling in a matrix created by thought. You exist in a thought universe.

Imagine for a moment that your reality could be a hologram of vibrations of  thought and light. We remind you the quote by one of your sages know as Albert Einstein  "Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one." So we truly understand your difficulty  in holding this field of awareness while everything around you feels so solid and "real".

Consider that if everything is vibration and frequency, which it is, and your brain is programmed to translate these vibrations in a certain way. There is a real possible that the limited programs, the limited information, the limited beliefs that have been encoded in your very DNA is a detriment to your awakening. You brain decodes and projects  onto the energy field creating the illusion of your physical world from all the misinformation and limited beliefs that are handed down one generation to another.

You media, your religions, and other forms of communication continue to empower and strengthen these limitations. Consider that every being on your planet is contributing to this illusion with their own limited beliefs and programs of limitation. You can begin to see how this reality continues to be held in this dysfunctional place.

When you as baby take your first breath, you engage with this energy matrix, this hologram or as we like to call it a hologame. You veil your infinite knowing in order to play in the 3D reality.

You as divine multidimensional being of light consciousness, here in this seeming physical reality to transform the misqualified energy. You as well as all others are here to bring light, to express light and to extend light.

Remember that your  thoughts are  a frequency, your thoughts are a vibration. Your words create in this holographic matrix. You conscious vibrations interface with this quantum field of energy. Even your human aura is a field of light that is felt by others in all exchanges. We have called these various vibrations that emanate from your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and programs your energy signature.

It is this energy signature that we are inviting you to own in a new conscious manner. To begin to step out of any preprogrammed beliefs that you have acquired that might be limiting in any way. Begin to question these beliefs. Investigate where you acquired them, what is holding them in place. Begin to recognize the trance state. Ask yourself  how these limited beliefs might be sabotaging some aspect of your life as well as your desire to support humanity in life-sustaining actions to transform this planet.

Remember that your physical form is made up of energy atoms and light, These energy atoms are talking to each other at all time. Every aspect of your own physical form is always in communication with the whole. So ask yourself what is your own personal body talk.  What do you say to your physical body throughout the day?  Do you acknowledge its support and well being?  Do you constantly reaffirm physical limitations?  Do you listen to various frequencies of the parts and pieces which forms your physical/energy body?

We invite you to consider that your body is a hologram of your thought, beliefs, and programs. Even as solid as it feels  and as solid as you experience it, it is a matrix of light particles. Interfacing and responding to other light particles of various vibrations and frequencies.

Consider that your thoughts are the building blocks of the hologram. It is divine thought that is the creator of oneness, you are part of this oneness, always have been and always well be. It is the spark of divine thought/vibration within you that is the creator of all you experience. This one truth can set you free of any limitations. We will repeat this for you, it is the spark of divine thought/vibration within you that is the creator of all you experience.

So begin to play in the hologame, this hologram in a manner that is unlimited. Realize that you can shift how and where you place your focus. Ask yourself why might you create this in your personal hologame? Ask yourself why you might support the creation of issues and situations on the planet that are  life diminishing? Become aware of your focus, do you focus on the problems or do you focus on the reality you desire to experience?

This mental shift is the work of a true master of consciousness, who understand that this reality as solid as it feels, as enjoyable as it is, as challenging as it can be is an illusion truly created by the energy thoughts of light interfacing with the matrix of this dimension.

Begin to play full out with this thought universe, allow yourself to engage with your true understanding and knowledge of your multidimensional self as an aspect of wholeness and oneness as a divine creator.

We have spoken about thinking and creating outside the box of your limitation. We continue to inform and encourage you to recognize, know and own your creative power as a being of  divine light consciousness existing in all time frames and dimensions. And as this being of divine light consciousness who has allowed an aspect and focus to play and create in this 3D reality because it is an adventure. Realize that you truly pop in and pop out of this existence.  

We understand that we have stretched you just a bit. However, we also acknowledge that you as pure energy are quite stretchable. We are ever available to assist and support you in any way. We are as close as a request as all other divine conscious beings are as well. We are one remember. the 'team'

©2015 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address:  FREE 88 messages available


"An Activation of Divine Proportion”

By Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts, as always, I pray you are well.

More than once I sat down to write a newsletter and nothing came. I simply said to the Universe, "If I’m to write something, lead me."
More than two weeks passed before I was led. I was led to something I had written and delivered as an activation and an invitation. I was told it bore repeating, now.
This activation has seven steps. These seven steps, if done with sacred intention, in sacred space will change your life and shatter perceptions and illusions about circumstances and limitations as you become a living bridge between the Quantum field and you.
This is an activation of Divine Proportion. Please read through it before acting on it.
It is a sacred activation requiring your uninterrupted attention and full intention for seven days. Within these seven days you will find yourself in deep rapport with your Soul and Sacred Heart. Your breath and focus are key.
Step 1. You are to accept as so that you are the architect of your world. This must be accepted as fact. And, that you are willing to let your consciousness assume 'a state' that is not yet so in your physical world. Doing so allows you to begin this activation, in Master Consciousness.
Step 2. From the depths of your heart, name and clearly define in writing your desired state, dream, or imagined reality regarding anything that will help you access your next level of joy, peace and prosperity within any of your bodies. Do so with gratitude, precision and clarity, not mind and not ego.
Please do not accept or seek to assume a state to fix what you currently perceive to be broken or wrong. Nothing is broken and nothing is wrong. Repeat as often as necessary: I AM whole and complete within my God Self.
You are crafting a resurrected state of consciousness in the moment of NOW, always. As we continue our evolution, our consciousness requires an upgrade away from habitual and limited thinking and believing, to absolutely possible, in order that we harmonize with the frequencies of God Consciousness (not human consciousness) and take full advantage of our Divine Birthright.
*Note: The mind and ego may double its efforts to have you rationalize many circumstances based on what it perceives as wrong or in an unfixable state. Do not touch an unsavory thought with another one.
At any time breathe and speak aloud: I now take control of my mind and emotions. I AM the Master of Myself.
Step 3. Once you have defined your desired state, you must then mystically marry or become entrained, (meaning at One) with your desired state.
You are being asked to be in a definite, deliberate and deeply felt state of engagement (alignment, resonance and rapport) with what you have stated to be your desired state, dream or imagined reality.

Breathe, and open your heart fully to your desired state.

Love your desired state. Feel it. Cherish your desired state. Feel it.

Breathe LIFE into your desired state and feel it.
Create a sacred ceremony that you resonate with and say aloud: I open all Life force energy centers in all of my bodies on all levels of Creation as I marry and hold sacred that which I have claimed to be my desired state.
Breathe and allow your energy to spin into a golden vortex of Light, connecting to the Divine flow of Spirit. Repeat three times.
You are merging with the quantum field. You are merging with the Sacred.
Step 4. Now you are to make a vow of acceptance to the state you have claimed, even though it is not here yet — nothing comes here yet, until we are in 100% alignment, resonance and rapport with whatever it is you, as the Creator, desires to create. That is Universal Law.
Before you state your vow of acceptance to your mystical marriage, close your eyes, place your right hand over your heart palm open. Take three slow and steady breaths of gratitude into the center of your heart. Breathe out all tension.
Take this action three times, and repeat three times: I Am Grateful. I Am Grateful. I Am Grateful.
Step 5. Breathe and feel into your vow of acceptance. Breathe, open your heart and allow your vow of acceptance to imprint within it. Breathe once again and let it take up residency in your cellular body. Breathe and be grateful.
Use your breath and breathe in the feeling, not the thought, but the feeling of your married state to your vow of acceptance. Breathe out a sigh of relief.

You have begun creating that which you desire in a heightened state of consciousness.
Once again, take a breath, breathing in the feeling of your desired state, realized. Breathe out a sigh of relief.
Breathe in the feeling of freedom, excitement and joy, accepting this state as realized. You are deepening your alignment with your desired state and igniting your connection to your unlimited power to create from the Quantum field.
Take another breath and breathe in a feeling of peace. Breathe peace out and into the Universal flow of Life.
Note:  A sigh of peace is different than a sigh of relief. Peace is a neutral state of being. Relief still carries an energy of discordance attached to it.
Step 6. Now you are to hold this definite, defined, focused, clear and deeply felt state of connection and consciousness for six full days without ever once questioning how your desired state can or will be made manifest. Doing so you will experience the deepest meaning of surrender and faith, and the peace that passes all mental understanding.
These six days (and then the seventh), when done in reverence and done precisely elevates your frequency, your consciousness, your power and your state of being more than you can imagine. This is a profound and Masterful practice of conscious creation, and grace.
Step 7. The last step, step seven, on the seventh day of this practice is the Sabbath. You are to rest and be still in order that your desired state can incubate.  This day is as important as each day that preceded it. Please do not use this day to probe into anything.  Don’t ask any questions.  Don’t let your mind usurp what you’ve done thus far.  Simply rest in the feeling of, "It is done, and so be it.”

If you have been precise and diligent you will witness a new world emerge.

Be fascinated, be grateful, be amazed and be at peace.
Maureen Moss, © 2015. Please share wherever you prefer keeping name, content and the website intact.


Sacred Feminine Healing

By Dana Mrkich

This week Dana posted this on her Facebook page and it so resonated with me I'm sharing it with you here. You will also notice similarities with another post recently by Katy Tucker - one thing it for sure, there's a whole lot of awakening going on and this can be challenging for so many of us!



There is a lot of Sacred Feminine healing and awakening about this year. We are officially in a new cycle of evolution, one in which the Divine Feminine is coming in like a big Goddess lady riding a chariot. The Divine Feminine influence is one of strength from within, grounded in our bodies and our Earth, connected to knowledge here and among the stars that is ancient as ancient can be.

Yet even as I write some of what her influence is, her nature is to stop me and say "Don't label me. Don't box me. Don't define what my influence is or is not. It is whatever it is for each unique individual. Don't use me to give people yet another energy to follow or conform to. I am what I am, and each one of you reading this are who you are. Don't let anyone define you or give you rules to define yourself by. Define yourself."

This is totally in line with the feeling many of us are having of feeling less called to seek guidance from 'out there' and moving more to being in our own space, in our own stillness and silence, where we can hear a deep wisdom that is simultaneously our own and the whole Universe's combined.

We are feeling a greater pull to live from our hearts rather than our minds. These days you might be saying a lot "I feel like I'm losing my mind!" or "Has everyone lost their minds", which is just a term we all use without thinking about what it means, but really this is pretty much what is happening. Well, we aren't really losing our minds, but we are losing them as our control centre, and instead moving down into where our Heart is taking the lead. Clear decision making can more easily come now from feeling rather than thinking. Ask yourself: How do I feel? What am I feeling about this action/this job/this person? What is this feeling wanting to tell me?

As more and more of our Feminine within awakens, we can feel bouts of heaviness as the old oppression we've had over her washes through and out of us. We can feel bouts of rage, anger, tears and grief as our body recalls the very many ways we have denied and devalued her, and experienced her being treated beneath her worth by others.

We might consciously be aware of what we are remembering, while at other times we will just have these very emotional waves and not be sure why. At those times let the emotion wash through you, and either just trust that your body is releasing something it needs to let go of, or you can of course ask the emotion: what are you releasing? And the more juicy exciting question is: And what is underneath this that is now ready to come to life?

Are you feeling the Divine Feminine shifting in your body/life?

Love Dana x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


Advice for Pre-Solstice Symptoms!

By Katy Tucker

Are you feeling Stiff? 

Are you feeling moments of extreme tiredness or a general lack of energy? 

Are you feeling very emotional? 

Are you having more extreme experiences of any health problems? 

If you answered yes to any of the above then you are potentially having “Solstice Preparation symptoms.” They are not too comfortable to go through, but once you understand them they are much easier to handle and actually it a really amazing, exciting thing to experience. 

The Solstice every year is very powerful and beautiful. This year’s guidance is that there will be a surge of new light and energy on the Solstice. All of our bodies are preparing and adjusting to receive this light.

 “This is a time of great purging”

I have been feeling all of the above. Especially the stiffness and tiredness. The stiffness has been really extreme - I was starting to wonder if I was experiencing early onset arthritis! The tiredness, at first, I put down to being physically tired from running a retreat last month. After a week of rest I was still feeling bouts of exhaustion so I asked my guides about it. 

They said I was not the only one to be having this experience and to share this message: 

“Dear Children of the Light, Light tribe of Gaia, we say to you that many of you are experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and indeed physical manifestations of emotions: Feeling stiff, feeling  exhausted, feeling drained, unwell, feeling angry, feeling sad and feeling guilty. We ask you, dear ones, to remember how you were feeling in the run up to the Spring Equinox 2015? We say that this feeling was not dissimilar to how you are feeling now in the run up to the Summer Solstice 2015.” 

Take a moment to think back to the weeks before the Equinox, the huge emotional journey your were on….. 

“We say to you, that this time, as it was before the Equinox, is simply a purging. Open your hearts and allow yourselves to release, to purge, to let go of, to surrender all that is coming up for you. You are purging that which is holding you back…. tiredness, stiffness, old emotions are what hold you in a dense vibration. These are all the causes and effects of limited belief systems, the things that stop you from being all that you can be….. You are alive now to learn how to be unlimited, how to be unstoppable so allow all that is causing you to be limited to be released at this time. Allow yourselves to see it as LIGHT ACTION: to recognise these experiences as symptoms/experiences of what is being pulled from deep within your subconscious up into your consciousness so that you can, of your own free will, choose to  let it go.  You must choose to release and in order to choose you must have the experience. If you can hold this understanding of what is happening you will easily raise up out of the suffering.”

“Easily” This is easier said than done when you are feeling so much – I asked my guides well, how do we do this?

“Simply allow yourself time to consider,  allow time to give space to that which is coming up for you. Do not step straight into the drama, straight into the story. Step back, breathe, ask yourself if it serves you? If you do want to let it go then choose to breathe it out, breathe it up into the light….If you feel uncertain as to how to let something go, call out children of the light, to the Universe, call out to the Angels, call out to Gaia, call out to your Guides, call out to the Star Nations, all of whom are waiting to hear your call so that they can assist you.” 

My feeling is that the difference between now and the Equinox, is this time seems for more about the physical body and purging the limitations of your physicality. My physical body has been shouting far more loudly than usual about what it needs. If your body is shouting, or even whispering… listen to it…. give your body what ever it wants – fasts, vitamins, exercise, rest and care over the next 3 weeks. This will really help with the processing. Since this message from my guides a few days ago I have added loads of vitamin c into my diet (it is what my body wants) and the tiredness and stiffness is already starting to ease. 

I also cannot recommend enough receiving light in meditation. The guidance I got was to sit for 10 mins per day in a column of light focusing on receiving/energetically drinking this light. It is making me feel a million times better: 

 “We recommend that between now and the Summer Solstice 2015 you allow your self 10 mins per day or purely connecting to the light. Sitting in a column of Source light and allowing yourself to drink this light from Source. It will assist you in the recalibration that is occurring on a cellular level. It is this recalibration that is causing you to feel stiff, to feel tired. Some of you are feeling the e-ons of age that your hold within you. We say to you that this is simply temporary and the new lights and energies that will be anchored on the Solstice will set many of you free form this vibration.  It is a time for your bodies to do some catch-up, so to speak, with the advancements of your energy body and in order for this to happen your cells are being recalibrated. The stiffness, soreness, emotion and tiredness the result of the collective spiritual surgery that is occurring to prepare you for the Solstice and you can speed up and ease the process by allowing yourselves to sit and receive light.” 

Later on I received guidance that the best time of day to do this ten min is over 11.11 am or 11.11 pm. If this is not possible any time will do. Breathe deeply and slowly during the 10 mins. I imagine myself in a column of beautiful Source light and allow it to fill up. During the ten mins I play with the light, sending it into any aching, sore or tired parts of my body. If I feel emotional that day I send it to my heart. I spend the last part making sure I filled from head to toe with this light. 

I have also been guided that you can sit with a crystal in your hands. It will help you to ground and amplify this light.  You can use any crystal that calls but if your unsure then the best ones to use are clear quartz or rose quartz. 

This simple excerise has helped me so much and I hope it helps you… We are on this crazy, beautiful, amazing journey. Sometimes it won’t always be comfortable but it is so exciting: 

“We say to you that you signed up for the roller-coaster and therefore you are fully equipped for this ride".


Seela-ra Ajna-ra

(Katy Starlight)



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