Advice for Pre-Solstice Symptoms!
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 at 08:44AM
The Magic Of Being

By Katy Tucker

Are you feeling Stiff? 

Are you feeling moments of extreme tiredness or a general lack of energy? 

Are you feeling very emotional? 

Are you having more extreme experiences of any health problems? 

If you answered yes to any of the above then you are potentially having “Solstice Preparation symptoms.” They are not too comfortable to go through, but once you understand them they are much easier to handle and actually it a really amazing, exciting thing to experience. 

The Solstice every year is very powerful and beautiful. This year’s guidance is that there will be a surge of new light and energy on the Solstice. All of our bodies are preparing and adjusting to receive this light.

 “This is a time of great purging”

I have been feeling all of the above. Especially the stiffness and tiredness. The stiffness has been really extreme - I was starting to wonder if I was experiencing early onset arthritis! The tiredness, at first, I put down to being physically tired from running a retreat last month. After a week of rest I was still feeling bouts of exhaustion so I asked my guides about it. 

They said I was not the only one to be having this experience and to share this message: 

“Dear Children of the Light, Light tribe of Gaia, we say to you that many of you are experiencing a roller coaster of emotions and indeed physical manifestations of emotions: Feeling stiff, feeling  exhausted, feeling drained, unwell, feeling angry, feeling sad and feeling guilty. We ask you, dear ones, to remember how you were feeling in the run up to the Spring Equinox 2015? We say that this feeling was not dissimilar to how you are feeling now in the run up to the Summer Solstice 2015.” 

Take a moment to think back to the weeks before the Equinox, the huge emotional journey your were on….. 

“We say to you, that this time, as it was before the Equinox, is simply a purging. Open your hearts and allow yourselves to release, to purge, to let go of, to surrender all that is coming up for you. You are purging that which is holding you back…. tiredness, stiffness, old emotions are what hold you in a dense vibration. These are all the causes and effects of limited belief systems, the things that stop you from being all that you can be….. You are alive now to learn how to be unlimited, how to be unstoppable so allow all that is causing you to be limited to be released at this time. Allow yourselves to see it as LIGHT ACTION: to recognise these experiences as symptoms/experiences of what is being pulled from deep within your subconscious up into your consciousness so that you can, of your own free will, choose to  let it go.  You must choose to release and in order to choose you must have the experience. If you can hold this understanding of what is happening you will easily raise up out of the suffering.”

“Easily” This is easier said than done when you are feeling so much – I asked my guides well, how do we do this?

“Simply allow yourself time to consider,  allow time to give space to that which is coming up for you. Do not step straight into the drama, straight into the story. Step back, breathe, ask yourself if it serves you? If you do want to let it go then choose to breathe it out, breathe it up into the light….If you feel uncertain as to how to let something go, call out children of the light, to the Universe, call out to the Angels, call out to Gaia, call out to your Guides, call out to the Star Nations, all of whom are waiting to hear your call so that they can assist you.” 

My feeling is that the difference between now and the Equinox, is this time seems for more about the physical body and purging the limitations of your physicality. My physical body has been shouting far more loudly than usual about what it needs. If your body is shouting, or even whispering… listen to it…. give your body what ever it wants – fasts, vitamins, exercise, rest and care over the next 3 weeks. This will really help with the processing. Since this message from my guides a few days ago I have added loads of vitamin c into my diet (it is what my body wants) and the tiredness and stiffness is already starting to ease. 

I also cannot recommend enough receiving light in meditation. The guidance I got was to sit for 10 mins per day in a column of light focusing on receiving/energetically drinking this light. It is making me feel a million times better: 

 “We recommend that between now and the Summer Solstice 2015 you allow your self 10 mins per day or purely connecting to the light. Sitting in a column of Source light and allowing yourself to drink this light from Source. It will assist you in the recalibration that is occurring on a cellular level. It is this recalibration that is causing you to feel stiff, to feel tired. Some of you are feeling the e-ons of age that your hold within you. We say to you that this is simply temporary and the new lights and energies that will be anchored on the Solstice will set many of you free form this vibration.  It is a time for your bodies to do some catch-up, so to speak, with the advancements of your energy body and in order for this to happen your cells are being recalibrated. The stiffness, soreness, emotion and tiredness the result of the collective spiritual surgery that is occurring to prepare you for the Solstice and you can speed up and ease the process by allowing yourselves to sit and receive light.” 

Later on I received guidance that the best time of day to do this ten min is over 11.11 am or 11.11 pm. If this is not possible any time will do. Breathe deeply and slowly during the 10 mins. I imagine myself in a column of beautiful Source light and allow it to fill up. During the ten mins I play with the light, sending it into any aching, sore or tired parts of my body. If I feel emotional that day I send it to my heart. I spend the last part making sure I filled from head to toe with this light. 

I have also been guided that you can sit with a crystal in your hands. It will help you to ground and amplify this light.  You can use any crystal that calls but if your unsure then the best ones to use are clear quartz or rose quartz. 

This simple excerise has helped me so much and I hope it helps you… We are on this crazy, beautiful, amazing journey. Sometimes it won’t always be comfortable but it is so exciting: 

“We say to you that you signed up for the roller-coaster and therefore you are fully equipped for this ride".


Seela-ra Ajna-ra

(Katy Starlight)



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