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“Grandma” Chandra - The Tri-Lotus Healing and Education Center

By Cat Parenti Hammad and Tamara Heims

Who is “Grandma” Chandra? “Grandma” Chandra is a unique non-verbal telepathic, 29 year old multi-dimensional Extra Terrestrial; a living miracle in a severely physically challenged body. G’ma says that she is from the White Star Planet where the beings have golden light bodies. (See her Youtube video on the Golden Light Beings below). 

"After watching the video I could feel the being from the White Star Planet, and as soon as I did I heard ‘welcome home’. Phew, such an energy rush with that thought... mega download happening.

Thank you!! Colin".

She was given the title “Grandma” by Chief Golden Light Eagle for her wisdom and extraordinary abilities to see, hear and be in many dimensions at the same time. He pronounced her an original pipe carrier or wisdom bearer of his race.

People report that she appears to them in their dream states or in their meditations by downloading spiritual material that supports people with their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Grandma usually appears as a beautiful very tall young woman, a dolphin or a whale.

When people meet with Grandma Chandra, they experience heart openings, images, sounds, words and cleansing tears as blockages are released. Grandma works with, Angels, Benevolent Extraterrestrials, Guides and Ascended Masters on all dimensions simultaneously with whom she communicates telepathically including Whales and Dolphins. She has the ability to access information from other dimensions, this reality and the cosmos.

When Grandma was 3 months old, she began doing mudras sacred Hindu movements with her fingers. They were the signs for OM and Universal Intelligence. Not bound by the body, Chandra has unbroken past-life recall.

Whenever she attended functions with highly evolved metaphysicians whether Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Sufi, Tibetan or American; they would all bow to Chandra and say, “We are very pleased to be in the presence of this one.”

Grandma Chandra was invited by James Twyman, International Peacemaker and author of “Emissary of Light” and “Emissary of Love”, as a presenter to Twyman’s Psychic Indigo Children Conference on the Big Island (Kona) in Hawaii in 2003. After this conference, Chandra began showing people how to find their own personal codes that connect them to their Higher Selves. Grandma said that personal codes enhance ones’ ability to perform their Planetary Mission and have a better understanding of how to achieve it. She calls these codes, the Master Numbers. She produced an MP3 “The Awakening Codes of Gr. Chandra” that teaches people how to do this.

Grandma had communication with the grandson of Jacques Cousteau whom she told that she wanted a tape of the Whales at 35,000 feet deep. He replied that the ocean is only 25,000 feet deep. Chandra said no and he said you must be talking about a trench and she replied yes it is in the South Pacific. She subsequently received a CD of the Whales at 35,000 feet deep and has translated the message of the Whales to us in her MP3, “WHALESPEAK”.

Gr. Chandra said that she is a “Star Gate Opener”. She began opening star gates during her presentations around the United States. Star gates are non-physical portals, gates, doorways and openings around the planet. They allow only the highest vibratory Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides including Benevolent Extra Terrestrials to come through to assist us and the planet to achieve the next conscious level of Peace and Ascension. Chandra said, “If we do not ask them, they cannot come; even though we all have contracted to awaken to our codes and allow them to assist us. We must ask.” This is the purpose of Star Gate openings.

Grandma traveled to Holland, she said that this is the new Light Center of the Planet that will raise world consciousness. She formed a Core Group there who is telepathic with her. They receive messages from her while continuing their own work on a more powerful level.

There is a chapter on G’ma in Meg Blackburn Losey’s book titled “Conversations with the Children of Now. Chandra comments on creation, where we are from and other cosmic subjects.

Grandma placed a dream into a Hawaiian Kahuna’s mind to have him and various Native Americans including Chief Golden Light Eagle gather in July 2009 in New Mexico. With the help of the audience, G’ma brought in 13 New Whale Codes. Grandma said, “Whale Codes are energetic patterns, signs or pictures similar but different from hieroglyphics used by Egyptians, Mayans, Japanese, Chinese and other cultures that tell of past, present and future Planetary History as well as messages for humanity. These Codes are sent by the Whales to those like Chief Golden Light Eagle and others including me who are able to receive them.

“Whales are very intelligent mammals who some consider to be the repositories of all knowledge. Many Whale Codes have entered the Earth plane and hundreds more are constantly arriving. Since I am a Whale, I telepath with other Whales and can receive their messages.

“When you see or receive a Whale Code, meditate upon the Code and you too will receive messages of enlightenment through your senses of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling.”

Grandma presented her 13 New Whale Codes in San Diego, California with Laurie Reyon of Puddah Speaks and physically called in two rare blue whales on this groups’ boat trip.

Around 10 years ago, Grandma started speaking about the new children and the center she wanted to create. With the help of Tamara Heims and me, G’ma is bringing out the Tri Lotus Healing and Education Center Inc.

About a year ago, Tamara wrote a new curriculum for children to learn in a more peaceful environment.

It wasn't until just three short months ago that she connected with G’ma Chandra and discovered it was G’ma who was downloading all this information. She realized that we could actually make this new learning center a reality.  

So the Tri-Lotus Healing and Education Center, Inc. was born and we are currently working on gathering donations and supplies to help this center move along quickly.  Tamara describes our vision, “So what is this center exactly?  

Think of a beautiful garden where all children are welcome to explore lessons in a non-linear way.  Yoga, science , math, dance, gardening, green projects, and holistic practices are just a few examples of what you can find at this center.  Children are leading the way through creation and exploration and this center will nurture this growth.  Parents and caregivers alike will also be included taking available classes to gain knowledge as to why this way of learning is better suited for our children.  The elderly and community members are all welcome since our focus is to encompass a sense of community.

Imagine a place we can all come to gain knowledge, relax and heal within a peaceful environment.  The Tri-Lotus and Healing and Education Center, Inc. will bring back peace to our earth starting with our children and spreading throughout our community.”