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Monday, August 18, 2014 at 01:46PM
The Magic Of Being

By Colin Whitby

The beginning of September will be the first month I will not be getting up at a set time to travel to work, for I will have retired from full time work at the end of August. When asked what will I do with all that ‘spare time’ my response is always ‘I’m going to write a book, there’s one in there somewhere’.

So today I signed up for Soleira and Santari Green’s Genius Writing course Spark Of Genius . . . Writing In Creative Super Flow, something which just popped into my consciousness in a very timely manner (as things do these days). I have been used to writing for some time now, mostly short articles and the occasional chapters of a book, but I have yet to write a whole book (which is my target).

As yet I am not fully aware of the subject or format, this I am guided will come in due course, the most important thing is to sit and be ready for the flow to happen. Quite recently I sought feedback from a number of sources as to my ‘role’ in the new awakening, and was told quite firmly to stop seeking guidance externally and to go inside and ‘listen’.

Soleira’s Genius course then struck a chord, as she covers this exact process:-

I can feel the energy of this process building just writing this article and am looking forward to taking part in a shared experience with Soleira and team. It was Soleira and Santari who helped set me on my soul exploration journey way back in 1999/2000 when they were based in the Bristol area. If you were considering any of their current courses I can certainly recommend them.

So for me the proof will be in the writing, you’ll see some output from this process as it unfolds as I’ll no doubt be prompted to share the experience here (The Magic of Being will be a key component for the book launch).

So its all up to me now, as Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek would say Make it so’.

With Love


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