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An Interview with Keith Foster

With Colin Whitby

I recently attended a workshop where Keith introduced us to his work about Harmonic Power and how to harness it to improve your life. The subject is very dear to my own understanding of how energy plays a significant part in our relationship with each other and our environment so I was delighted when Keith agreed to an interview for the Magic of Being.

Keith's first book The Wisdom Way has 141 simle guidelines and pointers which can lead to a healthy and enjoyable life. This daily programme is designed to change ingrained habits using new information to inform your beliefs.

If you are interested in looking deeper and reading some of the extensive research that backs up the The Wisdom Way then have a look at the second book Harmonic Power where Keith expands on his findings. Each section of this work contains a clear and unique message, presented in a particular sequence because each one contains information that is useful in understanding the following section. These link together to form a 'Meme’ - an idea that has a life of its own and contains a life-changing message.

I've chosen a number of areas to focus on for our 30 minute interview which will hopefully give some insight into his work.

Keith Foster

Keith believes the driving force in the world is love. He is 73 years young, but looks and feels in his late 50s, and is living proof of the validity of the concepts and advice within his work. Keith profoundly believes in fate being driven by karma - you get back what you give out - the principals of cause and effect.
Keith has collated his HARMONIC POWER work to enable you to 'clean up your human antenna, plug in to freely available energy from the Earth's field, and charge up' to live a better, healthier and longer life.

For further information have a look at Keith's websites:-



2013 Interview with Joy Hicklin-Bailey

We first interviewed Joy way back in 2008 just at the beginning of the Magic of Being, where we focused on her coaching & spiritual ‘journey’ An Interview with Joy Hicklin-Bailey. This time our conversation focuses on what is going on now for Joy, and what plans she has for the future. 

This is a shorter version of the interview, if you would like to listen to the full version you can listen to it here:-

Colin:- Joy, your website and the work you promote is all about the Secret Garden, would you like to give us some insight into what that is about?

Joy:- Colin first of all I’d like to say thank you so much for this invitation to speak with you this evening.

Secret Garden is for you if you are a seasoned traveller in the arena of spiritual development and you may have been on this extraordinary, ordinary, sometimes arduous journey for a while. You may have a degree of self awareness, of consciousness and have an awareness of old patterns, perhaps an understanding about where you are opening and yet somehow there might still be a sense of something missing in ordinary life & Western culture which these gatherings can give you –a deeply nourishing soul food.

Secret Garden is for those who value love, truth and beingness way beyond the confines of the small self or personality. It is for tenderness, nourishment and enrichment of every aspect of being; every aspect of being human that might be hidden away or moved aside in our ‘normal’ way of living in our western culture. Secret Garden is about being, it is about the uniqueness of consciousness expressing as being this ‘you’; ‘you’ will never happen the same way again, you are unique. The beingness of expressing ‘you’ can flourish when there is, at a very deep level, healing of perceived limits and problems, acceptance of self and others, and the love and freedom, the taste of life’s essence, that blossoms as a result, when we align deeper & deeper with life’s unconditional, impersonal love. Being ‘you’ with totality is the gateway to the empty fullness of life which is beyond the personal.

Secret Garden is an invitation then into the fullness and emptiness of life. The nothing and everything. It is beingness that is not personal, belongs to no one. This Secret Garden outside & inside ‘you’ is a very potent field in which to rest, to dissolve into. This is where all healing happens and transformation takes place, where no one is trying to do anything, get anything or seek anything. The energetic transmission that occurs in a Secret Graden gathering will speed up, facilitate, what is naturally ready to happen.

The ultimate expertise is to help human beings who are drawn to do so back into beingness & untimately into oneness that is always, anyway.

Colin:- That sits so well with me because my website is called The Magic of Being, to magically ‘be’ is the goal. If someone were to subscribe to one of your weekends or retreats or workshops or ongoing trainings, what would they expect, how do you approach it with so many different people attending?

Joy:- It would depend on the theme of the event. Secret Garden has two complementary poles to it (one apparently –in this dream of being human- feeds & facilitates the other). The fundamental core is facilitating this apparent journey into ‘just being’. You don’t exist. Nothing ever happens. Life is apparent, both real & unreal. The other element of the work is the Joyful Loving exploration which invites you to look deeper than surface ideas of romance, commitment, communication, at how we play the game of apparently relating in this dream, in this embodiment.  So Secret Garden is about your Being and then you play –deeply - with the question ‘What is Intimate Relating?’

If you come to a Joyful Loving workshop or ongoing training or retreat, you might be exploring structures in pairs or in groups together involving touch, verbal exchange, sexual polarity and much more. This is very safely held so that boundaries are made conscious, perhaps changed consciously, and the participant is empowered by that, the insights ripple out into their ordinary lives. A recent exploration was about the Wounded Masculine, the ‘Enlightened’ Masculine and the Wounded Feminine, The ‘Enlightened’ Feminine –readers & listeners please note I have talked with you before Colin about some of the misconceptions around that word Enlightenment!

What is most significant is that this is in a field where the underlying context is that there is no separation, the transmission is absolute unknowing, anarchic, life’s intelligence is free to move as it will.

You might also be drawn to workshops where the emphasis would be completely on the inner,  that might be a silent retreat for a day, a weekend vision quest in wilderness or a retreat where there is an exploration of being in its purest sense –that which never changes. For each the focus would be different but the opportunity – to awaken from the made up conditioned ‘me’ – is the same.

Colin:- One of the things I’m very interested in is how to love without hitting those restricted barriers of our society programming, of how we can only love one person (our partner) at this level. When we step out of this we are in a very different domain, where the love seems to flow where it wants to, where there are no associations, where people can experience love in a totally different way to how they might have before. 

Joy:- Absolutely, those kind of moments happen all the time in Secret Garden workshops and sometimes with very deep awakenings. As a culture we have so much invested in the perfect relationship and when this is tightly held, or an ideology (maybe unconscious) by human beings discontent and problems may emerge because of the stickiness, deals, manipulations, compromises, resentment and blame that can happen as a result. Secret Garden facilitates participants into a deeper authenticity and a deeper availability for love.

However Secret Garden is not about lifestyle, the message does not tell you to live this way or that way. It can accommodate all types of choice about lifestyle; single people, committed couples, people in the middle of a love affair, those who wish to connect with many different people in their life and not live the marriage model – the circle allows and embraces those choices and many others as well. It is not about sexual preference or orientation either, but the themes are reliably and predictably the same.

Secret Garden is very much about experiencing what is natural, organic and what is real to a great deal of depth, this is deep dive into the realms of the archetypal & beyond. It is also about sometimes entering into the darker aspects of human nature, the ‘shadow’ energies that are part of life yet suppressed or disguised in normal Western culture, just as there’s an intention to allow absolute freedom of being. 

These explorations facilitate the alchemical evolutionary potential to emerge in sexual and love connections and partnerships. Love and attraction are wake up calls! At the core of the explorations is an invitation to dissolve all ‘you’ think you are.

Life in its intelligence uses nature, sexual attraction, the attraction that happens in friendship or when we are being drawn to a teacher or a group. It will endeavor to destroy ‘you’ and I use that word ‘destroy’ advisedly. Here, this message shared by the body called Joy, love is the same as death, in the moments of real love there is a death of what you know and of all that you think we are. Love is ultimate deconstruction of ‘me.’ That can happen naturally in the moment of eye contact with the postman just as much as with one’s life partner. And that is why for many people intimacy is so terrifying and avoided at all costs.

That flow, that beauty and sense of wonder, of oneness, is not available to a personality. So as soon as you start relating this to deals (if you do this for me I’ll do that for you; I wont say this in case it might hurt you; I’m not going to show you this because I think its ugly and you wont love me), when we start making accommodations then life becomes more dull, slightly deadened.

If someone is convinced of the validity of ‘me’ then protection becomes paramount. Newness cannot arise. Assumptions and expectations become a veil between people. Separation from others or a partner can be craved unconsciously or consciously, to preserve the illusions. And then, when there is no connection, there is a craving to belong. ‘Me’ can never love, give or relax! And this becomes very obvious for most people when they explore relating with another.

The impetus of intimate relating is to show you that you are life, utterly loveable, an endless mystery, beautiful, to show you that there is no separation. This is the Secret Garden journey, which acknowledges that human beingness, like all in existence, is both real and unreal. (And interestingly leading scientists are now drawing the same conclusions) It’s a dance between deep processing - through deep, long-buried pain and conditioning or current losses or disappointments or perceived limits- with expert facilitation and a lot of loving companionship – fluidity of feelings, communications and responses, and an endless celebration of flow, of being.

Colin:- This is the point where we can feel very vulnerable so it is important to have someone you can feel comfortable and confident with; this can be key to opening deeper. Often we get close to opening something we have never opened before, or something that has been locked away and we may not want to show it. Secret Garden is the kind of environment where you’d feel safe to take that step.  As you were talking I could feel the energy of it too.

Joy:- It’s a very powerful energetic field in a Secret Garden circle yet in the intimate explorations, very safely held, and it can be gorgeous and surprising, beautiful and deeply intimate. If your listeners and readers feel drawn to a Secret Garden day or weekend or retreat or training, fabulous! If someone is really engaged they will reap the rewards very quickly. Sometimes it’s frightening to be really engaged, to be fully intimate with the life happening, with what IS, not what ‘should’ be, and that might be seen and felt by participants at times, of course, but that’s totally ok; its fine to take baby steps and check things out, the intention is to provide a loving and nourishing experience first, and that safety and relaxation may allow insights then about how totality, being fully present to life here now and real transparency creates opening, intimacy, freedom, and how feelings are never real, (this can only be discovered when you allow yourself to fully embrace them –and this can be so much easier with support than alone) and then the deeper awakenings – there is no one, nothing ever happens, no story is ever true.

Colin:- Some teachers have a 5 step program or a 7 secrets to kind of approach where a formal process is outlined, I’m not hearing that from you. Do you take each workshop as it comes?

Joy:- The weekends are very tightly structured but not around steps in the way one might sell a system. There is nothing wrong with that approach, sometimes it is desirable to be led step by step, but this approach is to work more intuitively. I absolutely trust life’s flow; that the right things happen at the right time for the right human being in the right way, whatever it looks like. There are no stages. Soul flowering & even total liberation can happen almost imperceptibly over apparent time, or there may be sudden annihilation.

It appears that people are drawn to me, to this loose community or to particular trainings, (in which nothing is required by the way) after having developed a degree of consciousness which means they have the ability to hold themselves in their experiences and do not need to be led in such a structured way and, though they may come with longings, unresolved stuff, hopes, are not taken in by the promise of a future possibility that awaits after a next step. Here, for Joy, this is deep untruth. 

So you might experience two days that are tightly structured with particular themes that are presented and explored, ways of meeting and yourself, and then there is free space so that people can do or say what they need to do with it within the whole circle of human beings. As human beings we do not need structure – or even conscious understanding - anything like as much as we think we do, it is in the unconscious where transformation happens, at a soul level, that’s where healing can happen, that’s where beingness is.

As a facilitator there is perhaps a reassuring of the vulnerable separate one and then a facilitation of that deep dive in which the awakenings and openings happen in a way that they wouldn’t in every day contact.

Colin:- How would you describe intimacy in this context?

Joy:- Intimacy is not knowing, infinite mystery. One of the apparent qualities that creates fertile ground for intimacy is transparency. The more you reveal the more others can get you, feel you, know you, respond to you. This can move us towards a deeper connection and then to dissolution. Transparency is key in circles. The personality carefully negotiates what is revealed and can never experience intimacy and real life. The more someone shows up and reveals themselves the more life, as Joy, can respond to them and give unanticipated gifts. This also means other participants can respond to them and so you get loved wherever you are, whatever you feel, which can be a massive revelation. It is also fine to be completely closed and untransparent, of course. Nothing is expected.

Colin:- Do you tailor your workshops according to the time of year or any particular alignments such as the Summer Solstice?

Joy:- Every group is different and utterly unique which is what is so beautiful about this work, I adore the pristine aliveness and purity of intentions of love and truth. I do notice differences seasonally so a retreat that is run in winter is very different energetically than one run in the summer. There is a time when we all in this appearance called life on planet earth need to be quieter, more focused on the inner, where more rest and nourishment is needed. At this time of year, summertime, it is very easy to sing a heart song because nature is doing it, it is all around. This means the requirements of the participants are different at different times. I might run a workshop about death in the winter but never in the summer, I’m more likely to facilitate a stillness retreat in winter for example. I’ve just come out of a Beltane workshop the first weekend in May, the theme was Man and Woman and Inner Marriage. It was a joyful loving weekend and a most glorious celebration, very festive, lush, gorgeous, profound, sweet. It was a particular theme of alchemical marriage on the inner and its reflections on the outer that I wanted to introduce so it happened at Beltane. 

And it isn’t taken seriously, though great care and gentleness may arise. How could anything be serious?

All ‘I’ am, ‘Joy’ is, is non-personal. It might appear and sound as if this is not the case, but all that is here is the emptiness beyond being. An absence. That dance of different energies you mentioned just now (2012 – 2013 and other astrological events) goes on in the play of being but it isn’t of interest here, the openings that happen in the Secret Garden go way deeper than they would normally simply because ‘Joy’ is utterly beyond that dance, this work is informed by what is underneath all that. 

That still point of the turning world, that which never changes, that beyond the changeless. Who knows, perhaps that is why such extraordinary transformation apparently takes place in Secret Garden.

We can talk about workshops and structures, we can talk about what helps intimacy and what hinders it but in the end there is nothing happening, there’s nobody, there is nothing to find for the personality in the Secret Garden. Nothing can be taken away from your personality because ‘you’ do not exist, your stories, challenges and drama are the dream; what is beyond words allows your life to transform, in this wonderful dream called life. The real and non real, this paradox of life, means that who you think you are is much more fluid and free than the mind can ever imagine.

Colin:- Thanks very much for that Joy, it’s been a real pleasure speaking with you, so very good to link up again.  

You can contact Joy by emailing or by calling 07866 470238. More details are at


An Interview with Charmian Redwood

By Colin Whitby

This month I have asked Charmian Redwood to come back to talk to us, this time to talk about her new book 2012 A New Earth Rising. We are approaching December 21st 2012 that the Mayans predicted to be the end of time. Their 56.000-year calendar stops at that date. What does this mean? Will life on the Earth end? Will we all be destroyed? To find an answer to these questions Charmian used hypnosis to guide several people forwards in time to discover the truth of what will really happen. I was involved in the preparation of a number of chapters so was very interested to receive a final version of the book to review.

Colin:- This book was quite a project, what inspired you to work with different people in this way?

Charmian:- As soon as I had published my first book Coming Home To Lemuria I was guided to start another one taking people through the dimensional shift to look at the New Earth and to see what we need to do to prepare for it.

Colin:- The observations made by the contributors varied but do you think most were optimistic of our future here on Earth?

Charmian:- Definitely, I realised after I had done the sessions that the reason for the strong impulse to write the book so quickly was that it is so positive about the future and many people are having such a challenging time with the shifting frequencies causing chaos on the planet.

Colin:- Were there any journeys you made with your co-authors that took you by surprise?

Charmian:- Yes I was surprised by some of the journeys off planet , including my own, how many other star systems we had spent time on to prepare for this shift which was planned aeons of time ago before we even came here. It made me realise just how important the leap we are making here on the Earth is in the greater scheme of things and how much help there is for us  “Out there”.

Colin:- In many of the journeys to the future the conversations revealed that we were interacting with our star family quite naturally and openly, as we were vibrating at a much higher vibration. For me this felt perfectly normal, have you had any feedback from readers so far as to their response to these revelations?

Charmian:- Yes, many people know that they are from Sirius or the Plaeides and are looking forward to reconnecting with the ships and their star families again. They have an inner knowing that their star brothers are here and are waiting to assist us.

Colin:- One of the overriding feelings that came through each of the interviews was that love was the key that opens our doorway to the wonderful new world that is being described in the book. Having worked so much to bring this about how did you feel when you found this was earth’s new future, one filled with love?

Charmian:- I was and am very optimistic about the New Earth, I intend being in the first wave of ascension  to experience living in the state of ecstatic bliss that many of the contributors reported. It was effortless and everybody was just living in perfect unconditional love with everyone and everything. Gathering the material for this book has changed my life. I feel relaxed and confident that all is unfolding in Divine Right Order and I am ready for this New World of Love. I have no fear and I know that my soul is already creating everything I need to make this shift, all I have to do is stay in my heart and have fun!

Colin:- During our journey we travelled in a ship constructed through our consciousness, something we have done many times, and it was encouraging to find that this mode of transport will become quite normal for us on earth in the future. We will travel through space and time, something only found in science fiction at the moment.  It was interesting the way children were being taught how to interact with this new world too, was this something you had seen in other journeys?

Charmian:- Yes the new children already know  all of this, it is quite normal for them to be able to travel between dimensions as they have not yet shut down their expanded consciousness. They are our teachers and they are already embodying their own Higher Self which is what the “ Shift” is. It is a shift in consciousness from our limited ego self to our Divine God Self while still in physical form.

Colin:- If there was one thing that you gained from writing the book that you feel would encourage someone to go straight out and buy it, what do you think that would be?

Charmian:- Connect with your Higher Self and know that he/she has planned perfectly everything you need to know  to make this dimensional shift with ease and grace. There is nothing you need to” DO”, just sit and “BE “the love that you are. When I asked my Higher Self what I needed to do to prepare for the shift the answer was’ Nothing”, I could sit under a tree from now until the Ascension beaming out love and my life purpose would be fulfilled.

About the Author

Charmian Amarea Kumara Redwood had a near death experience 30 years ago. Since then, she has lived her life with the purpose of helping others live a full life without a fear of death. She has trained as a transpersonal hypnotherapist and has worked with both groups and individuals for 20 years. Redwood lives on Maui in Hawaii, and works with hospice clients helping people to return to the Light in grace.


An Interview with Damiana Sage Miller

By Colin Whitby

Damiana Sage Miller has recently published her book Ambassadors Between Worlds, Intergalactic Gateway to a New Earth, where she channels information from a number of beings from different planets.

I am always fascinated to read this kind of conversation and asked Damiana if she would agree to an interview so we could discover a little more about her technique and explore some of the more controversial material.

Colin:- Hi Damiana, thanks for agreeing to take part in this interview. I’m really interested to know how you came to the point of writing the book, were you channelling information before this?

Damiana:- Hi Colin,Thanks for interviewing me. It’s quite interesting how this book came to be. About a year and half ago I began to question my life. Lost and confused, I turned to daily meditations for answers. Not too long after I started these meditations, I received my first channeling. I was working as a waitress, and one day at work I heard “Welcome, being of the light!” I looked around to see who said it and again I heard “Welcome, being of the light!" I realized the words were in my head so I quickly pulled out a pen and paper to transcribe my first channeling.

That first channeling was signed from “a special friend” from my time in Atlantis. She was welcoming me back and told me that I had been channeling spiritual beings from other worlds for many lifetimes and I could choose to do it in this life as well. After that, I started working frequently with my parents. We would alternate our days with regular meditations, channeled sessions, and third-eye travels. (My second book, Third Eye Awakening, Adventures of a Clairvoyant Traveler, will be published next year.) My very first channelings were from archangels and ascended masters. Shortly after that, I had my first encounter with an extraterrestrial. My father asked him lots of questions.

Every few days, other enlightened extraterrestrials — from Pleiades, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, and LaZarus (a planet in another diimension) — also started speaking through me. I was hooked up to a microphone so we were able to record the sessions. My father asked the questions and my mother transcribed the recordings. It didn’t take us long to realize that these Q and A sessions would make a fascinating book.

Colin:- How did you feel when the beings were speaking through you, could you ‘hear’ what they were saying or were you ‘elsewhere’?

Damiana:- I feel like there are three distinct levels of channeling. The first level is where the channel receives images, concepts, and ideas and it is up to them to decipher the message. The second level is much more direct. The entities are connected to the channel. They are using the channel’s vocabulary and voice, but the message is much more direct and flows through the channel smoothly. The third level, trance channeling, is where the extraterrestrial (or angel) is fully present. They are using the channel’s voice and body by agreement. Right now, I’m at that second level, so I’m partially sharing my vessel although I am somewhat aware of the conversation as it occurs. However, quite often I will read a session from earlier that day and be surprised at the sophistication of the conversation and have no recollection of hearing or saying the message while the channeling took place.

Colin:- Throughout the book your guides mention that they were testing you to see how much energy you could tolerate to make sure you were as pure a channel as possible. How did that feel? Did you find you were growing in confidence as the book progressed?

Damiana:- I definitely feel like my gift developed as the book progressed. The sessions would become longer, the information that I was receiving became more direct, and I was less present in the channelings. In later chapters of the book, some of the information is very specific on topics that I have no knowledge about. For example, at one point in the book the extraterrestrials made the following statement: “Most inhabitants on Earth eat insects. However, for some reason most English-speaking beings on your planet avoid this (and are disgusted by it). But did you know that cattle cost millions of dollars to feed and farm, destroy your planet to raise, and only produce 18 percent protein with 18 percent fat, while insects eat natural food — fruits, vegetables, grass — cost very little to raise, and produce 30 percent protein and only 6 percent fat?” After this channeling session, I did a google search and was astounded to discover that these numbers are correct.

When I start to channel, I feel a strong pressure between my third eye (above my nose) and crown chakra (on top of my head). It feels like I have a little cap on that spot. Sometimes, though, I feel really strong energy throughout my body like they are preparing me or testing me for the third level of channeling. I think that with time I will leave my body and allow them to speak directly through me. They tell me that my third eye travels, where I am already having out-of-body experiences exploring other planets and dimensions, are preparing me for this next level of channeling. I appreciate that my guides are constantly pushing my limits because they know that I want to relay the most pure information.

Colin:- Your father posed the questions during the channelling sessions, did you find having this kind of support from your parents helped you develop your gifts?  (Damiana’s Mum Susanne Miller contributed two channeled interviews to The Magic of Being: Gene Roddenberry and Cleopatra)

Damiana:- Absolutely! I’m lucky to have such a strong relationship with both of my parents. Not only do they accept my unique calling, but they also work with me each day to develop it.

Colin:- One of the most controversial parts of the book is where your channels talk about how Jesus used a doppelganger to stand in for him on the cross. Your father asked for clarification a number of times and the story did not change, which was interesting. Why do you think this information came through now, when so many other channellings in the past have not mentioned it?

Damiana:-  We were very weary about putting that information in the book, but every time we discussed it with our guides they insisted that is was true. I don’t know whether that really happened or not but I think it’s certainly possible. The guides are very clear in the book that they do not wish to change anyone’s belief systems. However, they don’t want to deny us truths as they perceive them. I think we are coming up to a new period in time where we need to question everything, including our most cherished beliefs.  Perhaps people are using the concept that Jesus died on the cross for our sins as an excuse not to take responsibility for their own actions. The extraterrestrials are seeing where humanity stands on a number of different topics and slowly releasing new information that will push the envelope — and people’s buttons — helping us to grow.

Colin:- Did some of the answers to the questions about religion challenge your own beliefs or did you find them reassuring?

Damiana:- When my father asked the extraterrestrials to give their brief impressions of our major religions, they were honest but non-judgmental. The extraterrestrials are so loving and compassionate that their approach to sensitive topics like religion really made me appreciate the many similarities that our Earth religions share. I think that my true “religion” even before I started channeling was a belief in universal love, so I was not surprised or offended by their answers. I hope others are not offended as well.

Colin:- The explanation about past lives advised that we are all living in the now, and that past, present and future are all taking place at once. So our past lives, as well as our future ones, are currently being experienced by our souls. Was this something new to you and your father or did this just serve to confirm what you already felt?

Damiana:-  The concept of time has always mesmerized me, especially how it seems much more conceptual than concrete. I have often thought about time, trying to wrap my head around it: What exactly is time? Why does it appear faster when we’re having fun and slower when we’re doing things we don’t enjoy? What is the relationship between time and space? However, when the extraterrestrials said that everything is happening in the infinite “Now,” and that time as we understand it only exists in the third dimension, it was new to me, yet it made sense. When I travel with my third eye, I don’t have limitations of time and space. I can instantly travel anywhere in the universe, and I can go “back” in time to my past lives in Atlantis (or on other planets) or “forward” in time to events that haven’t happened yet in my third dimensional reality.

I also recently discovered that physicists are baffled by their mathematical formula for time because it shows that time should be able to move backwards just as easily as we perceive it moving forward. In my book, the extraterrestrials explain how they can fold time and space allowing them to travel great distances almost instantly. They also say, “Several things are just being. They don’t exist in any past or present form. They are just existing — as is God, your higher Self, time, love, and karma. They are not going anywhere. They are not coming from anywhere. They just are. They always will be.” These ideas were also new to me (and my father) although now they seem as natural to both of us as the hours of a day seem real to most people.

Colin:- Thanks so much for spending some time with us today Damiana, I’ve really enjoyed our conversation and wish you every success with this and your next book.

Damiana Sage Miller is an internationally renowned spiritual channel, an ambassador for enlightened beings in other worlds. She communicates with benevolent extraterrestrials from advanced civilizations. She also receives messages from angels, archangels, and other beings of Light, sharing their messages of love and hope. Damiana is the author of Ambassadors Between Worlds, Intergalactic Gateway to a New Earth (New Atlantean Press, 2012). For more information, visit: