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An Interview with Sherrie Dillard

by Colin Whitby

I reviewed Sherrie's book The Miracle Workers Handbook last month and was so touched by the energy, and the connection to Mother Mary that comes through the pages, that I asked Sherrie if she would like to do an interview for The Magic of Being.

Luckly for us she agreed, I hope you enjoy.

With Love,


Colin:- In your book The Miracle Workers Handbook you describe how Mother Mary came into your life despite your having had very little involvement with her in your early years. When was it that you first began to feel connected to Mary?

Sherrie:- I was brought up in a primarily Catholic neighbourhood, although I was not a Catholic. The first recollection I have of Mary is seeing her as a statue on the top of a big Catholic church in my home town. I would ride my bike up there and be kind of drawn to stare up at her, and have an experience that I could not explain, but that felt very good so I just kept doing it. When you are a child it really doesn’t matter if something is in your imagination or real, everything is real if you can feel it. This would be my first clear recollection of the feeling ‘this is Mary’. 

Sometime later I was working on a farm in upper New York state helping to plant vegetables in a garden for the poor in New York City. We would take all the vegetables down to the city to give to the homeless. The people who started the farm and did the core of the work there were very devoted to Mary, and this was the first time I had come to know people who relied on her to keep the farm going and to keep the money coming in. At that time I was a little resistant, I was a young hippy kind of girl and Mary didn’t seem hip, but I was open to new things and let her seep into my consciousness.

I remember walking up the hill to the cabin where I lived one evening and whilst looking over a field to the side I felt and saw Mary’s energy in a tangible three dimensional form. I can’t really put it into words but she was clearly there. At the time I thought it was because I was somewhere (the farm) where she was present, so I didn’t really think any more of it. That was probably my very first mystical experience of her in a way that makes your hair stand up on your arms, you feel the electricity and feel that life is forever different now. It makes you want to cry and to be happy at the same time and wonder where do I go from here?

I lived with that for a while and my wanting to be closer to Mary certainly deepened. Since then the constant feeling of her presence has been with me, I don’t know why most of the time, even now.

Colin:- When did you then decide to write a book structured around the life events of Mary which were linked to the seven levels of manifestation?

Sherrie:- I had already published two books,’ Discover Your Psychic Type’ and ‘Love and Intuition’, and they were doing well. My life overall was going very well, I was in a relationship, I had a nice home and then incredibly abruptly it all changed. The bottom kind of fell out and I found myself alone, but I knew there was some kind of purpose, that my life was being diverted for some reason. It was so clear that there was something else I was supposed to be doing but I didn’t know what it was.

I started walking at 5.30 every morning with my dogs and during one of those walks I became aware that I was supposed to be writing about Mary. Although I did not know exactly what I was going to write I just knew it was time. So every morning on my walk I would ask Mary ‘what do I write today’. I would then receive a very clear and concise complete download of information.  I would get home write notes about it, then after work seeing clients I would get back to it and fill in the spaces. The next day I would get another download and then go home and write again.

I didn’t know the steps until this happened and I didn’t know what I was writing or where it was going. It was not logical and cerebral, it was intuitive and given to me.

Colin:-  I found the act of reviewing was not a usual read and review, it was very much an experience, feeling the downloads so to speak. The book imparts such a powerful and accessible message, and carries Mary’s energy of love throughout.

Sherrie:- Yes, it really is a download although I can’t take credit for that at all. I went to the Yucatan for a week or so in the middle of writing the book, I was in a primitive hut right on the water with no electricity. I would go out on the beach and feel overwhelmed with Mary’s energy. It was sometimes so strong I couldn’t integrate it.  I would have to back off some as the energy was so immense. I was better able to handle all of what I was receiving there as there were no distractions, no computer, no television, no radio, no phones, just me and the beach for a week or so. A lot of her energies came in at that time and I could really ground them.

Colin:- You describe how Mary’s energy can be both nurturing and challenging, lovingly finding those places within us that need to be reviewed or cleared. Did you find this clearing process working for yourself as you wrote the book?

Sherrie:- . I learned the steps as I was writing the book. I was living the steps every day and integrating them and working with them at the same time.

Colin:- In each chapter you encourage the reader to consider repeating a prayer to Mary, asking her to come close. This was a very potent time for me as a reader, where I could feel her energy very clearly. Is this something you practice every day?

Sherrie:- Yes my mornings are still devoted to Mary.  It’s interesting that at one time I thought I would get back to normal once I had written the book. Yet I can still feel her energy with me most of the time. For a while I was not really pulling it in but eventually I allowed myself to completely absorb her energy. 

I feel I am like a portal for her energy, some days her energy is for me, perhaps to build my own energy levels or to help clear something. Other days I feel like a lighthouse. I can feel many Angels and I can feel Mary’s energy moving through me going out to the world. I don’t know where it’s going most of the time. I just know its happening. I think that those reading the book are also being used as portals of light.  Particularly during this new era beginning in 2012 which I feel is very significant for a shift into divine feminine energy.

I feel Mary’s energy is creating Miracles, grace and the paradigm of how we need to be living right now, and there are people coming forward like you who have had an experience of it and are accepting that this is what we are here to do.

Colin:- Much of the work I have been doing up until this year has been around balancing the masculine and feminine energies, but at the Jesus/Mary Magdalene level, the relationship between the two energies. This year however I have been drawn to the Mother energy, the divine feminine, and I think many people have been getting into the nurturing energy of the Mother, which is where I feel Mary. You use a similar language throughout your book, that of feeling Mary, do you ever see images of her?

Sherrie:- Lately I would say she appears as a translucent colour blue with other colours that shift in and out, but mainly blue.  I had a client recently who was having nightmares. She also kept seeing blue energy and couldn’t understand why. I suggested it was probably Mary’s energy present to help her. I have had many clients and people who have read the book tell me the same thing. She comes to me in a particular shade, a really clear blue. I also see Mary as a translucent outline of light.

Colin:- I think with The Miracle Workers Handbook you have managed to create a workbook without it really feeling like one. I’ve read quite a number of books that describe the 7 steps to some enlightened state, but often they feel like instruction manuals. What you have created is very energetically charged and I’m sure your readers will ‘get it’ if you like.

Sherrie:- Yes and ‘get it’ like I did and maybe like you did. I think anyone who reads the book with an open mind and an open heart will experience a shift, it acts somehow like an energy vortex. When I started to get the information for the book I felt like a portal had opened and the energy was just flowing in. Now that I have integrated it more that portal is with me all of the time and pulls energy in and disperses it outwardly.

I’ve heard from more people about this book than I have the others, less people have bought this book yet proportionately more people have been in touch. The experiences that they have been having with Mary since reading the book are amazing.

Until now Mary has not been overly popular, not like Magdalene or Archangel Michael, but I think her energy is really coming into being now, not just with me, I think it is just happening.

Colin:- We like to language and shape things to gain an understanding and I think Mary has offered us a very easy and comfortable way of accessing this energy.

Sherrie:- Yes very comfortable.

Colin:-  There were a few challenging moments during the energetic clearings, whilst working through the book, like when you come up against this very pure energy something has got to go. Have you had feedback from other readers around the impact the book is having?

Sherrie:- I feel that the divine masculine has been predominantly our paradigm for spirituality, no matter what religion or spiritual practice you might be involved in. As you know we are all male and female, so I’m not talking about men. The divine male energy is assertive, clears the way and dissolves the ego construct. We have reached a balance point, where the thinning of ego on the super conscious level both in the celestial and the earthly realms, can now support the divine feminine to come in and emerge through us.

I bring this up because some of the ways we have cleared and shifted in the past were based on that assertive energy of letting the ego drop away, but in a difficult way. Perhaps because the ego doesn’t let go lightly, there’s always a little bit of a kick back with it. However to answer your question I think much of the clearing is going to be done in a far more gentle way. Co-creative grace is allowing us to graciously receive.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges in it, for me it was to bring more of my spirituality into my life (not that I wasn’t before, but I have been holding some back). So I’ve committed to new levels of depth, and that dualism is slipping away too.

Colin:- I’d like to thank you for such a wonderful experience in reading the book, and now speaking with you, and to Mary for being present, even as I write these questions.

With a lifelong devotion and dedication to be of service, Sherrie has worked with diverse populations in unique settings. Along with her work as a professional intuitive she has helped to house and feed the poor and homeless in New York City, and in San Jose and San Francisco, CA. She has built simple water systems in Indian villages in the mountains of southern Mexico and Guatemala and created art therapy programs in treatment centres for troubled youth in North Carolina and Georgia.

Sherrie's love of service combined with her intuitive ability has catapulted her intuitive practice around the globe. She has given over 50,000 readings worldwide.

Sherrie holds a B.S. in Psychology and an M.Div. in New Thought pastoral counselling. She has taught intuition development classes at Duke University, Miraval Resort and in Europe, Costa Rica and Mexico. Her passion for the fusion of intuition, spirituality and conscious self-growth has made her a popular speaker and teacher at retreats and conferences both nationally and internationally.


An Interview with Master Charles Cannon


This month I was very fortunate to have been invited to review a new book by Master Charles Cannon 'Forgiving the Unforgivable'. It was such an enjoyable read I asked if he would be available to answer a few questions for our magazine, and I'm pleased to say he agreed.

I hope you enjoy.


Colin:- Master Charles thank you very much for spending some time to answer a few questions about your book FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVABLE. What came out so vividly for me was how we can move from reaction mode to a more holistic view of each situation. Perhaps that is why you and your party were there in Mumbai at that precise moment, to experience first-hand a terrorist attack, then to pass on your learning? 

Master Charles:- Personal choice makes all the difference, which explains why two people in the same circumstance can have opposite experiences. Reactions are automatic, responses are deliberate. In Mumbai, all of us were challenged to examine our automatic reactions, such as fear and the urge to retaliate, then decide whether we really wanted to respond that way, and finally, consciously choose how to express ourselves. This 1, 2, 3 process can be practiced by anyone in any situation. Over time, it becomes a healthy habit. 

Colin:- One phrase that you use a lot in your book is ‘where your feet are’. This is a great way of describing what is going on ‘right now’. Can you give us a little more insight into what this means for you? 

Master Charles:- Your feet rest on the ground. They ground you in the earth, the here and now natural world. This is not theoretical, it’s real. So much of our activity is “head bound;” we’re in our heads, thinking about things. But where our feet are is our connection with nature, with reality. So, I like to advise people to pay attention to where their feet are, in order to make a conscious connection with their environment. It helps to get them out of their heads and relating to the actual circumstance they are in, which is always full of lessons to learn and service to offer.

Colin:- You say that Mumbai did not leave scars; it healed old wounds. How did that work for you and your group? 

Master Charles:- Traumatic events always shake you up. But who you choose to be within them determines whether you get scarred or healed. Victims get traumatized and often take years to get over what happened, if they ever do. We chose a different identity and it’s important to say that this was not a novel choice. It’s how we live. We didn’t really do anything revolutionary in Mumbai. We consciously chose as we always do, to be present in the situation and see what we could learn and contribute.

It’s true that the trauma of being in that life and death situation was stressful. But we chose to handle the stress in a way that minimized the damage. Time has told the tale; none of us are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. In fact, the event did provide some healing relative to other traumas. Any time you can prevail in a challenging situation you come out strengthened. All those in my party have been on a learning track for many years. Each time any of them succeed in staying present in a challenging circumstance, it heals their memory of not having been as effective in some past encounter. Now they are!

Colin:- I love the idea of Masters being able to pass on their vibration by ‘entraining’ others. Have you seen this working within your own programme?

Master Charles:- Entrainment is the core value of what we offer through Synchronicity Foundation. It’s who we are, not just what I may say or write, that has the effect. We’ve seen this working for 30 years in the dramatically tangible results our associates have experienced, not in theory but in their increased happiness and fulfillment. And they will all tell you the same thing, that it’s the “field of energy” we share that does the most good. This is true wherever true mastery is available. The Master extends his or her amplitude of power through momentary livingness. It fills what they say and do and transmits throughout their associations. All those aligned with this frequency then become transponders, amplifying the signal. Entrainment is available this way to whoever chooses to come close and explore the meaning for themselves. And it emphasizes how important that originating broadcast is!

Colin:- An interesting reaction to your experience was how the media could not relate to your position of forgiveness rather than blame, of love rather than fear. Even now the word fear appears in every news broadcast; what would you say is the best way to deal with this phenomenon?

Master Charles:- Actually, many in the media we spoke to immediately after our rescue did relate to our position. Perhaps it was the shock of death, that two of our members had died in the attack. This made them naturally sympathetic, which opened their hearts. When they heard us speak about forgiveness many of them understood instinctively. Why? Because this was the truth, a life-affirming, healing response. It’s interesting how people will sort of “get it” in an extreme moment, like Mumbai was. Here were these veteran, world- tested journalists, and some of them really melted, they felt the truth of what we were saying.

Of course others didn’t. They trade on fear and supply whatever their audiences need to, as Eckhart Tolle says, “feed the pain body.” We all have one and if you’re devoted to feeding it, well, you’ve got to get your next meal. But some are feeding their love body, they are open to something more genuinely nourishing. We were grateful to meet quite a number of those in the media.

Colin:- Your book, associated videos and supporting text form a great basis for self-teaching the Holistic Lifestyle. Would you also advocate readers seek out their own Master who could help them assimilate the material?

Master Charles:- When the student is ready, the teacher appears. The ego does the seeking, the self does the living. Just live. Accept each moment as the teacher. You know, Masters show up in all sorts of forms. It can be your husband, your boss, a plane cancellation, bad news from the doctor, even a pet that teaches you about unconditional love! I always encourage people to live fully in the moment, to take full advantage of what is showing up for them right now. That will lead them from one Master to another.

Beware the self-promoting guru! Awakening to truth is not a business. When a person has evolved to the point where they are ready for what you might call “spiritual apprenticeship,” they will meet the teacher that is just right for them. They will be magnetically drawn to that particular one. This is how it has always happened in the great spiritual traditions. So, I encourage people to relax. They couldn’t be more on schedule if they tried.

Colin:- What other supporting materials have you made available for anyone who is inspired to begin practicing the Holistic Lifestyle for themselves?

Master Charles:- Meditation has always been the first and best tool for those moved to expand their self-awareness. I created High Tech Meditation over 30 years ago and it’s available on our web site, in the form of a sample meditation cd that comes with a newly written introductory book, Modern Spirituality. This is probably the best resource for someone who wants to explore what we offer. There is an on-line course and a monthly meditation study program called Recognitions as well. Of course, we also welcome visitors to our sanctuary in Virginia where we hold a variety of retreats throughout the year.

Colin:- Master Charles thank you for your time today, it has been a joy to connect with you in this way.


The Power of Holistic Living

The True Story of How the Survivors of the Mumbai Terrorist Attack Answered Hatred with Compassion

By Master Charles Cannon with Will Wilkinson

Foreword by Eckhart Tolle

Afterword by Neale Donald Walsch

In 2008, terrorists attacked the 5-star Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai, where Master Charles Cannon and 24 of his associates from the Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality were staying. Four from their group were injured and two, a father and daughter, were killed. Following rescue by SWAT teams, the survivors made surprising statements to the international media using words of forgiveness to express compassion and understanding toward their attackers, rather than anger or hatred. Even the mother who had lost her child and husband forgave the killers. Thousands of messages from inspired people poured in asking, “How were you able to do this?”

FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVABLE: The True Story of How the Survivors of the Mumbai Terrorist Attack Answered Hatred with Compassion by Master Charles Cannon (SelectBooks, February 21, 2012), shows how principles of enlightened living proved themselves imminently practical during a traumatic, life-threatening circumstance. “This book is about forgiveness but, more essentially, it is about how to live in a certain state of consciousness out of which forgiveness arises naturally and effortlessly,” writes renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle in the foreword.

From those who respect forgiveness as the final victory over those who have done them harm to those who seek the inner stillness of a lightened spirit, FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVABLE presents the spiritual practice that made it possible for the author and his colleagues to weather their ordeal with insight, compassion and unconditional love. Written in user-friendly language that readers can easily translate into their own results, Cannon remains a gentle and thoughtful guide throughout, inviting readers to see each moment as “an experience whose time has come” and to learn how to express the very qualities that may seem to be missing, like love in the face of hatred.

Master Charles Cannon is a modern spiritual teacher and founder of Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality.

Look out for the review next month.


Coming Home To Lemuria

By Charmian Amarea Kumara Redwood

This month we feature a book that I found had so many codes and reminders within it, those ‘Ah Yes!’ moments, it was a joy to read. Charmian has often taken me on journeys to these places to meet our ancestors, who in fact have never really left, as time is only an illusion. We are now beginning to feel our connections with these wonderful beings more and more, and realising that we are also of this lineage. To whet your appetite for the book further here is an interview with Charmian discussing our links with Lemuria and the Lemurians. 

Colin:- When you wrote about ‘Coming Home to Lemuria’ you felt that Hawaii was the nearest place to that feeling of home you had experienced. How is Hawaii linked to the ancient consciousness of Lemuria? 

Charmian:- The Hawaiian Islands are remnants of the continent of Lemuria. It was in Lemuria that we experienced The Fall or separation from the Source aeons ago and it is from these islands that the Return is being orchestrated. Many of the people on the planet at this time have links to Lemuria and remembering Lemuria will help them to return to full consciousness. 

Colin:- Did Lemuria cover a large area of the Earth, and if so, are there other places that resonate to a similar frequency? 

Charmian:- Lemuria was where the Pacific ocean is now so many of the other Pacific islands such as Easter islands were part of Lemuria as well as the west coast of America, Japan , Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Many ancient temples such as Macchu Picchu and the stone carvings on Easter island are remnants of Lemuria. The Incas said the city was already there when they came to Macchu Picchu in Peru and the natives of Easter island said their legends told how the stones ” walked” from the quarry to the cliffs. The Lemurians knew how to levitate and cut huge stones using sound and focus. 

Colin:- You describe where we came from before Lemuria, from star systems far away. Was the Lemurian population a mixture of all these different beings and influences? 

Charmian:- Yes it was a co-operative project by Beings from many Star systems. The Ones who came to Lemuria first spent time on other systems such as The Pleaides, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda and Venus developing the skills they would need to transform the Earth into a fifth dimensional Being and for humanity to bring the full light of the Soul into physical form. 

Colin:- Much of the creative activity of these beautiful beings took place in   Temples, how would you describe the function of temples in the Lemurian society. 

Charmian:- The temples held the highest frequency in a Lemurian city. Here the Temple teams of gridmasters received the new codes of Creation as blueprints directly from Source. They translated them into energy grids which all other aspects of society used for their own speciality. For instance new codes for healing might come in through the Temple and be downloaded into the city grids, the healers would receive them and use them to develop new ways of healing. 

Colin:- The way you describe gardens and how we co-created with the plant kingdom is similar the images that James Redfield painted in his book about the Celestine Prophecy.  Do you think this is the way we will co-exist with the plant and animal kingdoms in the future? 

Charmian:- Yes. In the future, after the dimensional shift, when we return to the consciousness we had in Lemuria we will be able to communicate telepathically with plant and animal spirits. Everything we eat will be grown from love and by co-operation with the animals. We will sing and play with our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom, many of them such as whales, dolphins, cats and dogs are already fully conscious Beings who are here to help us with our evolution. They never forgot who they are or who we are and they are helping us to wake up and remember. Many of us came together with the whales and dolphins from Sirius. 

Colin:- You describe how our DNA is being reprogrammed with the many new energies that are available to us at the moment. Are we becoming crystal light beings like our Lemurian predecessors? 

Charmian:- Yes. We have already existed on this Earth as fully conscious Beings with our lightbodies fully activated. We have the light codes for this in our DNA and they are being activated as the frequency of the Earth is lifted. The codes are in this book, reading it will help to awaken the Lemurian memories and activate the DNA codes. 

Colin:- Having described Lemuria the way it was, do you think this is what we will be co-creating again with our beloved Earth, a paradise on Earth? 

Charmian:- Yes this is why we have all returned at this time. To bring the Earth and all humanity back to the Garden. We came from Beauty, we walked this Earth in Grace and we chose to experience separation as an opportunity to advance our soul’s evolution. We chose to fall into Ego and now we are rising into Grace. 

Colin:- What would you say is the most important message we should take from your book? 

Charmian:- Have no fear. Everything that is happening on the planet right now is helping us to return to Love. Some people need to experience hate to realise that Love is the way. They will all return “Home” in their own way at the time of their choosing. You are a powerful Creator God so choose very carefully where you put your focus. Personally I came to create the new world not to participate in the destruction of the old one. There is no possibility of failure. All roads are leading ‘us ‘Home”. We wrote the script and it is perfect as we are perfect. 

Colin:- Thanks very much for your time today Charmian, it has been very ‘enlightening’, the energy of the book really comes through when we talk about it.

About the Author

Charmian Amarea Kumara Redwood had a near death experience 30 years ago. Since then, she has lived her life with the purpose of helping others live a full life without a fear of death. She has trained as a transpersonal hypnotherapist and has worked with both groups and individuals for 20 years. Redwood lives on Maui in Hawaii, and works with hospice clients helping people to return to the Light in grace – one focus of her sessions is about going back to Lemuria.


An Interview with Tracy Holloway

There are two ways to enjoy our interview with Tracy Holloway, one would be to listen using the link below, either on-line or download, the other would be to read these edited highlights. Either way I do hope you enjoy. I have found the experience of reading and sampling Tracy’s materials really enlightening, and am sure they would help anyone who continues to ask the question ‘Who am I?’ - Colin.

Tracy Holloway – Interview transcript

Today we are fortunate enough to be able to interview Tracy Holloway to discuss her latest offering, a course entitled ‘Who Are You?’

Colin:- Tracy – it’s great to have you here with us today. This is an intriguing title ‘Who Are You?’

Tracy:- Yes it is and it’s an ongoing process, it is not so much ‘Who are you?’,  but more like ‘Who are you, and how are you out there in the world projecting yourself? Who are you trying to be? Who are you seen as? Are you being your true authentic divine you of you? Or are you just a carbon copy of someone else with some kind of conditioned response or old programming from way back when? So the question’ Who are you?’ is something I feel we are all being called to ask ourselves at the moment, at this very deep fundamental level.

Colin:- Have you been presenting this material in training courses prior to launching this package?

Tracy:- It was about 2008 that the energy of authentic living, and ‘Who are you?’ as the basis for some course material as such, started to come through for me as an energy transmission and I realised that this was part of the build up of a foundation, or cornerstone, of the changes that we are currently going through with the onset of 2012. So it has been brewing and bubbling for a little while and it is such a great question that we can ask ourselves over and over again and journey with endlessly. There seems to be no limit to what we can learn and understand when we ask ourselves that very important question.

Colin:- It’s something anyone reading this with sympathise with and will have been doing no doubt , anyone looking on our website will have been looking and asking that question.

Tracy:- In a sense it’s a question that we have always been asking ourselves, at different times, in different ways, it’s one of those fundamental questions. Of course we get so distracted with life with all the different things that are going on that we can lose track of ourselves. Then there are those moments of meditation, those quiet times, where we find that still place within that asks us who are we really. It’s from that place of ‘who are we?’ that we discover that actually we’re everything, everywhere  and at one with all. From there everything becomes possible, everything becomes more clear, empowering  and intuitive. I think that as a foundation piece for existence, to understand that we are all one and all connected, is essential at this time.

Colin:- To get people into this place and to give them some kind of insight and background you have put together quite an interesting mix of insights, guided meditations and personal worksheets, which for me was a very powerful combination, how did that first come about?

Tracy:- It’s such a huge package and like you say so many different methods within it. I realised that people learn in so many different ways. For some people reading a book is their way of unwinding and evaluating different things, tuning into themselves. For other people it’s more of an auditory experience, so the people who like to listen may choose to play the audio.

I wanted to address those different needs, how important all those things are, so it is not a one size fits all package. It’s more of an intuitive package, so that people can see what works well for themselves. You can just dip into the package or dive right in, depending on your preference and character,  some people like to nibble bite size pieces whilst others will approach it more like studying for exams, setting themselves tasks and timetables.

Colin:- Yes I’ve tried one or two of the exercises and in one of them you describe forgiveness, seeing yourself in the reflection of another, then asking for forgiveness. It is such a powerful tool, is this something you have seen working in your practice?

Tracy:- Yes absolutely, and it is the simplest thing to do yet it is something that people find so challenging and hard. Yet when they do it, the simple act of forgiving, everything transforms, things start to change immediately and they see the ripple effects of those changes within their relationships, their lives and circumstances. It’s something that anyone can do, it is very simple, yet it can feel challenging due to that inner resistance, restricting and holding us back in these old patterns of sub conscious memories, our limitations from the past, the blockages and things that create a brick wall holding us trapped or prisoner.

Forgiveness is where we should all be ‘for giving’ of ourselves fully, we should be ‘for giving’ of our light, giving it to ourselves, to others and to the world fully. Our divine light should be given endlessly and yet we are often ‘for restricting’ it, or ‘for withholding’ it, so forgiveness is a sense of being able to fully offer our light forward.

Anything that helps us give of our light rather than hold it back is part of that forgiveness exercise. Often we withhold our own love for ourselves when we blame others, but how about forgiving yourself for having created that in the first place. Suddenly once people have forgiven themselves, once they realise they could actually be responsible at some level, then everything falls away and just changes.

That is the place of power that we can come into at each and every moment, to be that change, to forgive ourselves and to forgive others allows that energy transmission to flow so beautifully in any direction that we wish to go in. Otherwise we end up being blocked behind a fortress of our own creation made by our fears, resistance, resentment, reflections or dramas. Forgiveness for me represents our ability to get beyond that wall, or to take a brick or two out of the wall and let the light shine through and allow the light to shine back to us.

Colin:-  I have been working with my inner child for some years, as so many of us have, and I loved the exercise of inviting our inner child to help with understanding the old patterns (the puppet) and bringing in the new. I tried this and was surprised that I still had some unresolved issues. You mention repetition is key, and I have certainly found this to be the case, so many issues come back in a slightly different form for us to observe. Do you see this as an ongoing process, one that we continue even after we have completed the course?

Tracy:- Yes and of course everyone is at a different place on their own unique and wonderful  journey. We are also at a very interesting time in history so even people who think they have got it all sorted and that they are wide awake are still falling back to sleep, still going back into those old patterns, all be it less and less.

The idea is to be present and to see what starts to present itself in that moment, if it is the insecure, fretful or worried child then that child still needs a lot of love and support in order to receive its light fully. One of the really interesting things about the inner child is that it is in two parts, there’s the fragmented child and the divine child. The fragmented child is the one that people to go visit that’s somehow perceived as being damaged, perhaps a sad, shamed or forgotten child. The more love, positive energy and reassurance we bring to this child the more it’s energy vibration shifts and changes, creating a better foundation for you in your adult life.

So there are many avenues and corridors to visit with this child, and depending on where people are on their journeys they may have lots of avenues to still explore with that child in order to heal it fully or, depending on their life experience and the way they were brought up, they may not have much to do in that particular area.

There is a shift in paradigm when the child moves from the fragmented to the divine child. Once the energy shifts to the divine child you can really see the difference in people, you can see the wisdom in their eyes, see the divine light shining out. The more light people are shining, then the more of their divine child energy they have embraced.

Colin:- Yes indeed. Although I have only really touched your course quite lightly whilst reviewing the materials (see my review next month), where I have I was quite moved. This is one of the reasons I was keen to talk to you, particularly if people were wondering whether to dive in or not. For me even this small sample has made me keen to go back and start doing more.

Tracy:- The reason I put this package together was to say to people ‘we all fall asleep (energetically) and that’s ok, but when you are awake, here are some things to do and the more you do them the less you’ll fall back to sleep and the clearer and easier things will get’.

That’s why there are so many different ways of accessing the course. When people are particularly resistant or blocked that’s where they need to be for a little while, but they tend to beat themselves up which makes them run even more of the old programming, so there is a lightness of invitation with this course.

We are human beings and we have been getting in our own way so this invitation is to say you are amazing, you are a divine being of light and you know this at your core. What we need to do is let go of all the stuff that tells you otherwise. Where we are collectively and individually at the moment means we have to let go of some particularly dense stuff, and this course is designed to help us get through this and help it to fall away more easily, to really create that resonance of absolute presence from deep within.

Whenever these moments are experienced they can be quite transformational. They may come occasionally to start with, then more and more, so that the short glimpse of the divine within becomes an everyday way of being, every moment is magical and your authentic light is shining wherever you go.

That is possible for all of us, but maybe at certain times we forget and need our hands held, and the course is designed to help you remember.

Colin:-  You use the metaphor of a puppet to describe the ego, have you found this works well with your groups?

Tracy:- Yes and it’s so much fun as well, we all need to lighten up really and when we perceive ourselves as the puppet that’s when we are running all our old programs. We can be all love and light and feeling great and then go to visit our family and get all our buttons pressed, where all the old behaviours come to the forefront. So that we do not deny these feelings and behaviours we need to love them, through the puppet.

It is in observing the puppet and keeping our sense of humour that we really get into the powerful vibration of transformation. Otherwise we just reject, resent, deny it or want to kill it, and that just keeps us in the old paradigm.

The lightness of seeing it as a puppet puts us fully in our power and, by being present, we can see our behaviour and perhaps think that we might like to consciously decide to change it. In that moment transformation is easy because you are firing up that new neural net of information that’s going to provide you with a map or information stream to keep you in that new authentic place, like building a new roadmap to the real authentic you which is in essence who you really are.

Colin:- The extensive recordings that accompany your book add another dimension to the course material, have you had any feedback as to how people have responded to this?

Tracy:- Yes, many people asked for the MP3 format for the meditations but for the material to be in the form of a physical book, because they wanted to sit with it, to hold it and jot in it rather than read it on their computer. Many described the need to curl up with it so I think that shows it meets all of those intuitive and sensitive needs that we have.

Colin:- Clearly anyone thinking of taking this course will need to put aside quite a lot of their time.  Is there a typical timeframe so that someone starting the course can understand the level of commitment necessary?

Tracy:- We are all individuals so this course will resonate with them wherever they are, and they can get from it whatever they need.

Colin:- You offer webinars to support the students, how does that work, do you run them in a specific order or are they ongoing? Would someone purchasing the course simply be offered your next webinar?

Tracy:- Yes there is an online forum, a community of people who are becoming more authentic encouraging each other to shine out, to find their gifts and talents. When people come into the course they can also have access to all the pre-recorded webinars and they can be accessed at any time.

Colin:- Well thank you very much for your time today.

Tracy:- It’s been my pleasure, and I’d like to thank all those people who are listening in (and reading this edited transcript).


An Interview with Inelia Benz

With Bill Ryan from Project Avalon

This interview has been forwarded to me by so many people and having watched it myself I now know why.  If you are reading this perhaps you will be able to find time to watch it and then you may also find a message. It's quite long but with download technology you can always do what I did and watch short segments at a time. Excerpts of the interview are on Inelia's web site, where she introduces herself:-

"My full name is Inelia del Pilar Ahumada Avila, and I'm also known as Inelia Benz.

I was born in Chile in 1966, to very politically active parents. My parents fully supported, and were close to, President Allende, who was overthrown during a violent coup d'état in 1973. What followed was the fracturing and devastation of our family. We all eventually left the country, and I grew up in England.

During the 90s, I moved, with my first husband and 3 children, to Dublin, Ireland, where I went to college to graduate in Communication Studies. Throughout my stay in Ireland I was an active Buddhist group leader. A practice I kept for 14 years and would recommend to anyone who is looking for a powerful daily practice.

After that I have moved to various countries and have been involved in assisting lightworkers and lightwarriors in their path as well as exploring and investigating what the "dark side" is doing on the planet. I have also been developing and investigating tools and practices which are quick and effective in the raising of awareness and vibration of individuals and the planet. The journey was not without its dangers and injuries, but has been worth it.

On January 2010, I received a request from "Source" to go public, which I have done. This assignment has been growing steadily and earlier this year (2011), after another request from Source, I teamed up with Bill Ryan and have since launched into the public work together".

Here is the video that Bill and Inelia have posted on YouTube, I do hope you enjoy watching it:-