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An Interview with Peggy Black

This month we are very lucky to be interviewing  Peggy Black who I first became aware of through her free  Morning Messages which I had signed up for and have been receiving for a number of months now. Along with these inspiring messages Peggy also uses Sound in her healing practice and I was interested in finding out a little more about how this type of healing came into her life.

Colin:- So Peggy, thanks very much for being here with us today, perhaps we could start with finding out a little more about how you came to heal using sound in particular and how that works for you.

Peggy:- Thank you so much for offering me this opportunity to share this story. I’ve been doing  body work, massage and reflexology for over 35 years and I was very interested in metaphysics and spiritual awakening. Back in the 60’s I was reading books that you could only find in dusty old bookstores, so it’s always been a part of my interest and my passion. In the process of doing what I call energy work or body massage I was aware of being  clairaudient and  clairvoyant, I could see and feel the energy in the body of my client and worked with the blockages in that way.

I had a particularly powerful experience in the early 90’s when I returned from living in Arabia and I ended a 13 year relationship and marriage. In the process of that completion there was so much emotion, discomfort, pain and loss that I was almost not functioning, and I know that many people will be able to identify with this. 

It was then that my internal guidance, something we all have within our higher selves, advised me to take these intense and wild emotions to my altar. I have an altar in my closet with a candle and sacred images, and I would go there and light a candle and say to divine spirit, ‘please assist me in healing and transforming this intense grief that is in my body’. I would cry and grieve and scream and wail, and then when that was done I would blow the candle out and thank divine spirit.

Over a period of weeks and months great waves of grief and anger would well up, so I would repeat this process, asking divine spirit to help clear this grief and anger. I realise now that I was clearing out the emotional storage that had been going on my entire lifetime, all the emotions of anger or sadness that I had not processed, that I had shoved down into my cells and tissues were now getting expressed and freed up, transformed.

I had been going through this process for a number of months then, during a massage that I was giving to my mother, I took a deep breath to begin the work  and to our surprise these big  powerful, loud sounds came through, which startled us both. We got the giggles and I ask if I might continue. She  requested that I close all the doors and windows.  I made the sounds  a few more minutes, then she sat up on the table and said ‘I have no idea what you have just done, but I have no pain in my body right now’.

So that was the beginning of the ‘gift’ of my sound work being revealed, and over the next decade I began to remember how this powerful healing modality works. I think this is what we all do, remember, because we are all multi-dimensional beings, and we are all waking up to the many gifts we have come into this embodiment to express.

I had connected with a gift of sound and to the power of my own voice and I became aware that there was a presence, this divine team I am working with, that was supporting these sounds. Really what I was doing was making myself available as a receiver and allowing this energy that was being translated into sounds to come through me much like a radio works. Just as you turn on a certain station to hear a particular type of music, I was just a receiver of this celestial energy coming through in the form of sound vibration.

It was such a powerful experience I began to use it with my clients and I began to be invited to present these big unusual strange sounds in front of five and six hundred people at conferences, which was a whole new experience to be able to get over my inhibitions.

Colin:-  I was wondering how that felt, was this something you had done before?

Peggy:  No I hadn’t, in fact I had an astrology reading a few months after I started this and the woman said ‘oh my goodness, you are in your second Saturn return and you are being given your gifts, you are a sound healer’ and at the time I remember wondering how she could possibly know this by just looking at her chart. Anyway I was at one of her events a little later where she was talking about Astrology and the coming Millennium, and she was saying sound would be significant as a healing modality, and then she said ‘We have a sound healer in our midst and I’d like her to stand up and offer us some sounds’.

Well at that point I was so inhibited, even in my own community, and she had ‘outed’ me in front of everybody, so I stood up and made some sounds but because I was so nervous they sounded very tight and strained. Afterwards I asked her why in the world she did such a thing, and she said ‘I was told to get you on board as soon as possible, and you were too inhibited’.

After that experience I was no longer inhibited about being in front of people making these weird sounds.

Colin: Since then you have travelled the world giving demonstrations and workshops?

Peggy: Following this I was invited to Egypt with Shamanic Journeys on an expense paid trip and I made sounds in the temples and in a Great Pyramid. I used to say I travelled the world on Sound Waves. I was also invited to go to Ireland during the phenomenal Venus transit that was taking place in 2004. Offering the sounds at all the sacred sites anchoring the energy of the transit.

I began to give classes and workshops, reading all I could about sound healing and I remember how powerful it was. I even organized and facilitated an International Sound Symposium in San Jose for 400 sound healers around the world, which was incredible. At that time I also began to create what I call sound pods, which is a group of people getting together who would not usually use sound in this way, for them to get in touch with the true power of their own healing sounds, their own voice as a healing tool.

I hold these sound pods once a month, and I allow whoever is present to just use sound in a safe environment and explore how powerful it can be. Anyone can do this, you can do this in your car, you can do this in your shower.

Colin: How would you know when to use this kind of sound?

Peggy: If you have emotion running through your body just ask, if this emotion was a sound, what would it sound like? Then give it an expression. It’s really very simple, it’s just we are inhibited; we are a society that has been told to shut up and be quiet.

I feel anyone who gets in touch with their voice through using free sound can express what their body is feeling just through pure sound, with no judgement, they will then begin to speak their truth. I think everyone’s throat chakra is a little suppressed, we don’t speak our truth, we don’t speak up for ourselves, we hesitate, so one of the tools to get past all of that is to begin to hum, or sing, or if you are in your car and are frustrated with the traffic, just begin to make some sounds.

It’s a very freeing, clearing, and a powerful way to move energy very quickly. You can use sound to clear your homes, when energy feels stagnant, just make some very big sounds around your house. Many people use bells and drums or Tibetan bowls, but you can always use your voice.

It’s a modality that is so powerful and accessible to us, and it’s free.  

We are always using our voice, and energetically that voice is a frequency, it’s a pattern, a vibration, so our words are going out as patterns, as either blessings or judgements. Since I have been doing sound work I have become aware of just how powerful my words are, even in casual conversation, in the statements I make about my life. These sounds are our essence going forward in an energetic form. I believe that the conscious and intentional use of sound is our birthright and our source of power.

Colin:  So how did you then come to produce the amazing Morning Messages, are they linked to the sound work?

Peggy: It was about 6 years ago after I had been very actively involved in promoting the use of sound for those who were awakening to this. The ‘team’, the energetic and celestial team that had been guiding my sound work, made me aware that they wanted to come through in a new way, through the written word, so I sat down with pen and paper and started to write. Instead of the sounds coming through I began to translate the energy I knew to be theirs into words. I did this for several weeks until one day I sat at my computer and wondered if this modality would work effectively rather than the pen and paper.

The team immediately responded and said ‘the modality is more of an issue with you that it is with us’.  So I ended up transcribing hundreds of these two and three page messages into my computer for 10 months.

The Morning Messages web site happened totally spontaneously; I had been in contact with someone ordering a book on the Internet and I asked the gentleman how he was involved in the book and he said he actually produced the book for the author, and produced her web site and had helped make her a global presence. At that point I heard my ‘team’ say ‘tell him about the messages’, and up until this time I had not let anyone apart from a few close friends and family know I was doing this.

I told him about the messages and he asked me to send some examples and shortly afterwards he called me an said that his company would like to partner with me. We’d like to create your web site and offer your messages to the Internet world; create a book, a CD and so on.  He told me these services would cost $10,000.

Colin:  Well knowing a little about the costs of setting these things up, that was a good offer but still quite a step for you to take to take I guess.

Peggy: Well at that point I didn’t have $10,000, so I said let me think about it, and did not sleep at all that night, trying to figure out how to finance this offer.  I invited the ‘team’ to guide this opportunity. The next day I call a friend and told her of this and she said she thought this was a brilliant idea; she loved my messages and thought that people ready for these messages, and then offered to give me $2,000 to start the project. I called a two  more friends that day and each one gifted me $1,000, so within 24 hours I had raised $4,000, so I called the company and agreed to a partnership.

Before I flew to the companies headquarters to design the web site the ‘team’ asked me to go find the drawings that they had given to me 30 years ago.  Now these were drawings I had done with my children, and they were doodles I had done with my left hand. There were volumes and volumes of art books which I had stored in my garage. I found them and scanned them into the computer. The ‘team’ said ‘when you were open, we gave you the drawings, when you were open we gave you the sounds, and now you have opened further we have given you the words’.

Colin: There is a massive emotion stirring in me as you described that, quite astounding.

Peggy: My ‘team’ have always said ‘we were woven into my energetic signature, we are your wavelength and you are our focus.’ So I am very clear that these beautiful beings are working with me in partnership, in other words they have a vested and beautiful interest in the evolution of our planet and I happen to be the doorway for that energy to come through.  I feel we all have these wonderful celestial partnerships waiting for us to open up and be the vehicle for this energy to come into the physical manifestation. It’s our birthright as celestial divine beings in a physical body, to know that we are a part of that celestial divine essence and because we are physical and we are here on the planet, we have work to do, and gifts to offer.

We are not alone, we can engage with these wonderful beings of love and light in a very tangible way, and these are the messages that the ‘team’ wants everyone to know. Their most simple message is ‘We are here’ we are available, simply by request and we stream to all those who invite our presence,’  isn’t that beautiful?

So each individual that reads a message has the opportunity to recognise that they are supported by the celestial realms of love and light, and that is how all of my work has evolved.

We are all waking up to recognise that we are more than just a physical body, we are in a phase in which our planet is undergoing a phenomenal transformation of consciousness, it’s an evolution, like when fish walked out of the ocean. We are moving into a phase of recognising our own essence as as a magnificent multidimensional being, a celestial light being,  and we are beginning to incorporate that being of light more fully into our awareness, our  body and our cells. The great thing is we are not alone, we are being incredibly supported and guided by divine source, by the team, archangels, the beautiful beings of consciousness that truly engage with us in transforming the dysfunctional energy on this planet.

Colin: Peggy would you like to talk a little more about your ‘team’, where they come from for example?

Peggy: When I do a private reading, one of the things I speak about is the collective awareness of celestial beings that we do call angels, or we call our masters, the wise ones, Budda, the Christ Consciousness, St. Germain, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, and they are all part of this divine consciousness, they are aspects of divine awareness.  These are energy beings that will come upon request, so if for example if 10,000 people ask Archangel Michael for support, an aspect of his energy is present at all 10,000 places, because energy is infinite.

What I have learned is that aside from this wonderful collective of beautiful beings that are supporting humanity we also are connected to what I will call the cosmic council of light, the celestial beings of consciousness. We know that even planets have a consciousness, and there are beings that are non-physical that want to work with us. They are beings of absolute impeccable integrity, they are higher consciousness that means they can feel and sense things that we in our physical bodies cannot. 

We all get guidance, everyone who reads your e-magazine or email messages are aware that they receive internal guidance. They are supported by some invisible energy that guides and supports them, or moves them in ways where they get chills on their whole body, or they are emotionally moved as you are. Every person has felt this at some time, and generally that will be your team.

These beings of love and light want to connect with us, and if we didn’t have a physical body we’d be a part of that celestial consciousness. So as we make this huge evolutionary shift, we awaken to this grand unfoldment in which we are all a part, we are all becoming aware that we can interface with this quantum field, we can interface with these loving celestial beings.

My ‘team’ happen to be an energy and an essence that many people recognise and know as Hathor, and these beloved beings come in love and they also offer the tool of sounds and to show us how powerful sounds can be for us in creating a new reality. They are interdimensional, energetic beings that have come through a portal from another universe to be witness and support our own evolution as a group consciousness we call humanity.

I’ve known that they were Hathors since the time I started doing my sound work, and this lead me to investigate more about their energy, where they came from, what they looked like, and I felt such a kinship there. When I began to do the web site with the messages I asked them how the wanted me to present them, and they said ‘call us your ‘team’, that way these messages will reach the most people’. So that was a very neutral name for them, although I realised that this was an energy I had worked with in many lifetimes, the Hathorian energy.

This energy of sound and love has influenced our consciousness on this planet through the ages, the Tibetans with their chanting and all of the ancient words and chants in Sanskrit (in India) have been influenced by this energy. It was particularly known in Egypt in connection with Hathor the female goddess of fertility, and it was during that period that the energy of the Hathors could be seen clairvoyantly and so there are lots of carvings throughout Egypt of these beautiful beings.

When I was in Egypt there was a Hathor temple or chapel  in every other temple, so you could go to the Isis temple and somewhere within that there would be an area dedicated to Hathor energy and there would be Hathor images.

These interdimensional celestial beings connect with us through our heart awareness. When we feel comfortable being in our heart presence that is when they are able to connect, by-passing our mental minds. Their lowest vibration is bliss, what we would describe as ecstasy, and we might only experience this level of bliss during our physical process of love making or deep meditative states, whereas they stay in that state all the time

Colin: I read in Saleena Ki's work that a way of getting used to that state of being is through bliss breathing, so that we can carry it around a little longer.

Peggy: Exactly, and the ‘team’ I work with are always encouraging me to stay in my joy, my gratitude and appreciation, and these are coherent vibrations where it is easier for our merging to take place. Energies like fear or worry would be like static, they would be very difficult vibrations for them to match, so if I stay in gratitude and joy I can receive the messages from my team far easier.

When a loved one was going through some tremendous challenges I was worrying about her, so when I sat down at the computer one day to talk to the ‘team’ about her situation they said ‘we invite you to envision her in her most magnificence, to see her in her joy; we invite you to hold an image of her at her best because that will encourage her to grow towards that reality. Your worry is a vibration that is weighing her down, it’s not supporting her wellbeing’.

Colin:  That’s very interesting, how our thoughts can impact others.

Peggy: I find my ‘team’ are very loving, very humorous and they are always available. When I first started my sound work I would feel their presence during the work and then I would return to my mundane life. However over the last 6 years I have realised that they would like to be with me during that mundane life too, in fact nothing in our lives is mundane, so by inviting divine conscious energy through our hearts into this dimension we can transform all dysfunctional energy that we are experiencing.

Colin: That’s wonderful Peggy, thank you so much for sharing these messages with us, and I can say that the energy of your team is very present for me too, I’m sure I will have a great time getting to know them.

Peggy: You are very welcome, it is always a delight to share about the power of sound and my beloved ‘team’ and to invite others to honor their magnificence as a multidimensional being.

Peggy Black



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Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures & How They Are Birthed

An Interview with Saleena Kí

This month we welcome back Saleena Ki who shares with us how she has been inspired to lead some really amazing teleconferences this year, each one seems to be more powerful than the last.

Colin: Welcome back Saleena, there is so much to talk about, where shall we start?

Saleena: I am beginning with breathing bliss... into the crown to the pineal... into the heart feeling self compassion... then to the pineal...mixing and blissing.... David Wilcock said that self love was the key, the antidote to dissolving the New World Order. It must a potent key so I am feeling it now..... self love....

Colin: Yes, we read that a lot, yet so many people find that hard.. to self love

Saleena: Yes, I would like to call in the assistance of our guides and our friend; the Councils we work with and ask if we might receive assistance in getting clear about what the next adventure will be.

I am happy to be here with you today, Colin.

Colin: Ok, thanks Saleena, the last teleconference was very popular, how were you inspired to do that particular ceremony.

Saleena: Well, I tried and tried to figure it out. I was getting very frustrated because the topic I had chosen, Galactic Freedom, wasn't opening up very easy... no-one was very inspired about it.... even though the 8-8 was on the anniversary of Galactic Freedom Day.

I had to finally toss up my hands and surrender and admit I really didn't know what to do... and let go....It was getting close to the time I needed to get out information for the teleconference.

Colin: Yes it had already been very energetic leading up to early August, and all the signs were there that 8-8 would be very powerful..

Saleena: On July 23rd, after we had been working with the new soul seeds for the masculine and feminine... I just asked if there were any messages today? I was sitting in the Sun, absorbing the new light codes... thinking about all the things that had recently been happening to set the masculine into a brand new frequency. We had been part of creating a crystal nest for the new seed souls for both the masculine and the feminine.

So I asked: When is it time for the birthing of the new seed soul into the masculine and  feminine?

VK29 Living Mary

MaRi Magdalene came in with this:

“We all have a window

in time and space now

where the Earth and the

Cosmos around her

have aligned for this

Grand Cosmic Event.


Stars, planets, suns

and wormholes,

portals and corridors

are moving together to

align and open configurations

where certain actions

– inspired by your higher selves —

are to be taken."

That was the first hint of the adventure we about to embark on...

I posted her message on our blog - Message 1: Sacred Marriage & Aligning for a Grand Cosmic Event August 5th-8th: MaRi Magdalene

She spoke of a great Sacred Marriage that was about to be available to us.

VK47 Alchemical Marriage

Colin: Between the masculine and feminine within each one of us?

Saleena: Yes, within each of us... where the internal aspects of the masculine and feminine were about to come into a new level of harmony - union -togetherness- co-operation-Love-Divine Love....

Saleena: Then she said some very "sexy" things;

"When your life is in harmony,

the dynamics of your daily actions are

Union — Togetherness — Cooperation

– Love — Divine Love and

access to a greater

Living Library of Knowledge

at your service.

Your quest becomes a new one.

No longer is your daily life filled with

conflict and battle for survival,

attempting to obtain the obtainable;

happiness through

possession and control.

Peace through lack of

conflict or forgetting.

You are unified,

the love you seek

is within you;

you are the love.

The freedom you crave

is in you;

you are the freedom.

The fulfilment you desire

is within you.

When the grid of fear,

control and manipulation

is dissolved,

as you saw happening last night

during your light work, (July 22, 2010),

you wake up

and you

walk around in your body

and you have access

to all knowledge.

You remember who you are.

You are a

Creator God Goddess

and you see how your

every thought creates.

Your imagination,

along with your

passion - excitement

(your emotions)

create your reality.

There is a resolution within you.

The fear is gone."

She said the fight was over and that all that remained was the habits and thought forms... That our next assignment was to "get used to the freedom! To act as if you are whole! To acknowledge and learn how to act within the interconnection of ALL Life!" That seems like what we are facing now.

She went on to mention many amazing things and spoke of several events that were possible this month and at the end reminded us:

"Please remember that as

Human-Gods & Creators,

we have the ability

to take actions

that will change any

projection that is made."

Colin: So did you base the journey and ceremony on her message?

Saleena: Right after she finished her message, Belees, the Arcturian, came in and shared more....  Message 2: Stabilize the Earth & Yourselves; Belees the Arcturian; Rainbows & Crop Circles

Colin: Yes so many crop circles this year...

Saleena: Yes, it has been an amazing season so far. The Arcturians are part of a bigger team that are creating crop circles as part of their "mission" to help keep our Mother Earth stable and safe through this intense passage as we transition into higher frequencies and a new reality.

Belees addressed the need to stabilize ourselves and the Earth as the energies that were going to converge, via two portals intersecting was going to be extremely powerful land could have a destabilizing effect on earth. He said : "Earth has a sharp rise to make very quickly between the 5th & 8th of August. Many are aligned to help “lift“ her." Then he asked us all to assist in very specific ways....

Colin: Yes we have had fun co-creating the energies for some of your Vibrakeys using crop circles, too

Saleena: Yes, they have very powerful frequencies they emit or broadcast... many of my Vibrakeys have layers of them woven in very specifically to create certain energies to assist in the ascension... in the waking up and moving into a multi-dimensional way of perceiving reality...

Often, it is Belees that tells me about a certain crop circle and that I might want to take a look, or suggests how we might use it in a design or lightwork or play we are doing. That happened with the Sublime Health Project.

Then Belees said:

“We recommend you focus your

8-8 Teleconference Adventure

on Lifting the Earth.

Use your imaginations.

We will help with inspiration.

Certain things will change

or be altered drastically

after her quick & steep rise.

Prepare for the


you can imagine!"

And that set the ball rolling for the 8-8 Adventure's focus.

Then the next day another message came through: Message 3: Council of OM: Lift the Earth; Call to Action!   

When I was tuning in that evening, I heard, "Will you be available to take a dictation?" I said yes, so it began like this:

"Voice: We come to you as a Council

in behalf of all who are supporting the Earth

and all you have incarnated upon Earth

to help her and her humans

and all life make this transition.

Many are on this Council

that you know and love.

Great is our love and respect

to you and for you.

We admire your

courage and tenacity;

All You Way Showers,

Pathfinders and

New Earth Builders.

We bring you a message

of hope,

of joy


joyful reunion."

They shared about their council and what we might be going through soon as we enter a higher frequency. They introduced their "cast" of players and invited us to receive their OM frequency... especially designed to support us and encourage us. Filled with unconditional love....

They suggested we all take this opportune time to clear and create. That everything would be magnified at this time...The opportunity to create that which you focus on will be magnified.

“The strength of energy

will continue for several weeks,

though 5th through the 8th

will be the maximum peak moments."

Saleena: By the way we are still in the after-waves of this. I can still feel the OM vibration from the OM Crystal coming from Mt. Shasta.

Colin: Yes, since the teleconference we have had a lot of  'assimilating' to do

Saleena: They gave us the most endearing vision of how we might all together lift the Earth and love her. This made it very real for me. I was inspired to create illustrations of the process.

My sister, who says she isn't a visionary, was ecstatic because the graphic illustrations helped to make it so much easier and stronger for her. She listened to the recording of the call and said the energies were right there for her!

Dear Sistar,

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!   Thank you for who you are and what you do.  You have no idea how powerful and beneficial your transformational blog is for me, as you are providing me with vision- the inner pictorial vision I have never had.  I was just led to go through the 8/8 activation.  It all was current, as you promised, all occurred step by ste within me and powerfully, I would say, even better for me, thanks to your stunning and powerful visual additions to the blog.  It helped me so much to SEE.  You are providing the images that my inner eye does not conjure yet, as I am a heart seer right now.  I LOVE this new addition!   Thank you… the energies have been blasting me, firing me, energizing me, lifting me,  tears and tears and tears and love and gratitude and so much STREAMING FROM MY HEART!!!!!!    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love,  Mary

(Look out for Angel Bridge Art by Mary Angelico and our interview with her: An Interview with Mary Angelico)

If you missed the call, you can still join us via a recording and since we are Creator Gods... just intend you will join us at that time and it will be so.

How was that for you Colin? You joined via the recording since the timing didn't work for you.

Colin: I joined afterwards and it was so powerful.. Really felt the energy shifting.. (see my blog)

Saleena: Then the council shared a special activation they would be participating in with those who joined our Teleconference Adventure on 8-8.

When messages and directions come in so detailed and focused, then it is easier to organize and prepare for it. i was so very grateful to be able to participate in such an experience! I felt very excited about what we were invited to do... that excitement stayed with me right through the activation.

During the experience, each of us were invited to merge with one of the Council of Light members. I had the amazing opportunity to merge with Serapis Bey. You can read about my experience here: Friday the 13th Morning Message Serapis Bey; Creators of the New World – It’s All Vibration 

We were informed that the merging could continue as long as we desired it to... until we felt complete. They shared that it is through us, the humans on Earth, they can experience the Living Library. We are "library keys!" So they expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to experience Earth and the conditions here first hand through us.

Since I like his energy and it feels good to have him with me, I was happy for this and invited him to stay and enjoy his tour of Earth through me. His energy is exquisite. I haven't had much “conscious conversation” or even awareness of him for the last week. Though I feel stronger and more steady, grounded. I feel like there has been so much transition and adjustments to make since we lifted Earth on 8-8. I haven't realized what we will be doing for the 9-9 Adventure yet... a few hints and nothing coming into focus yet... it will.

One thing I have been curious about is if anyone on the Council of OM or Council of Light had anything to share with us about what has happened on Earth or otherwise since we lifted the Earth. What is the effect of what we did? I know many people joined us on the call and many others joined to assist in their own ways.

I know that the energies were so strong yesterday (Wed. August 18th) and the day before... Things were happening to our electrical appliances that was very strange. Suddenly our dryer won’t turn on. There was a lot of surging energies we could all feel... very unsettling and strange. Our little dog, who is prone to seizures, had a really intense set of 5. Then after they all stopped, the dryer came on.

So last night I asked Belees what was happening... He said: Saleena, it is quite busy right now... I would love to talk maybe tomorrow when you awaken… we are working with stabilizing right now. Much love to you… thank you… we did send you some loving support to today. Yes there are strong impulses happening now & earlier today.

He had indicated a few days ago that there were strong impulses being sent out both from & through the Sun and from HAARP. That the Controllers were trying to kick up the frequencies to make it harder for everyone and easier for them to retain control. The Arcturians and others who help with these kinds of things were there working to ease things for Mother Earth. It is their assignment to do this for her and for us.

He also mentioned that the strongest of the natural impulses are beyond our instruments capacities to read and they are affecting us....

I keep feeling dolphins calling to us to follow them.... this is how we do this... we ask for what we want then we follow our clues.... clues say “Follow the dolphins...” They are spiralling up into the sky yet the sky seems to be water.... and we are moving toward a very bright light... come on... take my hand, let's go!

Colin: Yes, cool, let's follow the Dolphins

Saleena: So the dolphins...I was looking at this picture. Did you see or feel anything?

Colin: Yes, a kind of pulling sensation, upwards

Saleena: When I looked it seems they are making a vortex with the water and that is what is helping this interview flow so easily... and there is more....

Colin: I can feel the energy swirling around my heart like a big whirlpool, and the balance of male female energies is there, perfectly balanced.

Saleena: Now it seems I am being drawn to the bright light... looks like the Sun when you are under the ocean and looking up at the surface on a bright sunny day.... beautiful! We are breaking through the surface of the water.... reminds me of the metaphor that was shared with me, how being in the densities are like we are underwater... and I just felt Serapis Bey as if he were gently taking my hand, joining me as we move toward the light....

Saleena: He reminds me of his message on the 13th:

"Express yourselves!


You are the creators of the new world;

a new level of life unfolding on Earth.


You who sketch, draw, paint,

sing, compose music, dance,

tell stories,

dig & plant, build, make.

You are sculpting reality.

Choose your visions

to express carefully;

they will, with your

focus & emotion -

your passionate expression,

become reality.

As you tell stories and

share your visions

locally & worldwide,

they are seeds planted in

fertile minds & hearts

that will grow!


Maybe you have forgotten

how powerful you are!"

Colin: I can feel the whole team again, the white beings that we merged with are all here, for me that was Metatron.

Saleena: We are being taken up into a circle of bright white beings.... again they are indistinct... as if they are One...

Saleena: I can feel the OM or some kind of sound vibration here....

Colin: Just feeling into the energy, saw a kind of central crystal or altar, in the middle of a circle

Saleena: I am hearing someone telling me that

"We are not done yet, there is more to this adventure,"

 I hear another laughing gently....

Another thought, floats in...

"We would offer to continue our assistance

with you on Earth for this next period of time

is still a potent and powerful time

to create the new.

Many situations on Earth

and in Creation

are hanging on a fulcrum point;

balancing to see,

by your desires,

which way they will lean.

By your desires,

your decisions,

your focus and

your creation,

reality will sway

and lean

and shape itself." 

Saleena: Was there something to do with the Crystal?

Colin: We seem to be gathered around one that is shining and buzzing with energy.

Saleena-Serapis Bey says,  

“And I will repeat myself,

In perspective of all "time"

this is one of the greatest

opportune moments.

We are just beginning

in a certain perspective...

We have watched you

cross a line this last few weeks

and now it is more important than ever

to stay focused on

what you want to create new.”

They are asking you and me to step up and hold this crystal between is like a sword or crystal wand... about the size I imagine Excalibur to be.... It wants to point upwards and I place one hand at the bottom and then yours and then my other hand and then your last hand....


Colin: It's very high frequency, very powerful"

Saleena: I can feel Serapis Bey and Metatron stepping forward in our consciousness to take their places holding the crystal sword. Energy is rising, the inside of my head is lighting up! Seems from the Pineal Gland area.... I feel lots of energy there in the center of my head...

Colin: Feels like we are being opened up, from the inside outwards..

Saleena: I can feel the power of these two light beings increasing... getting stronger or my perception of them is heightening... they seem to be growing taller.... quite rapidly.... the point of the sword moving up like we are on an elevator!

Colin: Yes the point is heading towards Source

Saleena: It seems we are moving toward something... an object that seems to contain information... reminds me of a ride seed pod bulging with seeds.... I did feel Source too.. the point of the crystal sword is sticking into and piercing the "pod".

The Pod seems to be spraying out codes or seeds into the "air" like a pod that bursts and the seeds float out onto the wind and blow off to find a new place to settle and grow.... a new whatever it was that the seed came from!

The "air" is filling with these "seeds".... very magical looking... I am reaching out to let one land on me.... it seems alive like in the movie Avatar... has a consciousness...It is connected to Source... interlinked still.... when I touch it I touch Source. Someone says, "Touch HOME."


Colin: Yes a fairly like quality to them, they kind of stand on my hand and look up as if so say, 'and?'

Saleena: Interesting...there are dragons flying in from everywhere and picking up a single seed in their mouth and flying off to distribute them.... everywhere... not just Earth.

Saleena-Serapis Bey:

"This is the beginning of a
new level of informing
that is beginning now."

“The line you crossed on Earth
has created the moment this
can happen now.

Earth informs many steps in creation.
Creator watches to see what is decided.

This week you all decided
to move to the light and awaken.
The scales tipped to this decision.
There is great rejoicing in all creation.

This is a planting (seeds) of new information
in response to your decisions.”

Colin: Maybe we could invite others to join us here, in the teleconference?

Saleena: Well, we will watch to see what develops. I haven't heard yet what they want to do with us. It will come soon...

Colin: Just enjoying the energy, very smooth and clear

Saleena: This was the first step... they say... let it settle...

Saleena-Serapis Bey:

"We are here with you, Beloveds,

and we will continue to share with you

until it is clear what the adventure will be.

Patience... Be bold and

focus your creations upon the

visions of a new reality, a new world,

a new way of life in

harmony and respect with each other.

Express yourselves!

You are the creators of the new world;

a new level of life unfolding on Earth."

"We are right here with you,

paying such close attention to all you do.

There will be a re-assembling of realities.

This is what the next years

will hold in store for you.

Some of you wonder

how these choices are made?

It is vibration;

how you're being vibrates.

Some call it frequency

or waves or sounds or energy.

Some call it resonance.

Like attracts like and you create your reality.

We are alerting you that the

energies of all creation

are converging

to afford an

opportunity of the ages.

Right Now

Right Here

in You!"

Colin: Yes I can feel that

Saleena-Serapis Bey:

"Did you know that the Earth

is a library of information and vibration?

So much is stored in Earth,

in all life that lives on, in and around her.

Some call it a Living Library.

You may wonder where

you will learn new ideas

and new ways of

living and creating

in the new world?

It is all around you;

a life with information,

stories and schematics

for new technologies.

Bright lights in the darkness are shining forth. "


“As you stay focused on the

thoughts, dreams, visions of a new world,

a new reality... you will stay above the water,

bathing in this light of unconditional love.

Stay with us here for awhile...

and the rest will become clear soon

Thank you for joining us today... it is easy when we are merged like this... thank you for sharing your Earth walk with us... we are learning more. Most valuable and appreciated Beloveds.”

Saleena: Thank you all.... thank you Colin... I am going to rest into this energy and get used to it....  This was fun! and easy! Thank you for asking!


“For as your vibrations rise there is

nowhere for the old vibrations to stick

and they fall away like water

as you rise out of it...

We have an invitation and

we will share it with you soon...”

Colin: Wonderful, thank you Saleena, a wonderful energy as always.

Saleena: Big Hug... thank you dolphins and water for getting us here! I was looking at the picture here at the beginning:     Magic & Mystery of Water

See the outcome of this initial journey at

9-9 Planting our Paradise Garden of the New Earth-Invitation

You can find Information & Recordings for our many Teleconference Adventures HERE.


The Paradise Codes with Suzanna Kennedy

This month we have a recorded interview with Suzanna Kennedy who you may know from our earlier conversation and her articles, she also offers the Divine Human Upgrade which we have featured here on the Magic of Being for some time. I was lucky enough to meet Suzanna in Glastonbury last year during her Paradise Code tour when she visited France and the UK.

This month she has kindly agreed to take part in our first recorded interview to talk about the Paradise Codes. These codes are really powerful and even during the interview I could feel and sense them, although I would be challenged to describe them, so why not listen to the recording as Suzanna tells us more about The Paradise Codes.

MP3 File

The recording lasts 30 minutes. Press the play button to listen now (on line), or dowload the MP3 file to listen later (off line).

If you would like to know more about Suzanna or contact her about the interview, please visit her web site.

As this is the first time we have published a recorded interview I would be interested in your feedback. How did that work for you? Is this something we should do regularly? Did you miss being able to read the interview or was it more convenient?

With Love,


You can read our previous Interview with Suzanna where she talked about her Divine Human Upgrade.


An Interview with Jerry Wennstrom

By Colin Whitby

Last month we featured an article by Jerry and we had so much interest we thought it might be good to find out a little more about Jerry and his work. I hope you enjoy.

Colin:- Jerry, in one of your presentations you said you are probably more famous for destroying your artwork than for what you had created up to that point. Could you describe the events that lead you to that momentous decision?

Jerry:- After producing an enormous body of work, I came up against the limits and potential of human effort. I felt my will and drive had reached a natural end in some larger cycle. I intuited the need to let go of all controls as a creator, and hand creation over to a more inspired possibility. I believe the paradox I encountered embodies the true spirit and deeper meaning of the word “sacrifice” which, transliterated means, “to make sacred.” If, in the natural cycle of things, we lay our hopes, dreams and precious attachments on the altar with a willingness to let them go forever, the whole of our creation is sanctified and returned to us in ways we never would have imagined.

The Key to HeavenEinstein says, “ Matter never dies, it changes form.” If, as I suspected, art was beckoning me forward in the direction of some greater formless experience, then the “matter” and attachment to the objects of creation would only change form and offer up something unexpected and more alive. This is what the experience of destroying the art did for me. There is no question that the act of destroying my art and giving everything I owned away involved a huge risk. I was very aware that my initial impulse might have been misguided or even insane. Realizing this, it required every ounce of courage for me to trust the higher sense of beauty and potential I was intuiting enough to allow my life to be transformed by the experience.

It is mostly in retrospect that the true gift of this choice has revealed itself to me. Most artists want to touch the world in some meaningful way with their life’s work. However, I never would have imagined the paradox of ultimately being acknowledged for destroying my art would be my way!

Colin:- You have compared that moment in your life to dying, an old part of yourself leaving to make way for the new.  How did you feel once you had taken this step?

Jerry:- At first I felt completely elated and liberated for no apparent reason, other than the fact that I had walked into my worst fear, unburdened myself of everything I most identified with as an artist, and felt more alive as a result. Over time (and we are talking 15 years here) before I returned to something resembling a “normal” life, I experienced every imaginable emotion.

The AlchemistThere are no reference points to solid reality when we no longer take our cues from the world around us and look, instead, to our one-on-one relationship with the mystery. It is, without a doubt, difficult holding the unknowing of such a path; but it is an unavoidable requirement of the individual journeys we take. When one has been empowered to move forward, in a radical new way, there is an inherent loneliness and responsibility that simply comes with the territory. However, with any personal breakthrough, if it is inspired, there comes the ineffable knowing that the ground we stand upon is real and inherently self-sustaining. Although I experienced doubt in some of my weaker moments, the luxury of dwelling on this doubt became a ridiculous non-option when faced with the haunting certainty that events were unfolding exactly as they should. I was never quite able to believe that the journey I was on was anything but an exciting new reality brimming with possibility. 

Colin:- Many people can come to this moment in their lives in their own way, ‘walking into their own death’ so to speak; do you think this kind of process applies to us all in some way?

LucyJerry:- I certainly believe, at a mythic level, the journey applies to us all. We ARE the story-- it comes out of some fundamental principal in the human psyche. It is the stuff of myths and fairytales; it is death and resurrection in its’ many forms -- the Sumerian myth of Inanna, Cinderella, the Christ story. At some deeper level it is the only game in town and it is largely an unavoidable journey we must all eventually take.  Perhaps our only option is when we choose to take it.  I do not believe we all choose to walk into our own death, however. Sometimes the gods “boot” us over into the experience. Being a conscious, willing participant and correct timing, eliminates a certain amount of useless suffering and makes for, generally, a more heroic adventure.  There is, however, only a small difference between the two paths. The faith, hope and courage it takes to stay with the journey, once it has begun, is difficult to maintain for all of us. What matters is that we fully traverse the territory we are given, which will always look and feel like death to the ego.

Colin:- You say your life has become your inspiration rather than your work, so for you your art has become more whimsical, it is no longer the driver. How has this given you more freedom to create?

Jerry:- Our freedom comes to us through self-awareness. As a young artist, I saw no alternative but to face the metaphor of death and open myself to the potential it had to free and enhance my life at all levels. If art is to deliver all of one’s reality onto the solid ground of a more inspired possibility (which is what I believe it should do) then it was the gift of death that did this for me. As a path of discovery, I believed in art with all of my heart and soul, and had produced an enormous body of work (early work) by age 29. This path took me to an edge where I could do no more with my will, intelligence or good intentions. I was experiencing the death of everything I most relied on as an artist, which was my belief in my own unlimited creative powers. It was at this juncture that I began to realize that the reliance I had come to depend on was too small a container for the larger creation I sensed was coming through. With my belief system failing, two choices became clear to me. I could back away in fear and live out the status quo of the “artists” of my day, or I could trust the unreasonable mystery of inspiration itself and surrender to that which I intuited would inspire my entire life. This larger, creative vision is what I gave myself to and it remains the most important thing I have ever done with my art or life. The freedom to create in a more complete way came with the territory, and included every aspect of my life. You might say it all became one big creative stir, with no one piece being any more or less important than any other. Perhaps the whimsy in my work is a reflection of the larger cosmic joke the gods had played on me.

Colin:- Part of the creative process you describe involves surrendering to your own truth and that resisting these ‘death’ or surrender moments is what causes the pain people experience in life. Can you expand on this for us?

Jerry:- I can give a simple answer to your question. However, the levels of avoidance we have the potential to involve ourselves with, can get very complex. There is also karma, which creates experience as well, but that’s another subject. 

Goddess CabinetJung says, “That which is not made conscious is lived out as fate.” I will add,  “fate” too has the potential to make us more conscious if we are tracking and doing our work. In other words, for awareness and soul-life to grow we consciously or unconsciously create experiences that are often uncomfortable or difficult -- situations that force us to move beyond the numbing effects of boredom and complacency.  The experiences we create inform us, in quiet ways at first, that there is a need for change. When we do not listen to the gentler whisper of this voice, reality ups the volume and we experience a disturbance, usually in the form of an external experience or event. It can be a simple wake-up call, like someone getting angry at us or feeling “off” and bumping one’s head.  If we are still not paying attention or if fear is causing us to further avoid facing the issue needing our attention, the volume increases further and we experience a more serious upset. If we continue the avoidance we experience the message as something slightly more tragic. We can ride the effects of this continually increasing volume all the way to the grave if we choose to. As I said, this is a simplistic example. Avoidance can be very complicated and become a way of life, taking us into every form of addiction and abuse.

Colin:- How does the universe support someone like yourself when your focus is no longer on producing art to please others, to sell, but is more about honouring your inspiration? Many people would love to ‘dare’ to step into this place, but may doubt they will be supported, particularly financially.

Jerry:- There is a wonderful quote in Rusty Moe's book “Where God Learns.” I will paraphrase: Living the mystery means to live in such a way that one's life would not make sense if God (Grace) did not exist. In other words, the mystery supports, validates and holds our lives in place through the element of Grace and not through reason, manipulation or strategy.

The above statement speaks to the fundamental economy of our Being, and it is the most balanced and efficient way of being. I believe this way of life would work for anyone if we trusted completely and were willing to live with what comes rather than what we think we need or want.

To answer your question fully, I can share with you a few ways in which the universe has supported me in recent years: Through our association with Parabola Magazine (original distributors of In the Hands of Alchemy: The Art and Life of Jerry Wennstrom.)  I received several grants to tour with their film festival, present the film and speak internationally. Friends and supporters funded the film itself.  I also have had 2 major benefactors who have supported my work for the past 5 years. At this point I don’t know where future support will come from but I trust it will if I am to continue my work, and if it doesn’t I will do what I can with what I have available. 

Colin:- Following on from the question about trusting the universe will provide, have you found that your new work is now sought after, that people would like to take it home with them?

Jerry:- Yes, to some extent. Because of the attention I have received through my book and the films made about my art and life art, I have at times been offered a significant sums of money for my art. I have given much away. I have no philosophy or reason why I don’t sell art – it is more that I haven’t felt the rightness in doing so yet. Whether I ever will…?  I don’t know. I trust some individual or organization will eventually come along and suggest something that will simply feel right, which will allow my art to enter the world in a way that is significant and in keeping with the nature of my journey as a whole. This may or may not have to do with money. It would be nice if it involved money, however, I don’t see money as the criteria for right action in the world.

SteamI have spent my life listening and following the quiet voice of (what you might call) a strange and unreasonable god. I feel my personal mythos (and we all have one,) that seems to have a life of its own, has unfolded in the most fascinating and mysterious way possible. At this late stage in my life I simply do not wish to interfere with what I perceive as a perfectly informed process. I will, however, admit it is not always easy living this way.

Colin:- Where do you see your work and life going for the rest of the year, what are your plans?

Jerry:- A year is a long time and it is difficult for me to plan too far ahead. I can share a few things. I leave for Italy in a few days and will be there for a couple of weeks. I have a few speaking/film engagements planned and there is a new art piece stirring. That’s about as much as I know.

Colin:- Jerry thanks very much for sharing with us today, and have a great time in Italy.

Artist, author Jerry Wennstrom was born in New York on January 13, 1950. He attended Rockland Community College and the State University of New Paltz. After producing a large body of work, at age 29 he set out to discover the rock-bottom truth of his life. For years he questioned the limits of his creative life as a studio painter. After destroying all of his art and giving away everything he owned, Jerry began a life of unconditional trust, allowing life to provide all that was needed. He lived this way for 15 years. In 1998 he moved to Washington State, where he eventually married Marilyn Strong and produced a large new body of art. Marilyn and Jerry’s charming Whidbey Island home is now filled with his unique interactive sculptures and paintings. Jerry also built a 40-foot meditation tower on his property, which is featured along with his story in a book by Laura Chester called Holy Personal.

Jerry's story is told in his book,
The Inspired Heart: An Artist’s Journey of Transformation (foreword by Thomas Moore) published by Sentient Publications and in the Parabola Magazine documentary film called In the Hands of Alchemy: The Art and Life of Jerry Wennstrom. There is also a Sentient Publications DVD with the same name ,which includes a short new film called Studio Dialogue. Studio Dialogue is a presentation Jerry did before a live audience with music by Susan McKeown, sung by Marilyn Strong. Jerry travels internationally lecturing, teaching and presenting his film and work and he writes a monthly piece on the spirit of the times for a New York City consulting firm.



An Interview with Shekina Rose

By Colin Whitby

Shekina and I were introduced through Mary Angelico, who carries such an amazing connection to Mother Mary, and I believe that is how Shekina and I are connected too. Last month we featured an article by Shekina where she introduced us to the Blue Ray; the article has been getting an amazing number of hits which shows just how interested everyone has been in the subject. I asked Shekina if she would like to share some more of her thoughts in an interview, and if the article is anything to go by, this will be just as popular. I hope you can feel the underlying energy that was running between us during the call, it was simply delightful.

Colin:- Hi Shekina and thank you for taking some time out to speak with us today.

Shekina:- Well it is so powerful today, all the beings have shown up and they are very excited about this, and now I’m very excited and realising just how special this is.

Colin:- On your web site Shekina Speaks you tell of a visit from your Star Family that changed your life, can you tell us a little more about that?

Shekina:-  I came from a very small town in mid west Missouri which was predominantly Catholic where none of this kind of thing was spoken about, not even meditation. So I didn’t really know about mediation at the time, although when I needed to calm myself down I just knew that’s what I had to do, so I had been ‘waking’ for some time.

As soon as I did meditate my star family, who are incredibly beautiful beings of radiant light, came through; at first I thought it might be my own intuition or internal voice but when they started to suggest I get a note book and pen so that I could write down what they were saying, I realised I was becoming a channel for them. 

I had such a hard time learning when I was younger that I really had to rely on something else, I just couldn’t get into the traditional way of learning, so I began to rely on the other dimensions.  So when these guys came in I was so used to accepting other dimensions I already knew I was from the stars.

So the first thing I asked them was ‘Who am I?’. They told me I was a star being from Sirius (which I’d never heard of). I also asked them ‘Why am I here?’, and they said that ‘you are here to help heal the genetic damage of mankind’ (following the fall).

Colin:- One of the things you mention a great deal are the energies from Shekina, the divine feminine. I’ve been connecting to a similar energy that Saleena is calling Sophia, I wonder if it is the same energy, but we are finding different names?

Shekina:-  Absolutely, Sophia is Shekina, is Hathor, is Mother Mary; for me it’s all the same, I think we connect to that particular vibration in the particular way we know her, and how we knew her in the past, which facilitates our connection with the divine. For me I had to go through such a journey, it has been such a transformation from where I was to where I am now. When I went to Arizona I was meditating something like 3 hours a day in the morning, and then all of a sudden the Goddess came, and she told me it was time to connect to the Goddess energy, the priestess energy. Up to that moment I had not heard anything about the Goddess and yet the very next day every single thing and every person I met had something to do with the Goddess. I met a woman who led a group that was all about the Goddess, so I was able to really learn the priestess and the Goddess way. I never really read about any of this up to this point, I always learned from spirit.

Then years later when I moved to Florida the star beings came back and said they needed to talk with me, and when I did Shekina came in, and I had a very powerful experience.

Shekina was a flame with other flames coming out of her that were all the different names of the divine feminine; Sophia, Hathor, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, any other name I had known, and myself.  Where all these flames become one, she said – ‘I am the one flame, Shekina, in alignment with the divine feminine’. She said this is who you are speaking of when you speak of the Goddess.

So from this point I began to really understand that Shekina is the embodiment of the divine feminine and what I personally had to do was to embody her frequency, and that’s what we are all here to do. It has taken me many years to grow into her, and she into me, to absorb this vibration.

Colin:-  Yes it’s very powerful, I can feel her presence as you speak.

Shekina:-  So from then on I found that I needed to be Shekina, not Catherine Marie as I had previously been known.

Colin:- The article we published last month was getting hits even before I had sent out our newsletter, which intrigued me, as did the numbers that were embedded within the text. How did they come about?

Shekina:- I’m in contact with these vibrational numbers all the time and I have been shown that they are the numbers of the archangels and are very sacred, they are the master numbers of the new earth. When I write, or channel, the numbers come through from these higher beings and each has a special vibrational frequency that activates us in specific ways. They are really to remind us of what we are, a kind of déjà vu, they switch us on at exactly the right moment to a level of understanding. It’s another way for the masters to communicate with us.

Colin:- You also talked about the Blue Ray and that is a very powerful energy as well, what can you tell us about the Blue Ray?.

Shekina:- I love the Blue Ray. Until was quite recently, about 2006/2007, I had never heard of it, then I began to feel something that I couldn’t quite understand, and my star family then told me, you are from the Blue Ray. As soon as they said that I knew it to be true, I am from the Blue Ray; from that moment I knew everything about the Blue Ray, and I just had to go write it down.

There are many different rays out there in creation, many different colours, and we each arrive on different rays, different frequencies. There are the Crystals, the Indigos and the Rainbows, and some of us have come in on the Blue Ray. The reason for the Blue Ray is that it brings in the sacred divine feminine and a lot of us have come to bring that frequency to earth.

I have found it so reassuring to know that I am from the Blue Ray, to have it with me, within me, it’s just so comforting, it helps us feel better about who we are. I find it does not limit me or my thinking at all, it’s one of the ‘things’ I am; I sometimes think ‘Wow, I am a Blue Ray too!’. It has also connected me to so many beings of light, for example I wouldn’t be talking to you had it not been for the Blue Ray.

The interesting thing is that all my life I have been wearing pink, yet after the activation I now prefer to wear blue. It’s not that this is what I’m going to be all the time, it’s just that at the moment this is the energy I am representing.

Colin:- I find myself more into Gold, not that I wear Gold or would describe it as a Ray as such, but when I meet someone who is in the Blue energy I find the Gold complements their energy, provides the balance in some way, like Yin and Yang.

Shekina:- Yes I love it when that happens.

(at this point we both felt energies moving and swirling, as if the two colours were mixing and flowing, balancing as we spoke).

Colin:- I really loved the videos you have put on the internet, when I watched and listened I was really impacted by the sounds you were making, especially the frequency you sing and how you speak the language of light, how did that come about?

Shekina:- I feel this is what I am really here for, so the Blue Ray is what connects us so that I can then bring these other elements in. The interesting thing is that until recently I did not sing, ever! When I was out I would not join in Karaoke for example, I’d just say ‘I don’t do singing!’

The connection to sound was something of my soul that started to unfold, like the language of light. When I was in Arizona and New Mexico I’d go to places to be activated, and after one of these profound higher demensional visits I found myself able to speak and sing the language of light, these powerful experiences completely shifted the rest of life.

I was guided to do kind of performances and people would come and listen and would have some amazing experiences, like instant awakenings; they would come with all kinds of problems, and they would leave without them.

So from then on I knew this was right, that this is what I am here to do.

Then when I was in LA I was asked to do a concert and I realised what I really wanted to do was share it with everyone so I put a recording of the performance up on the internet.

When it went on YouTube I was contacted by a Physicist,  who was doing some analysis to check that people were who they said they were, sort of checking up on my recording. I didn’t really worry what he came up with, as far as I was concerned I was on the right path and that was all I needed to know. 

Anyway the Physicist came back to me later and told me they had found that everything I did was related to the Frequencies of God of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies and the Rodin mathematical grid. I didn’t really know much about musical scales but apparently the scales we sing to now were changed some time back so that they were not in harmony of the frequencies of light (to prevent us from connecting directly to God). However  the original frequencies that the Lemurians, the Atlanteans and the Hathors would sing to were these frequencies of light, that were directly connected to God. These are the frequencies I sing, they are the 528 hz, the miracle of love, transformation and DNA Repair.

Colin:- Shekina, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today, it has been a joy and a delight. I’m sure everyone reading will be able to pick up on the energy we have been holding (or flowing) during the interview, simply divine.

Shekina:- Yes indeed, you’re welcome.


Shekina Rose is a Priestess of Shekinah, Divine Messenger and Harmonic Vocalist who sings, tones and chants in the 528Hz Miracle, Love and DNA repair frequencies of the Language of Light. She is the Channel of the Blue Ray Transmissions, and a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activations and Sound Performances. 

What is so unique about Shekina's transmissions is she is a direct voice channel for Mother Goddess Shekinah in the language of Light and she is supported by the Angelic star tribes as a vibrational choir of healing frequencies.

"Shekina's voice transmissions" have been analyzed by Physicist Attiqe Choudry who verfies her vocals resonate to the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair} and amazingly 6 other frequencies of:-

639 Hz Connecting/Relationships
417 Hz transmutation Solfagio
741 Hz Consciousness Solfagio Awakening Intuition
1471Hz rodin grid space horizontal
1174Hz (1741Hz) rodin grid space horizontal
339Hz rodin grid vertical of Rodin mathematical grid - Grid of God, that can heal the souls of humans.

Physicist Attiqe Choudry seems to have found hidden information abound in Gods Blue print of Numbers in the voice of Shekina. This sound will enlighten your inner soul and make you healthy. She can easily give you light and peace.

For more information for Readings, Activations and Sound Concert Performances visit, email, Tel: 561-667-4565 US.

Try Shekina's 528 Hz Miracle Love Codes CD

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