The Chakras Made Easy - By Hilary H. Carter
Sunday, August 17, 2014 at 11:57AM
The Magic Of Being

A Review by Colin Whitby

This is a very informative book which I found could not be rushed, there is so much information to absorb and to take note of.

Each chakra has it’s own chapter with a repeating format and structure. It can be used as a reference book and dipped in and out of or, if you intend to work through your energy centres one at a time, you might choose to read it through from cover to cover.

There is clear guidance on how to recognize if each Chakra is balanced and, if not, how to clear it. Whilst reviewing the book I came to the Third Chakra (solar plexus) and found many of the descriptions of imbalance applied to someone in our family. We immediately set out to get more yellow in her life (as the text advised) along with some of the affirmations (I am worthy to receive) on paper around the house. Interestingly there was some resistance to the colour (I’ve never liked yellow) which could slow things down but seems to show where our focus need to be.

‘An imbalanced third chakra is either going to show itself as the fearful, insecure person or the overbearing, domineering bully. Some people swing between the two extremes. The bully and the victim are simply the opposite ends of the same energy spectrum, depending on whether the chakra is overactive or underactive’.

We spent so much time on this chakra I’ve only just moved on to the heart chakra, I think this reflects where much of our attention needs to be as so many of us have challenges with fear or tension that need to be cleared from our energy.

Hilary has created an excellent read which is both a reference text and a structured healing handbook. It will be a great addition to anyone’s library and particularly useful when offering help to others.

The Chakras Made Easy

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