Exploring VK99 Dragon EYE of Creation
Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 10:59AM
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VK99 Dragon EYE of Creation

Saleena and I have been exploring another of her Vibrakeys, this time a very new one that has only just been completed. I have included the conversation between us and a note from a dear friend Angelynne who was at the same time reporting her experiences with dragons. Such synchronicity is always a joy.

The loving energy from our dragon selves is always a blissful experience, and the eye takes us even deeper into this wonderful realm of energy and creation. I'd recommend connecting through this Vibrakey if you would like to know more about how you are connected to dragons, even if you have been with them before, this will bring out even more of your divine energy. 

You can purchase a full size version here: VK99 Dragon EYE of Creation


Saleena: I have finished the back of VK99 Dragon Eye of Creation... it grabbed me and have begun the eGuide, also... It will be ready to post online in a Vibrakey Gallery soon... Feeling the presence of Taersch and Aganmar.... all day while working with their design. Did you ever try staring into or meditating into the EYE of the Dragon?

Colin: I did look at your drawing but didn't stare into it. I was just bringing the energy from the very Light Being from the White Star planet... Still very potent energy... Seems to attract the Dragons, too, they are a very similar vibration

Saleena: Maybe you might meditate into the EYE of the Dragon sometime and let me know what happens or we might do it together as our next exploration into a Vibrakey.

Colin: Sounds fun, we need to do another Vibrakey to keep the energy flowing there like we talked about.

Saleena: Yes, just received this from our friend and lightwork player, Angelynne...fun!

I knew it was going to take some time to read your adventure and to experience the Vibrakeys through the links you provided. That time is tonight!

You wrote: "...it is fun to see a correlation as she does her work and we do ours, without communicating verbally, and later see just how much we all work together in the other dimensions!"  

This quote is totally true! It is very exciting to see how our work dovetails (I've always loved that word!). I'm not an artist but I sooo appreciate beautiful art and the energy it carries. Your Vibrakeys that spoke to me the most are the Cosmic Rose Stargate and DragonHeart2. Both tie in so incredibly with what I've been working with this year.

Did I send you the journals about the dragon eggs in my front yard and the feuding sides in a war eons ago which ended in a Romeo and Juliet way with an opalescent white female dragon falling in love with a dark dragon - each being on the opposite side of the war. Their union and a wall that was constructed so that each faction had an equal portion of the mineral rich land, ended the ancient feud. That wall extended through my front yard. When the excavations happened, three eggs laid by the opalescent dragon mother were uncovered. They subsequently hatched. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I wrote up that journal as the hatching was happening at a very challenging time due to the basement floods and seepages and the inside restoration that was happening at the same time (water damage) as the outside excavations.

I hope you aren't having a heatwave like we are. I melt in the heat and estivate until it cools down. Have a great week - and continue your great work. I can hardly wait until I retire and can carry out my lightwork contract full time!

Love always,

Angelynne (Ells)

Saleena Note: DragonHeart2 is an image by unknown artist I used on our Messages of Our New Universe blog to illustrate a page: 333 DNA & Dragons

Colin: Cool, we are so in tune with the overall plan, love it when we get feedback like that.

Saleena: Me, too...and here I was working all day on Dragon stuff...

VK99 Dragon EYE of Creation

Colin: Going to load up VK99 and read your notes now. (each Vibrakey has guidance notes on the back)

VK99 Dragon EYE of Creation

 Creator Dragon - Portal to Alceyone & Beyond - Cosmic Doorway - Meeting Dragons

Gaze into the Eye of a Cosmic Creator. This represents the Eye of a Dragon. What I can tell you and what you might discover by taking to time to look in and open to your own informing may differ. I have had my experience, thus I could create the art, the portal. Meditating into this "portal" may open you to new levels of understanding of reality. Do you dare?

VK99 Purpose:

To introduce  you  to  a  Creator Dragon,  Taersch.

To  open  you  to  new  possibilities  in  your  own  reality.

To  offer  the  opportunity  for  your  higher  expressions  to  share  with  you  the  things  your  Soul  is  ready  for.

To  open  you  to  explore  the  Omniverse  inside  you.

To  create  a  pathway  and  connection  to  the  Star-Sun  Alceyone,  which  is  a  Greater  Central  Sun  informing  Earth, and  invite  you  to  directly  receive  energy-info  from  this  Source.

To   reintroduce  you  to  many  benevolent  Dragons  in  Creation.

Colin: So after reading the guidance I stare into the image. I asked to be taken to where I am all I can be... Am now flying to the farthest Sun in Taersch's eye, as part of Taersch him/herself, as a beautiful Dragon.

As I/we fly he/she asks me to let him/her come into my body energies, allowing our complete integration I'm going to say him from now on, easier to type, although I'm not getting gender from him 

Taersch-Creator Dragon by Saleena Kí

I close my eyes and see his eye gazing into mine, so much love fills me, having to open my heart more and more... "I love you Taersch"...

Now I'm in compete bliss as his energy floods in, and we are reaching our destination... A very distant Sun.

We fly to the centre of this Sun, it's the White Sun, home to the beautiful Golden Star Beings.. So many Beloveds are here waiting to greet us

Many Dragons, too, thousands...

They look up, touch our energy, then merge, we instantly become ONE, as if the shape of DRAGON is just a cloak, where we revert to ONE very easily, effortlessly. I become ONE with them all.

Now SOURCE arrives, flowing easily into us.

Saleena: It is 1212 my time... (Saleena is in the US, Colin in the UK)

Colin: As SOURCE we enter and flow into and with, the Golden Star Beings.... We are their Sun, their heart, united in this love, so deep and pure.

I Am going to sit this out for a while, bliss is filling me completely....

Saleena: There was a New Crop Circle today: Intriguing. Reminds me of a another kind of EYE:

Saleena:- So now I am ready for my turn to gaze in...

VK99- Very intriguing how it is drawing, this EYE of Taersch. It is a very friendly eye... not scary at all... does seem to draw me in...

VK99 Dragon EYE of Creation

Saleena: Alceyone gets my attention first shining on the Dragons lens....Then the 3 other stars of the Eta Tau group.... then the two; the ones side by side at the top...

Now suddenly I am being drawn fast and hard into the dark center past the stars... I see many bright spots as I zoom by... reminds me of time-lapse Photography of a street at night with lights...

The Yellow ring around the EYE is standing out now and it seems to reflect the space we, I say we because I feel the Dragon is with me.... though haven't seen it.... land on a kind of platform in space... and it is ringing with that kind of yellow light glowing....

I am turning around a Slowly because it is like looking out into deep space all around me... very beautiful.... lots of interesting configurations of energy, planets? odd colors.... like being in a planetarium....

Somehow I feel this platform is part of the HUGE dragons body.... like a spot on his skin...I can feel some kind of breathing....: a gentle raising and falling as I stand here... almost like little waves.... rising and falling....

I feel rather small in relation to this HUGE beings....though I feel a wonderful feeling of comfort being here with this one....

There is a wave of heart energy...love wrapping around me now...like a big mist moving in and winding around me in a little vortex....it seems to want to wrap me up... very simply and kindly....I feel very cared for and safe... odd that all comes with the misty energy wrapping me...

I hear, "Come into my heart now, little ONE."

Okay merge time.... I just intend to do so and see....

I feel like I am being consumed... now getting very sleepy....I may go take a bath and enjoy this merging deeper.... getting late...

Thank you Taersch...

Note:- For more background information about Dragons go to 333-DNA-Dragons

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