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What If?

These notes entitled ‘what if?’ were the first 'articles' I started to write, even before The Magic of Being was born. Often I would ask the question to move the conversation into the imagination, to look into the possibility of an idea, a thought, to explore potential.


What if we are not alone (part 3)?

By Colin Whitby

What if it really happens, what if our Governments release information about our Extra Terrestrial friends, and acknowledge they really do exist?

If you have been reading some of the articles on this site you cannot fail to notice that I favour the idea that there are some wonderful beings and entities out there (well here really) that are helping us with our amazing journey from 3D to 5D and beyond.

Our connection with them is also more than just energetic, for they have been involved with the earth and her development right from the very start, when life first formed on our beloved planet. When I say ‘they’, I really mean ‘we’, for part of our spiritual and soul expression is embodied here on earth in our human form, and part of our expression is represented in all the other beings too, for we are all of the one, all of the same God force.

So to call them anything other than our brothers and sisters means we consider ourselves outside of the ‘one’. It would be fair to say there are light and not so light beings too, some out to control and dominate and some (now the majority) here to help us with love and compassion. See Dana Shino’s article know the difference for more information.

If our governments finally do acknowledge that not only do ET’s exist, but that they have been having a dialogue with our off planet friends for many years, what would we do, how would the mass population react?

The concern is that ‘we’ might not be ready, that we would react negatively and panic, or worse still our governments on our behalf would start fighting with them, by trying to blow their ships out of the skies (like on all the best sc-fi movies).

I think however, with all the energy shifts that have taken place this year, and especially in the last month, that the consciousness of the planet has moved up a gear, and we are now much more able to accept that there is life elsewhere in this universe, and what is more we can communicate with these beings quite well already, through our hearts.

In Suzanne Lie’s article this month, she describes beautifully how, by raising our energy, our love, we can start to share and communicate with our celestial partners (who are another part of ourselves).

With Galactic Consciousness, we feel complete unity with the many planets, solar systems, and galaxies that resonate to the fourth and fifth dimensions. This unity allows us to fully integrate our Multidimensional SELF and expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension and ground that frequency of Light into the body of Gaia. By now, “ETs” are perceived as other expressions of our Soul/SELF and members of our Stellar Family.

The many messages I enjoy reading from our beloved star family inform us that we are the masters on earth, it is our free will that determines our ‘progression’ and that we are ‘God’ in embodiment. The ET’s are ‘God’ too, but not in earth bodies like us (although they do have bodies, they are just different, perhaps not as solid as us here on earth).

My own experience of Arturians, Sirians, Lyrans and any number of wonderfully light and truly beloved star beings has been one of deep love and bliss, and this is something I treasure beyond words. Our mutual connection to God is undeniable, and our love infinite. I know I work with Ashtar and many others of the Galactic High Council, and any number of other councils, and my main objective is to ‘be the light’, and with their help and love I know this is so much easier. Asking them for help and then feeling them assist gives us all so much pleasure and joy.

I also remember having lives (and they are concurrent with this life) in all of the places our ET brothers and sisters come from, in fact my soul often meets itself in others, and inevitably touches that same part of God that exists in us all. I believe we are with them on their ships as part of their teams (in embodiment as their brothers and sisters) and we visit them in our light bodies whilst we are asleep. All the time we report back to help with the ascension programme of which we are all part.

So I see God in everyone’s face, each of us is a part of God, and equal to any ET, Angel. Master or whatever we choose to call our beloved family. We are simply unaware of our divine connection much of the time.

So what if we are ready now, what if it is time, what would you do? How would you feel to see their ships in the sky, to witness someone from another world standing with us here on earth? What if we are no longer ridiculed for being rather strange and having odd fantasies, for reporting real meetings, that are actually happening.

If there is infinite space, then there must also be an infinite possibility that life exists elsewhere in this universe, so what if the time has come for us to meet them?

As Spock would say ‘It’s life Jim, but not as we know it’.

With Love,



What if we have graduated from the creator academy?

- and are now fully qualified reality co-creators?

By Colin Whitby

If you have been following the various articles and interviews over these last few months you will notice a common theme, that the energies these days are more intense, our emotional and karmic clearings are far deeper than before, and our new creative skills are coming on line in a rapid yet seemingly haphazard kind of way (it is all perfect in the moment of course, it just seems chaotic to our current way of thinking).

Many of our regular contributors have been relating their own ‘dark night of the soul’ and at the same time have attempted to articulate the amazing and often blissful connections with the new energies that are now entering our world, and helping us shape our new reality.

We are continually reminded that our thoughts directly influence the reality in which we live, and for me this has never been more noticeable. Now the gap between a thought and its manifestation is really short, sometimes hours, sometimes minutes and more recently just seconds. This time last year I would have said weeks or months.

Many articles alert us to yet another portal opening, or a lunar/solar alignment, where more opportunities for expansion are available should we choose, and sure enough many of us feel the impact of them quite intensely. One event in particular that has had us all running around one way or another was July 7th 2009 (the Solar Storms) – For some these events have enabled us to connect to the most wonderful blissful energies, working in ways that we have previously dreamed of, but so far have been beyond us. Others have reported the darkest moments of their lives yet, where the deepest clearings have been experienced (another side effect of these very high vibrations).

Either way the indications are that things are speeding up and that we need to start thinking like creator beings, knowing that we are most assuredly creating our own reality.

Recently I wrote a piece about using Mandalas after having read June-Elleni Laine’s book ‘Mandala – The Art of Creating Future’, and the most significant question to answer was ‘what would I like to create?’ I had already accepted I can create, so given that, what would I like? Perhaps this is something we should all take a few moments to ponder, as our creations are materialising so much quicker now, it seems only sensible to think those thoughts whose outcomes are situations we actually desire.

As we become more and more aware of our multi-dimensional capabilities, and of the special skills we bring to the creation team (that’s all of us), it is important we maintain our integrity, our connection to our highest selves, and we can do this by simply creating from the heart.

One thing I have learned over these last years is how to notice if my vibration has increased or decreased, where I am either in my heart space, or have drifted off frequency. Consider how you feel when you enter a room where nothing is being said, but where an argument is in full swing, you can cut the atmosphere with a knife. It is also possible to feel an energy that is comfortable and inviting, think of a concert or a speech that has moved you, everyone feels the emotion at the same time. This is the collective energy moving, either up or down in vibration.

What if we all decided that we’d rather live in a world where the underlying vibration was as high as we could possibly make it, where everyone felt the joy and love that this kind of vibration carries, where we are all in agreement, what if this is how we create, together, now.

My feeling is that we have graduated, or are in the process of graduating, from the finest Earth/Creator Academy, we have the highest qualifications from the most prestigious college, and we have now fully embodied our higher selves, and are becoming Earth Angels (as Karen Bishop has been calling us).

So let’s start now, this minute, this second, and create the reality we all desire, lets flex our creator muscles, now we are fully qualified and we have the scars to prove it; there is no time like the present, in fact there is only the present moment… so why not do it, now?

With Love,



What if we just do it - Now?

By Colin Whitby

I am one of those people who recommend books when they impact me the most, when they get into my consciousness and get my energy moving in some way. Sometimes they are books that ask me to go and do something, perhaps some mediations on a subject, maybe go plan something using the tools I have just read about.

The thing is, I often have the best of intentions but then put the book down, and go do something completely different, leaving the book and it’s ideas on the pages, rather than in my life. Why is that I wonder? Well I’m not alone in this, when I interviewed Colin Turner he had just re-written one of his books so that it could be broken down into smaller bites. The reason for this, he said, was that no-one re-read his work, and if we want to really benefit from some of these wonderful books, we do need to go back and use the tools within them, otherwise they stay words in a book.

Another book I read and thought, this is great, I’m going to use this one for sure, was Neil Crofts’ Seven Stages of Authenticity, it was laid out beautifully and completely logically, and it could be picked up and read from any section, in any order. What could be simpler, and I even wrote that I thought this one would be well thumbed when I reviewed it.

So what is it that gets in our way when we know we have been given all the tools, all the information has come to us, all the contacts have been made to move to the next stage, whatever that might be?

In my case it was many things, too many to mention here (oh those lovely clearings!!), however I did want to share with you that today I actually got up and did one of the exercises from the book I have been reading, ‘Mandala – The Art of Creating Future’, by June-Elleni Laine. It just leapt into my head that here was something I really believe in, here is something I know works, so why not go and do it? The answer was simple, what if it works, what then? I would have to take responsibility for the manifestation, and more importantly, I would have to decide what I wanted in the first place.

So what did I choose for my first Mandala, well it’s something I have been ‘choosing’ for some time now, so I just wanted to put my foot firmly on the accelerator, and get on with it. I’ve called it ‘Be Fully Present – Now’, and here it is, rather simple but this is what came through.

I share it now in the hope that you might be inspired to start creating your own reality, knowing that you can, knowing that it’s your choices that make your own world spin magically, just for you (well and the rest of us too, for we are co-creators are we not?). What if we are creators, what if we just do it - now?

With Love,



What if we are the tree of life?

By Colin Whitby

In a recent meditation my friends and I saw a river flowing out of a giant crystal (which was floating in mid-air, somewhere way out in space). We felt that this river contained all potential for creation, and since then I have been calling it the ‘river of infinite potential’ (obviously). We then saw a tree with its roots going down into this stream of potential, drawing up infinite possibilities into its heartwood. At this point we felt that the tree’s heart and our own hearts were one and the same and combined we were the heart of creation.

This creative force was then converted into ‘fruit’ by our intention, whatever we wanted to create would manifest from this tree of creation out of this intent. One said he would create a money tree and instantly we saw and felt the abundance flow out of the river, through the roots of our tree, then our hearts eventually to blossom as an abundant fruit, in this case money. So your Mother told you money does not grow on trees – well on this one it does!

Obviously the river and the tree are metaphors for our own creative ability, but it was interesting the way we used these images to co-ordinate our co-creation. To feel part of the tree and feel the roots of our intention draw from creation itself, in this case the river of infinite potential. The other part of this visualisation that was very tangible for me was the taking of the fruit from the tree itself. Once we had decided what we would like to ‘grow’ we then confidently took it from the tree, not worrying about how it will manifest in our lives, but knowing for sure that it will (and maybe sooner than we think).

We then looked around we saw our tree as part of a wood, where similar trees were co-creating our environment of abundance, each complementing the other, giving and receiving love energy which was flowing effortlessly and magically.

Here we had discovered how using this image can be very powerful when used in a group situation (or even when you sit alone and create for yourself). Simply see the river flowing beneath you, feel your tree’s roots drawing from the river’s creative potential. Now intend what you would like to create, feel its potential flow through your heart and up to the branches and see it materialise as a fruit. Now reach out and pick the fruits and feel the flow of creative love in your heart, know that this is for the benefit of all, and that you are truly creator beings. Remember to be grateful for the creation when it arrives and thank yourself and your fellow creators for the miracle that you are.

So what if this is the tree of creation and what if we are all trees of life, together co-creating our world?

By the way, this is already happening, you are the creative force in your life, so why not actively create that which your soul desires, go into your own heart ‘wood’ and experiment and play, there’s never been a better time to be with the flow of creation.

With Love,



What if we remember we are creators?

By Colin Whitby

During our last holiday of 2008 I was walking along a very quiet beach not long after the 11.11.11 portal openings when a very noticeable energy shift had taken place, pondering on how these changes manifested in our world. Now I know many of us working in the energies keep saying these shifts have happened, then life goes on and, if anything, everything seems to be getting worse.

So I wanted to see how things had changed for me energetically. I had been reading about how we all are now creators of our new reality, in fact we always have been, it’s just that we had forgotten. So what if I could remember having created this wonderful moment walking in the winter sun on my favourite beach on this cold November morning.

I stopped walking, sensed into the beach, into the sand, right down to the centre of Gaia, and touched into her heart with my own (I sometimes imagine a hand reaching out of my heart which then touches Gaia’s – it helps direct the energy somehow). Once our hearts were linked and our love was flowing, I then mentally asked Gaia if we could go back to the moment when we both agreed to create this moment when I would be walking on the beach and then think of remembering.

At this point I felt the whole of creation move, I felt the energy of love flow so strongly between myself and Gaia I cried with the ‘remembering’, it was incredible. I had tapped into the very act of creating, albeit a little after the event. I have no way of knowing how long ago we had created this moment, but what if I bring it into the now, what if I create each moment as they happen, what does that feel like? Again the energy flowing with that thought was amazing, I had connected to the knowing of how this works, for an instant I had remembered how to create.

As fleeting as this moment had been I knew it was significant, and following that I tried on many occasions to remember moments, perhaps in the London Underground when it was really crowded, I would ‘remember’ creating with everyone else this rather unlikely moment, and again the energy of remembering would flow freely.

Some time after this I attended a lightworker meeting where again we were being reminded that now, above all else, we must be confident in creating our new world, we must understand that we are creators and not just passive onlookers. So why not remember with a group of likeminded souls? I suggested this to our group and we then did a meditation where I took us back to the moment when we, as creator beings, all got together to create the moment when we decided to remember. Such an amazing love flowed between us, it was like we were touching God in each other as we tapped into the creative force of the source and remembered ourselves as co-creators, just for a few moments.

This is how we will live and be from now on, totally at one, co-creating in a wonderful loving creative energy. It may take a few more rememberings, but eventually we will ‘get it’ and know that we have been doing this all the time, it’s just that now we will be fully conscious and create each moment fully aware of our divinity.

Why not practice remembering? You could start with remembering when you and I decided that it would be great for me to write and then you to read this article, the moment when we both acknowledge the magic of creation and then remembered together the delight of being in this wonderful creative love energy together.


With Love,