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What if I already am?

magichandwhatif.gifOn the way to the office one day, on a train from Bristol to London in England, I was reading a leadership book which was saying that leadership was entering a new state, where leaders are now coaches, and should expect to inspire their workforce in new and exciting ways. That made me think of my own life and how the changes in energy have been affecting the way I work.

My approach to work has changed considerably, now I look for the soul in everyone, I am continuously trusting and expecting the best in everyone. I expect them to be kind and considerate and to value my work, as I value theirs. It’s working too, I’ve noticed that the people I work with are really wonderful kind people. OK so we do not say things like ‘hey Colin, what was some light you just accessed then, where’d you get that one?’ but the effect of having shared it with them is manifesting, I can see and feel the difference this is making, its tangible.

So in the workplace my energy work is actually becoming more visible, eventually I expect this to break through and we’ll speak of it openly, this web site is one way of doing that.

So the ‘what if I already am?’ is really to say that I am already a light being, being light, and that’s exactly what I’m supposed to be in the moment. If you have an ordinary job and you find mixing soul work a struggle, why not start thinking about why you are where you are. You created the situation, perhaps you are exactly where you are meant to be. I know that as soon as I started to think this way my life became more magical than it had been to date.

An example of how this is working came during a training course recently. I had to split away from our evening meal to take part in a telephone call with another healer and her client, but I just told my workmates I had a conference call to join, nothing more. They assumed it must be for work as we do this kind of thing all the time.

The following day I was asked by two of the ladies there if the call went OK and for some reason I told them what I was doing, and would you know it, they were both healers too and we spent the next few hours talking about energy, healing and such like. Here we were in our normal workplace, sharing these thoughts and energies.... how wonderful is that?

So what if you too are in exactly the right place in the moment, what if you are doing exactly the thing you should be doing, saying the things you should be saying, what if everything you do is perfect in the moment? It’s a thought…

With Love,