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What if we are not alone?

magichandwhatif.gifPsychic Abilities

Over the last two months I have been speaking with people who have been describing how we can get in touch with our souls, our higher selves, by improving our psychic abilities. Interestingly this subject opens up an area of discussion that many people find difficult, it’s too spooky or unproven for them. Meditation is fine, but when it comes to making contact outside our 5 senses, eyebrows are raised and the subject becomes rather ‘risky’.

Since my early childhood my Mother had often spoken about spiritual matters and had received healing on many occasions, so I was no stranger to 'the other side', at least I could accept life after death as an idea.

So in this edition we talk about the spirit world and how to draw their likeness (see June-Elleni’s book review The Art of Being Psychic), and we discuss angel drawings or images of our guides and how helpful they can be.

This kind of talk does not fit well with our world or scientific proof and logic, yet I find it impossible to venture into knowing myself without touching into these topics. More importantly I find them an integral part of my growing understanding of who I am and what I am doing on this planet.

Talking with ET’s?

I have always been open to discussions about visitors from outer space and the fact that there is so much evidence to suggest that this just might be the case. I have read some wonderful books and watched numerous TV programs about the Pyramids and their alignment with the stars, the many ancient buildings which we still cannot build today, and rather large lumps of rock half way up mountains - could they really be rocket take off pads?

Have you ever wondered why the Nazca Lines were drawn in Peru, for example? The Lines were first spotted when commercial airlines began flying across the Peruvian desert in the 1920's and passengers reported seeing 'primitive landing strips' on the ground below. No one knew who had built them, or indeed why, and since their discovery the Nasca Lines have inspired fantastic explanations.

So we have opened up these previously risky subjects for discussion on this site, we venture into the areas of ET contact for example, where I have personal experience of energies from many different star systems and can relate to the many stories and information that is coming through these days (have you been reading the channellings we have been posting from Celia Fenn or Karen Bishop for example?).

We may even find we can travel energetically with beings from many light years away, see them and speak with them (see my review of Elaine Thompson’s book Voice from our Galaxy).

So what if we are not alone, what if there are other beings out there, so many in fact that we would never be able to contact them all in a single lifetime?

What if we can meet them and travel with them now, what if we already are?

With Love,