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What if we can GoDirect

magichandwhatif.gifWhat if a new service has been launched call GoDirect, where we can cut out the middleman and go straight to the source, literally?

In many spiritual teachings masters have been guiding us to connect to the source, to our God selves, through many different approaches which have developed into our current religions or healing practices.

Each of these religions then points to a particular set of principles and methods which often become the only way to relate to our maker. How many times do we hear ‘You can only find salvation though Jesus’ blasting from loudspeakers in our shopping precincts for example (and this applies to many religions, not just Christianity)?

Then we appoint a hierarchy of priests, brothers, sister, elders and so on, who are ‘closer’ to God than we, who we then aspire to follow.

As with many new ways of doing things the old ways may seem less appropriate now. Look at the way selling insurance has changed with telephone and internet services offering customers direct access to the companies concerned. Many insurance sales people found themselves looking for new employment as the whole way of doing business changed.

So it is with finding our God connections, we can choose to

What if there was a service (and there always has been by the way) that offers connection directly to source, that matches you and your own soul journey exactly, that will tune instantly to your requirements? What if you do in fact have a direct line to your own God self?

Well there is a free service available which you call directly through your heart. Why not picture a big telephone in your heart (mine looks like the one in the Batman TV programs, it’s Red and in a glass cover). Pick up the handset, no need to dial, you have a direct line remember?

Now open to receive, to be all that you can be, perhaps you’ll feel the love or source so strongly you’ll wonder how it was you’d forgotten it was there.

Call today – It’s free

Free Love – whatever next?