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What if we do have enough time?

magichandwhatif.gifRecently I’ve been reflecting on how it is I still feel that I do not have enough time, I’m so busy. I started to look at the background of thought that seems to continuously play in my head.

When I’m booking appointments I seem to have a thought that’s saying ‘I’ll put this in my diary but who knows, things have a habit of changing, I may not make it’.

As a consequence my diary and appointments are continuously changing, especially those that I’ve ‘pencilled in’, those that I was not convinced about.

Could it be something to do with my intent, with my conviction? From where I sit it’s clear that the universe delivers faithfully what I’ve asked for, which is chaos. So I decided to observe this in action next time I found myself without time.

Why not take a moment and listen to your background tape, I wonder what messages you are playing?

An amazing example happened a few weeks ago. I had an appointment in Wales and literally had a train to catch. I had left home in plenty of time, I thought, but had forgotten how dense the rush hour traffic had become at that time of day. To make matters worse I kept getting stuck at red lights, and behind the world’s slowest drivers. Each incident added to my anxiety that I would be late and miss the train, there was simply not enough time to park the car, buy a ticket and so on. My back track had started planning my next steps, after I had missed my train, what would I do, phone calls to make and so on.

At this point I let it go, I just offered it up to the universe and said, what will be will be (enter Doris Day).. This did not change the fact that it would appear I did not have enough time, however there was another voice in the background that said ‘trust, be with the moment, go to the station and catch your train’.

I drove into the station car park with 1 minute to go before my train was due to leave, and still the background tape was advising against buying a car park ticket, after all I’d missed my train so what would be the point. Again my inner voice said ‘trust, buy your ticket, catch your train’.

This time I chose to listen to my ‘gut’ feeling rather than the noise, bought my car parking ticket then went into the station to buy my travel ticket.

As I looked at the departure board I noticed with a smile that my train was 10 minutes late, time enough to buy a ticket, get a drink and walk to the platform. I could not have known this ahead of time other than through my intuition.

If we put aside the thoughts that tell us we are subject to time and allow ourselves to be in the moment, everything begins to flow.

There are two key points to this, one is that if we keep thinking we do not have enough time, guess what, we run out of time; time and time again. The other is to listen to our inner guidance and not the noise of our thinking heads. Once we quieten the noise we can hear our guide.

Now it may result on us missing the train after all, there may be someone we need to meet on the next one, so don’t worry, we can never be on the wrong train, we’ll be on the train we are on, nothing more.

What if time is way more flexible than we imagine? Well just imagine time is more flexible and it will be!

With Love,