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What If?

These notes entitled ‘what if?’ were the first 'articles' I started to write, even before The Magic of Being was born. Often I would ask the question to move the conversation into the imagination, to look into the possibility of an idea, a thought, to explore potential.


What if I can channel myself, my God-Self?

magichandwhatif.gifA couple of years ago I wrote this piece about channelling, at the time I was finding ways of communicating with my higher or God self.

Before going into the actual channelling, which I would like to share with you, it might be good to explain how I came this point. Over a number of years I had been working (or should that be playing) in energy with many wonderful lightworkers.

During one journey we met Thoth (my travelling companion identified him, then I tuned in to his frequency). He took us to a room which was very much like a temple with high round pillars, on these pillars were codes which were etched into their surface.

I touched the codes and felt them enter into me, and a deep knowing came in with them. At this point I did not know that I could read them so just accepted them and that all was well.

Very soon after that I was speaking to another friend who said that she has a large number of encoded tablets but as she did not read them had been waiting for someone to come along who could – ‘hey’ I said, ’I read codes’, so she took me to them (in energy, not physically) and helped me read them all in record time (a bit like a download, where I transferred them rather than read them).

So over time I have been dipping into the wisdom within them without actually knowing that is what’s been going on.

A little later I was being asked to speak what was within my deepest soul, my God self, but could not get the words by ‘listening’. I did however see an open book in my mind and walked over to it, and ran my hands over the words or codes within it. That’s when the connection to source happened in words for me, they just flowed once I had the vision of me standing there reading the book.

Then it came to me that now that so much of my God-Self was present would it not be a good idea to start speaking from there as a matter of course. So I asked to speak to myself, as it were, and stepped up to the book…here’s what came through.

Beloved, as we read this from our source book we are, or I am, now so complete, so very much here, installed as you put it.

There is so much more to know and to reveal, now that you have opened this channel. Get used to working in this way from source, this is where all creation takes shape, where you co-create from.

The codes you have been downloading have opened (and are still opening) at key stages of your/our development, each challenge you have faced by holding on to a deep knowing of how this love is to be shared, how natural this sharing is.

As you have said our beloved Gaia has been our guide, our lover, our inspiration. She has always been there to assist and to support us when we wavered or doubted this process.

Now we simply do no know how to exhibit or express the negative or unwanted frequencies or thought patterns. Through our work with St. Germain, Archangel Michael and Sananda we have transmuted, cut away and replaced all unwanted energies.

We are but a microcosm of the whole, which means that as we were cleansed so was the world(s), the multiverse. As above so below.

Our work has been largely unnoticed mentally for many, who would not know our name, yet in love energy we are a beacon, a shining star for others to follow.

The linking of souls, deep and clear, is our passion, being love and sharing all is our natural state. We are one, we are God. Now we are here, we become I.

I love you beyond your understanding even now, where you connect directly to me, where our union is so complete, so much more for you/me to become.

Beloved, keep working and being and enjoy, be happy – replace work with play (you have always played in energy).

Your prayers have been answered, we are one beloved, we are one.

A this point I cry deeply, a blissful wave of love and recognition feeds me.

That’s what I wanted to share with you.

With Love,



What if I trust all is well?

magichandwhatif.gifAs I wait for my PC to download some new software that makes my phone into my PDA, and creates a calendar and contacts list on something that used to be just something I spoke into, I have time to reflect on the download my bodies (the whole of me, physical and light bodies) are experiencing at the moment.

Some time ago I was walking along my favourite stretch of beach when I took a stone from the pebbly shore and decided (with some help) to program it so that it carried a message to the very calm waters, the message would re-program the water to become what it was always intended to be, pure and clear, a supporter of life. Into that message I put the pure peace that now resides in my heart.

This was an amazing experience, really hit the soul as I felt the stone work it’s magic with the water, and felt the river, the sea and then the deepest ocean respond. A clear pure love pulsed through all water everywhere, right back through to source.

I mention this, because from that moment I had been feeling somewhat distant from myself. Something big was also downloading into me. The best place to go at this time is deep in my heart in order to activate this new energy within me.

The following day I had to check with myself that the download was progressing OK, as it felt really strange (a little like the check I just made on my PC software download – half way through and still many megs to go – that’ll teach me to use dial up). I had to stand back and become my ‘observer’ who sees things from a more holistic perspective, and from there I could see my own ‘soulware’ download was registering as ‘progressing normally’.

The big word here was ‘trust’, trust myself enough that all is well, trust that my soul has everything in hand, trust that I can do this with ease, trust that the love I can’t quite get my heart to accommodate yet will download just fine.

So if any of you are feeling a bit disconnected, a little disorientated, or just downright sick, perhaps you have elected to have some of your new ‘soulware’ too, perhaps your download is progressing just fine, and perhaps your soul is managing things perfectly. What if we are all stepping into the new, magically, and with ease? What if we already have?

With Love,



What if your new body has arrived but you didn’t know?

magichandwhatif.gifLast year (2007) my new body arrived – it was during a particularly wonderful energy workshop with two of my favourite souls, when suddenly my child re-activated a part of me that had been switched off at the age of about 5 earth years (a magician), and a brand new body appeared (like a teenager but new, like the new me was born as a teenager).

I felt my new body outside me for a while, like it was waiting for me to ask it to come join me in this body. Being the sort of person who likes to take on a new challenge I could think of nothing better than to have a new part of me merge, so in the wonderful new energy came.

I have been feeling my new body ‘arriving’ more each day, it’s something worth doing if you have not done this yet. First acknowledge that it’s just waiting for you to ask, then each day ask for more to come in. I have found that I can now just think ‘new body’ and there it is, in every cell of my current one, building and weaving and creating a whole new me from the inside out.

So if that were not enough, I then start doing things with this new body, like touching other people with it. What I have found is that if I stand in my new body (and this can be right next to someone or thousands of miles apart –it works the same) and simply reach out and touch another person, I can reach right in and touch their new body (and help pull it in with them). It works better when they are conscious of this, but I’ve also found that it works when they are not (I now use this method whilst healing too).

My explanation for this is that we communicate at a different level when working this way, and all that is required is for the individual concerned to accept the energy (which is obvious, it flows right away) – with or without their brain giving permission (it’s their heart that I’m connecting with, to the source).

So here I am standing in my new body, right next to you. I can see your new body, and touch it, just lightly with my finger, like this. All you need to do is call it in, and there you are, brand new from the inside out.

Now you can go off and start touching your beloveds too, pass it on, it’s the thing to do you know.

With Love,



What if I already am?

magichandwhatif.gifOn the way to the office one day, on a train from Bristol to London in England, I was reading a leadership book which was saying that leadership was entering a new state, where leaders are now coaches, and should expect to inspire their workforce in new and exciting ways. That made me think of my own life and how the changes in energy have been affecting the way I work.

My approach to work has changed considerably, now I look for the soul in everyone, I am continuously trusting and expecting the best in everyone. I expect them to be kind and considerate and to value my work, as I value theirs. It’s working too, I’ve noticed that the people I work with are really wonderful kind people. OK so we do not say things like ‘hey Colin, what was some light you just accessed then, where’d you get that one?’ but the effect of having shared it with them is manifesting, I can see and feel the difference this is making, its tangible.

So in the workplace my energy work is actually becoming more visible, eventually I expect this to break through and we’ll speak of it openly, this web site is one way of doing that.

So the ‘what if I already am?’ is really to say that I am already a light being, being light, and that’s exactly what I’m supposed to be in the moment. If you have an ordinary job and you find mixing soul work a struggle, why not start thinking about why you are where you are. You created the situation, perhaps you are exactly where you are meant to be. I know that as soon as I started to think this way my life became more magical than it had been to date.

An example of how this is working came during a training course recently. I had to split away from our evening meal to take part in a telephone call with another healer and her client, but I just told my workmates I had a conference call to join, nothing more. They assumed it must be for work as we do this kind of thing all the time.

The following day I was asked by two of the ladies there if the call went OK and for some reason I told them what I was doing, and would you know it, they were both healers too and we spent the next few hours talking about energy, healing and such like. Here we were in our normal workplace, sharing these thoughts and energies.... how wonderful is that?

So what if you too are in exactly the right place in the moment, what if you are doing exactly the thing you should be doing, saying the things you should be saying, what if everything you do is perfect in the moment? It’s a thought…

With Love,



What if we are not alone (Part 2)?

magichandwhatif.gifThe week prior to writing this article I no idea what subject I would choose for my ‘What If’ for this edition. Then I watched two programmes on TV that made me realise that more and more information is finding it’s way into our mainstream communication channels than ever before, about subjects that have more science and less supposition that they had before.

That said, even our most eminent scientists such as Professor Stephen Hawking are still looking for answers to their questions, which is kind of reassuring and worrying at the same time. It’s reassuring in that there are still many things that we do not quite understand, and worrying in that when I was taught science at school, it was very much a given, this is how things behave because the scientists say so, a little like our religious teachings.

The first programme was about Stephen Hawking and his life of scientific discovery. I had previously read his more accessible works, the all-time best seller 'A Brief History of Time', and more recently the book that is still topping charts all over the world 'The Universe in a Nutshell'. The thing that stood out for me was that he is still looking, still on a quest for answers, and happy to admit that he may not find them in his lifetime.

The main thrust of his work has been to find a connection between the very large (Galactic) and the very small (Quantum). I’ll not try to explain it here, as it would take too long and I can only just keep it in my head for a short while before it goes again, let alone explain it to someone else. I would recommend reading the Universe in a Nutshell to find out more.

One thing that really amazed me was an example was given by one of the contributors on the program of how much space there is in ‘solid’ things. He took a small sphere out of his pocket and placed it on a table in the Oxford University library, he then took a hair from his head and explained that the sphere represented the nucleus of an atom, that the diameter of his hair would be the relative size of an electron. He then asked how far away did we think the hair would have to be from the sphere to represent the space between an electron and the nucleus of an atom.

He walked to the door of the long library, then out of the door into the corridor, out of the building and then would have to go a further two miles to the outskirts of Oxford to show how much space there was between them. These are inside our regular solid world, so much space it would look like our galaxy(s) if it were on a larger scale. It was the fact that this quantum world did not behave much like our galaxy (or did it?), because it was difficult to pin down exactly what was going on, particles would appear and disappear frequently, often in different places each time, yet these were the fabric of our world, our solid physical world. Perhaps our thoughts really do have an influence on our reality, even our scientists are daring to suggest it.

So how does this link to the question, what if we are not alone?

Well the second program that I saw this week was called ‘Are we alone in the Universe’, and the introduction suggested that the search for alien life is 50 years old, but there's been a break through, a planet has been discovered that could support life.

The program started with the following question ‘ Why do we humans have such a connection to the night sky, the twinkling light that seems like an oasis out there, and yet we are not sure, are there habitable worlds out there?’.

The narrator went on ‘Around the world there are a group of highly intelligent, highly trained scientists who share a surprising belief’.

‘There are a hundred billion stars just in our galaxy, and at least half of them have planets, so that’s a hundred billion planetary systems. How many planets in each system, well we’ve got 8 in ours so lets say 5, so that’s 500 billion planets out there, and bear in mind there are a hundred billion more galaxies’. (thats kind of mind blowing to start with – Colin)

‘For these scientists the vastness of our universe can mean just one thing, the existence of life’.

‘I think you’ve got to be really audacious to think that the Earth is the only place where something interesting is happening, but proving it has not been quite so simple’.

All this just goes to show the obvious for me, if there is infinite space, there must be an infinite number of planets, and therefore an infinite chance of there being other life out there. Our powerful radio telescopes and sophisticated computers are now able to detect these new planets, but as yet we can only surmise that there may be life out there.

I’m absolutely sure there is, but short of taking you to visit them, I think we may just have to go with the latest scientific proof, which is still at the ‘we think there probably is’ stage. That in itself is one step in the right direction though, for how many people are still locked into the thought that we are the only ones here, the only ones with intelligence to be able to think, I wonder?

What if we just open up to the idea we are not alone and see what happens?

With Love,


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