AVE Mother Mary Rose Ray Gift to Humanity
Sunday, December 29, 2013 at 05:29PM
The Magic Of Being

A New Video from Shekina Rose

This video shows Shekina Rose, gifting the channeled AVE Light Language, the Mother Mary Rose Ray Gift to Humanity from Sedona Vortex Light Language Transmission 528Hz Miracles & Transformation. 

This is a Blessing and Transmission of the Angelic Vehicle Expression [AVE] Dispensation for Light Bearers and Humanity for  the Holiday Season and a bridge for the New Earth and New Year.
Shekina asks us to notice the light rays shooting from her hands and body in both videos—physical proof of our new Angelic Crystalline Template and True Essence!  These videos were taken at different locations, different times of day, and with different cameras. Put on full screen when watching this video to see lights.

Mary Angelico gifting AVE ~ Angelic Vehicle Expression, including Comet ISON, Christos and the Rose Ray Mother Mary Transmission for Humanity
~ Designed by Mary Angelico and Shekina Rose 
Mary Angelico  

Shekina Rose

An Interview with Shekina Rose

An Interview with Mary Angelico

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