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An Interview with Mary Angelico

By Colin Whitby

Mary has been on our mailing list since the web site started and this month she wrote to tell me that there was someting in the last edition that really spoke to her. This gave me the opportunity to ask if she would like to contribute herself, and this interview is the result, I hopy you enjoy.

Has Art always played a part in your life?

My mother was an artist, so as far back as I can remember we always had an abundance of art supplies and creative support. My older sister was creative and I also loved to draw. But one specific incident occurred at school when I was about 7 years. I believe this changed art from something outside myself to something more internal. One day my teacher handed me a picture of a frog and asked if I would enlarge it on the chalkboard. I was quite the shy, reserved little girl and I don’t know to this day why she chose me, but I walked tentatively to the front of the class, picked up the chalk, looked at the frog and proceeded to copy and enlarge it as best I could. When I was done and turned to go back to my seat, what stands out as one of those never-to-be forgotten childhood memories, is the feeling that the class was in awe, and someone shouted out "She’s an artist!" By the time I got back to my seat- I knew that I was an artist. At age 13, I received some private instruction in painting an oil portrait. Though the teacher did most of the painting, what few strokes I contributed thrilled me beyond anything I had ever done before. That was the beginning of my lifelong passion for oil painting and portraiture.

At what point did you consider your Art to be a sacred medium of Spirit, and how did this occur?

When I was 17, I had a profound spiritual awakening. Shortly thereafter, I began to be "pursued" by an inner voice that quietly and constantly urged me to take voice lessons. Still being shy as I was, this was not good news! I resisted for quite some time, but finally yielded. After several years of vocal instruction, and what I now know was the beginning of clearing my throat chakra, I began to be pursued by another quiet message: "You could write songs if you wanted to." As painting was my highest and most skilled priority, I didn’t have a great desire for this.

Still, I yielded and began to write and share the music that started to come to me. Though I felt my musical talent was nothing beyond ordinary, and though my recording skill seemed even less ordinary and quite homespun, there seemed to be something else happening- a consistently deep and poignant response from those that I shared the songs with. I began to realize that it was not at all about me, but that I was being used as an instrument and the music was being used as the catalyst for something greater that was flowing through it. I knew that certain kinds of music can take people out of their head and into the heart. That was a given.

But I now began to imagine Spirit and Light coming down from higher realms, condescending to ride these little musical waves that I was creating- and from that vantage point, slipping right in with the music into people’s unsuspecting open hearts. I intuitively felt this was being done to activate the powerful work of transformation. I loved being a part of this mystical covert process and the feeling that it was not I, but something greater flowing through me. I called this "New Music." This continued with much guidance and for many years. Still I had an unfulfilled desire- that somehow my painting could be the medium of Spirit’s choice in the way that it was using the music. I still had a sense of separation between the two. Art was my personal passion, whereas, the music belonged to God.

About five years ago another shift occurred. I was considering upgrading my art training by taking a local community college art course. Right up to the very last day for registration, I felt torn about it for some reason. I decided to check in, asking my inner guidance: "Should I take this community college art class?" Answer: "No." I questioned: "Should I take a class?" A: "Yes." Q: "From what school?" And then the oddest answer came: "The School of the Mystical Arts." I began to scan in my mind about this school with the unusual name. Was it in our area? I had never heard of such a place. A funny, giddy feeling came over me and a suspicion that it might not be located in my town or even on this earth plane, so I asked: "Who is the instructor?" The answer came with finality: "Spirit."

How has working with spirit changed your Art?

Working with spirit has changed everything for me. I sit in silence longer. I listen more deeply. I draw more from prayer and meditation. I receive my inspiration in what I call "downloads" of information and energy prior to beginning and so have more confidence in the process and the outcome. I get to participate in miracles. I believe my work as an artist is more significant now as a spiritual service. I feel it is a part of, but not greater than, anything any other Lightworker may be about at this time of planetary transformation. It has given me a strong confidence, born of experience, that I need not worry so much about talent or skill level, but rather focus on the purity of the internal work which will eventually manifest more beautifully and powerfully in the outward form. It is much more significant to love, to forgive and to clear myself, to open in utter trust to other dimensional help, to be the open door, and to practice holding a strong, focused intention on a spiritual outcome rather than art for art sake. I now consider the mediums of art and music to be catalytic vehicles for transformation. The following verse I wrote describes exactly how it goes.

Pour out the fear...

Empty and trusting...

And I will fill you up

With the fresh flowers

Of my joyous love.

To empty out...

To be refilled...

This pattern of breath

And life

Goes on and on...

And you,

The open vessel,

Will hold all that you

Were ever meant to hold-

And it will be


You also have writing as a creative outlet. Does this also come from spirit?

Yes, absolutely.

From The Heart

I sit in sacred silence
Before the empty page...
Contemplating everything
That brought me to this stage...
Always one for holding tight
The reigns of my control,
Always one for guarding fast
The portals of my soul,
Till you took me on a journey,
Till you shook me upside down,
Till you left me in confusion
Still and wounded on the ground...
Dying to the world I knew
Of cautious carefulness,
You lifted me beyond myself
And showed me how to bless
Everything I feared before,
All my mind can’t know-
How to open up within
And let my feelings go...
And now I feel the thrill and risk
Of living by the heart!
Born anew, a child to you,
God, show me where to start.

You also offer Soul Portraits, what gave you the inspiration to offer this kind of service?

I used to want to paint portraits- period. But as my marriage of spirit and art has deepened, so has my desire to portray not just a physical likeness of people, but to include more aspects of their inner soul and their deeper spiritual journey through life. Part of the work I now do in private commission is to draw out from the heart of my clients their own creative visions and dreams. The process is unique and the possibilities are endless. By helping them take their inner reflection a creative step further, we go into the visual realm of symbol, color, design and portraiture. This personalization becomes a continuation of exploration and discovery for us both, using whatever art medium best reflects their choices. It’s wonderful!

On your web site you feature memorial art, how would you describe that?


I also do a work called "Angel Bridge" which is a memorial art service available for those who have had loved ones pass away. The interesting twist on this work is that I am not to market the business so much from this side of the veil. Those on the other side of the death veil who "commission" me must, through a series of magically synchronistic events, bring their people to me! It’s things like this that make this work so fun and exciting.

A recent addition to this work has been where unexpectedly a personalized song or poem will come through to me during my process of painting for someone. The highlight for me so far, was a song that came through while I was working on a memorial portrait of my own father who had passed away a few years ago, commissioned by my mother.

One morning as I was exercising, I felt a strong musical wave wash over me. This usually indicates that a song is waiting. I stopped what I was doing, picked up paper and pen, and asked: "What is it called?" I heard the words "My Heart." I was touched to the core, realizing that this was from my father, as those two words were loaded with intense meaning. He had struggled with congential heart disease and multiple open heart surgeries throughout his life. He had struggled with emotional issues of the heart. There had been gaps and holes and troubles. He had difficulty with expressions of love. His family had been wounded. The words began to pour in: "My heart didn’t know how to love, to be... Didn’t know how to give what you needed from me. It was broken somehow so long ago... Didn’t know why, but I loved you so." I sensed that this song was for my mother. Then the chorus came in: Sweetheart, forgive me... I’m learning to love a very new way, hoping somehow you’ll feel me today- opening and healed to the core. With open heart, I stand at your door." It was a love song spanning the two worlds. Needless to say, the tears began to flow as a healing blessing came to me and of course, eventually, my father’s sweetheart.

No matter what form it takes, the most essential part of my work is the Divine Light and blessings that permeate, and the healing powers of spirit that flow through these art forms on into the listener or the viewer. It ties me more deeply to a sense of connectedness, to being a part of all, rather than having a frustrated ego thinking it all depends on me and that I am not good enough to hold my own against the more talented "competition" out there. I now know I have my own work and no one can take that away from me. I have a huge back up team for success, AND my definition of success is very different now. I work for the sheer blessing and joy of knowing that through my art people are moved, deepened, touched, blessed and inspired. If it brings beauty, transformation, comfort, healing, peace or joy- I know that this is success.

Mary, what a wonderful thought, thank you so much for your time.

Mary Angelico ~ born February 18 1957, has been drawing and painting almost as far back as she can remember. Developing her talent through a variety of private instruction and local community college courses, she still considers herself primarily self-taught. At age 13 she displayed a talent for portraiture; at 17 she was chosen to compete as a Sterling Scholar in Art, representing her high school in a statewide competition, eventually winning first place and receiving a college scholarship. She majored in Art from 1975-1976. Drawing from a variety of artistic styles and influences, Mary has been most strongly attracted to the work of John Singer Sargent and inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite vision and dedication to noble ideals. Once described as an ‘Illuminist Visionary,’ Mary acknowledges that she now considers Art to be a part of her spiritual practice, a sacred medium of Spirit.

Her work has been featured at the Flying Hare Gallery in Nevada City, CA, and a current show hangs at the Unity Church of Seattle in Seattle, WA.

Open for commission and creative consultation, Mary currently resides in Edmonds, Washington, USA and can be contacted by email or phone at: / (001) 425-648-9192