An Interview with Shekina Rose
Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 01:13PM
The Magic Of Being

By Colin Whitby

Shekina and I were introduced through Mary Angelico, who carries such an amazing connection to Mother Mary, and I believe that is how Shekina and I are connected too. Last month we featured an article by Shekina where she introduced us to the Blue Ray; the article has been getting an amazing number of hits which shows just how interested everyone has been in the subject. I asked Shekina if she would like to share some more of her thoughts in an interview, and if the article is anything to go by, this will be just as popular. I hope you can feel the underlying energy that was running between us during the call, it was simply delightful.

Colin:- Hi Shekina and thank you for taking some time out to speak with us today.

Shekina:- Well it is so powerful today, all the beings have shown up and they are very excited about this, and now I’m very excited and realising just how special this is.

Colin:- On your web site Shekina Speaks you tell of a visit from your Star Family that changed your life, can you tell us a little more about that?

Shekina:-  I came from a very small town in mid west Missouri which was predominantly Catholic where none of this kind of thing was spoken about, not even meditation. So I didn’t really know about mediation at the time, although when I needed to calm myself down I just knew that’s what I had to do, so I had been ‘waking’ for some time.

As soon as I did meditate my star family, who are incredibly beautiful beings of radiant light, came through; at first I thought it might be my own intuition or internal voice but when they started to suggest I get a note book and pen so that I could write down what they were saying, I realised I was becoming a channel for them. 

I had such a hard time learning when I was younger that I really had to rely on something else, I just couldn’t get into the traditional way of learning, so I began to rely on the other dimensions.  So when these guys came in I was so used to accepting other dimensions I already knew I was from the stars.

So the first thing I asked them was ‘Who am I?’. They told me I was a star being from Sirius (which I’d never heard of). I also asked them ‘Why am I here?’, and they said that ‘you are here to help heal the genetic damage of mankind’ (following the fall).

Colin:- One of the things you mention a great deal are the energies from Shekina, the divine feminine. I’ve been connecting to a similar energy that Saleena is calling Sophia, I wonder if it is the same energy, but we are finding different names?

Shekina:-  Absolutely, Sophia is Shekina, is Hathor, is Mother Mary; for me it’s all the same, I think we connect to that particular vibration in the particular way we know her, and how we knew her in the past, which facilitates our connection with the divine. For me I had to go through such a journey, it has been such a transformation from where I was to where I am now. When I went to Arizona I was meditating something like 3 hours a day in the morning, and then all of a sudden the Goddess came, and she told me it was time to connect to the Goddess energy, the priestess energy. Up to that moment I had not heard anything about the Goddess and yet the very next day every single thing and every person I met had something to do with the Goddess. I met a woman who led a group that was all about the Goddess, so I was able to really learn the priestess and the Goddess way. I never really read about any of this up to this point, I always learned from spirit.

Then years later when I moved to Florida the star beings came back and said they needed to talk with me, and when I did Shekina came in, and I had a very powerful experience.

Shekina was a flame with other flames coming out of her that were all the different names of the divine feminine; Sophia, Hathor, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, any other name I had known, and myself.  Where all these flames become one, she said – ‘I am the one flame, Shekina, in alignment with the divine feminine’. She said this is who you are speaking of when you speak of the Goddess.

So from this point I began to really understand that Shekina is the embodiment of the divine feminine and what I personally had to do was to embody her frequency, and that’s what we are all here to do. It has taken me many years to grow into her, and she into me, to absorb this vibration.

Colin:-  Yes it’s very powerful, I can feel her presence as you speak.

Shekina:-  So from then on I found that I needed to be Shekina, not Catherine Marie as I had previously been known.

Colin:- The article we published last month was getting hits even before I had sent out our newsletter, which intrigued me, as did the numbers that were embedded within the text. How did they come about?

Shekina:- I’m in contact with these vibrational numbers all the time and I have been shown that they are the numbers of the archangels and are very sacred, they are the master numbers of the new earth. When I write, or channel, the numbers come through from these higher beings and each has a special vibrational frequency that activates us in specific ways. They are really to remind us of what we are, a kind of déjà vu, they switch us on at exactly the right moment to a level of understanding. It’s another way for the masters to communicate with us.

Colin:- You also talked about the Blue Ray and that is a very powerful energy as well, what can you tell us about the Blue Ray?.

Shekina:- I love the Blue Ray. Until was quite recently, about 2006/2007, I had never heard of it, then I began to feel something that I couldn’t quite understand, and my star family then told me, you are from the Blue Ray. As soon as they said that I knew it to be true, I am from the Blue Ray; from that moment I knew everything about the Blue Ray, and I just had to go write it down.

There are many different rays out there in creation, many different colours, and we each arrive on different rays, different frequencies. There are the Crystals, the Indigos and the Rainbows, and some of us have come in on the Blue Ray. The reason for the Blue Ray is that it brings in the sacred divine feminine and a lot of us have come to bring that frequency to earth.

I have found it so reassuring to know that I am from the Blue Ray, to have it with me, within me, it’s just so comforting, it helps us feel better about who we are. I find it does not limit me or my thinking at all, it’s one of the ‘things’ I am; I sometimes think ‘Wow, I am a Blue Ray too!’. It has also connected me to so many beings of light, for example I wouldn’t be talking to you had it not been for the Blue Ray.

The interesting thing is that all my life I have been wearing pink, yet after the activation I now prefer to wear blue. It’s not that this is what I’m going to be all the time, it’s just that at the moment this is the energy I am representing.

Colin:- I find myself more into Gold, not that I wear Gold or would describe it as a Ray as such, but when I meet someone who is in the Blue energy I find the Gold complements their energy, provides the balance in some way, like Yin and Yang.

Shekina:- Yes I love it when that happens.

(at this point we both felt energies moving and swirling, as if the two colours were mixing and flowing, balancing as we spoke).

Colin:- I really loved the videos you have put on the internet, when I watched and listened I was really impacted by the sounds you were making, especially the frequency you sing and how you speak the language of light, how did that come about?

Shekina:- I feel this is what I am really here for, so the Blue Ray is what connects us so that I can then bring these other elements in. The interesting thing is that until recently I did not sing, ever! When I was out I would not join in Karaoke for example, I’d just say ‘I don’t do singing!’

The connection to sound was something of my soul that started to unfold, like the language of light. When I was in Arizona and New Mexico I’d go to places to be activated, and after one of these profound higher demensional visits I found myself able to speak and sing the language of light, these powerful experiences completely shifted the rest of life.

I was guided to do kind of performances and people would come and listen and would have some amazing experiences, like instant awakenings; they would come with all kinds of problems, and they would leave without them.

So from then on I knew this was right, that this is what I am here to do.

Then when I was in LA I was asked to do a concert and I realised what I really wanted to do was share it with everyone so I put a recording of the performance up on the internet.

When it went on YouTube I was contacted by a Physicist,  who was doing some analysis to check that people were who they said they were, sort of checking up on my recording. I didn’t really worry what he came up with, as far as I was concerned I was on the right path and that was all I needed to know. 

Anyway the Physicist came back to me later and told me they had found that everything I did was related to the Frequencies of God of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies and the Rodin mathematical grid. I didn’t really know much about musical scales but apparently the scales we sing to now were changed some time back so that they were not in harmony of the frequencies of light (to prevent us from connecting directly to God). However  the original frequencies that the Lemurians, the Atlanteans and the Hathors would sing to were these frequencies of light, that were directly connected to God. These are the frequencies I sing, they are the 528 hz, the miracle of love, transformation and DNA Repair.

Colin:- Shekina, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today, it has been a joy and a delight. I’m sure everyone reading will be able to pick up on the energy we have been holding (or flowing) during the interview, simply divine.

Shekina:- Yes indeed, you’re welcome.


Shekina Rose is a Priestess of Shekinah, Divine Messenger and Harmonic Vocalist who sings, tones and chants in the 528Hz Miracle, Love and DNA repair frequencies of the Language of Light. She is the Channel of the Blue Ray Transmissions, and a very powerful yet gentle divine healer, Blue Ray, intuitive, empath, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairvoyant, who facilitates Privates Sessions, Soul Readings, Divine Activations and Sound Performances. 

What is so unique about Shekina's transmissions is she is a direct voice channel for Mother Goddess Shekinah in the language of Light and she is supported by the Angelic star tribes as a vibrational choir of healing frequencies.

"Shekina's voice transmissions" have been analyzed by Physicist Attiqe Choudry who verfies her vocals resonate to the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair} and amazingly 6 other frequencies of:-

639 Hz Connecting/Relationships
417 Hz transmutation Solfagio
741 Hz Consciousness Solfagio Awakening Intuition
1471Hz rodin grid space horizontal
1174Hz (1741Hz) rodin grid space horizontal
339Hz rodin grid vertical of Rodin mathematical grid - Grid of God, that can heal the souls of humans.

Physicist Attiqe Choudry seems to have found hidden information abound in Gods Blue print of Numbers in the voice of Shekina. This sound will enlighten your inner soul and make you healthy. She can easily give you light and peace.

For more information for Readings, Activations and Sound Concert Performances visit, email, Tel: 561-667-4565 US.

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