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Vibrakeys: Keys to our New Cosmology, with Saleena Ki

This month we interview Saleena Kí, who describes herself first as a storyteller, then visionary artist and Star-being, who is currently stationed in Paradise living in Hawaii which is living in breath and water. Saleena and I have been working with each other for many years, yet we live the other side of the Earth to each other. As far as energy is concerned, however, this distance has been no barrier and our journeys together have been many and varied and great fun.

Last month Saleena invited me to share in an exciting project to experience a new Vibrakey; VK37 Sublime Health Project, that she designed with the Arcturians help. This co-creation has opened up an exciting new way of using and interacting with the Vibrakeys which is still unfolding, and next month we explore how this has developed in part 2 of this interview.

Saleena: Aloha every One-der-ous being, I am so happy to be sharing something I am so passionate about! Thank you, Colin, for the opportunity to share some of this amazing energy that has been unfolding around and within me.

First I want to reach inside and open my heart, then invite you and all those reading this, to do the same. Breathe deep and notice what is beautiful around you and in you. Now let’s appreciate each other, for who we each are in this moment. Let’s share some energy and love. Now this is the frequency it is most desirable to share in. To me, this is where the most magic is! This is The Magic of Being together. Since time is an illusion and there is only now, I will feel you and celebrate your uniqueness. Thank you for everything you are contributing to creating this new reality!

Colin: That feels really good Saleena, thank you. Perhaps we can begin our conversation with how you came to design and produce the Vibrakeys.

Saleena: Vibrakeys came into my awareness 11 years ago while I was happily creating a kind of healing art I call The Art of JuiceyLiving that was healing and opening me to a new part of myself and expanding my world. See for this art and story.

I asked a friend to do a reading for me in September of 1998, and together we saw a vision of a new form of art coming through me, although it was puzzling. How could I portray what I saw? I saw this new art HUGE, from the side, seeing energy grid lines running from unseen places in space, through the design and out to connecting points here on Earth. I saw new “never before seen” colors, heard music and pulsing sounds and saw lights and things spinning.Surprisingly, I smelled the most beautiful aromas! My guides assured me if I was patient it would come to me.

In November of 1998,I was guided to attend a Star Knowledge Conference where I met many people who had been in contact with ETs, UFOs or higher dimensional beings. I was astonished by what I encountered there and had fun sharing the art that I had been channelling! Then I attended a Crop Circle presentation where I viewed the most amazing Mandalas made on the earth and in crops without breaking them. There seemed to be a mysterious force creating them. Many of them appeared in England where you live. I was fascinated and it activated something inside me. I had never been interested in sacred geometry before this. Something was activated.

Colin: So at that point you were just beginning to realise there may be some new art expressing itself?

Saleena: I asked how I would begin this new art and my guides said they had so much they could share with us, the best way was to make requests. I did. I felt out of balance one day, so I asked for something to help bring my chakras (energy centers) back into balance. I began to receive guidance that lead to the birth of the new art.They asked me to get out paper and a pen and place a Star Knowledge symbol called the Universal Law of Nature in the center, with a spiral at the top and one of the Mayan Glyphs I had been studying on it, then just relax, let go and “mindlessly” doodle around it, something I have done my whole life.

This is what came out - It is called BVK01 ‘I AM That I AM’.

I felt the balancing effect on me immediately and was very excited, his was really fun! Many of my friends began to make requests. I would write them down on a piece of paper and lay them on my desk. One by one I was inspired how to create them to fulfil the requests, which is how the first 6 were born. Then I began to have some connections opening up to others where psychic messages would come in.

VK08 was first called The Grid, and it was given through the psychic children’s network as a way to help us open to the idea of learning differently. I didn’t really understand much about this at the time, it was mostly ideas that would come into me. Later I guess, when I was more open, I found out who had inspired me and why.

They were all black and white line drawings up to number 10, I wrote the backs by hand and used a copy machine to make the prints, then would laminate each one. These are now known as the Black and White Originals and they are now available as prints. Later I was guided to mirror the image and reverse the colors of the first 10 so there were 20 and these became the reversals.

CVK11 WaterAlive, At the 11th one, WaterAlive, the color started; This was one of the most exciting things I had ever created. It began my romance with water and finished up by “ripening” in the full blue moon light. I find many of these designs or devices come in during certain powerful astrological alignments and certainly I am called to work on them during certain strong energetic times. I had been studying the most leading edge research that had been done on water and I made the request for something that would bring water back to an alive and vital state, something that would support us during our ascension process.

Masuru Emoto wasn’t even popular back then. Water is an amazing key to everything. There is so much information everywhere now about restructured water and how vital and yet mysterious it is. The market is flooded with all kinds of amazing devices and designs that do all kinds of things to water. The central heart of my mission is to assist in the cleansing and evolution of water planet wide and in our internal waters. (That is what my name is about; Saleena=saline, Kí means “from the womb of mother.” I received it in a dream from the most loving beings I had ever encountered yet. Later I found out they were Lyrans, from Lyra).

The Lyrans hosted VK31 PeaceMaker.

This emits the frequencies of home. “LYRA; The general area of the "birth" of the humanoid race. All humanoid races in our galactic family have genetic roots connected to Lyra. It is the symbolic harp upon which the song of humanity is played.” The Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest .

By the time I was on VK20 Bliss Breath / Mer-Ka-Ba /LightBody Activation, I begin to colorize and dimensionalize the first ten and update them. These are now called the Classics.

Colin: What medium did you use for them at this point?

Saleena: At first it was a black fine line marker, then I started using water color markers to color them in….Gold and silver and copper gel pens entered the scene.

Here is CVK01 ‘I AM That I AM’ in color.

For CVK15 Heart-Thymus I began to use a mandala technique with black paper and white color pencil, then covering it over with colors.

You can find this in Judith Cornell’s “MANDALA: Luminous Symbols for Healing.” She introduced me to the idea that you could imbue your art mediums with energy! That really opened me up to a whole new level of reality creation with my art! I also used a kindergarten technique, where you color all over a shiny piece of art paper and then cover the whole thing in black, then scratch away to reveal your expression… wow! I was having so much fun creating!

Colin: So when did you decide to call them Vibrakeys?

Saleena: After I had created a few, I asked what we could call them. They told me that this was all about vibration and someday we would all understand this, so they suggested “Vibra-keys.” It is a perfect name for them. They gave me an image of them all laying out on the floor and showed how anyone could see all these vibrations in one glance.

Colin: Are Vibrakeys static, or do you change them over time?

Saleena: Every Vibrakey seems to go through periodic updates as I and the world around and within me evolves. We just went through a major renovation of everything within the whole Vibrakey system. All of the designs and information have been updated over the last 3 years and many new designs are being offered for the first time on our website. Everything seems to sparkle with the new energies now.

Sometimes, the hosts of a Vibrakey change or step forward and ask me to work with them on bringing a new understanding to a Vibrakey and what it represents. This happened with VK18 Crown-Brain . The Divine Feminine, the Great Cosmic Mothers, the Great Goddesses all ask me to help them bring a new aspect of this key into the light. They explained that it was time to bring the feminine and her ancient sacred knowledge out into the light. It was called Crown-Brain because it helps to harmonize four sections of your brain and brings a balance between the different bodies, physical and energetic. I knew it worked with kundalini and sexual energies. They explained that it was time to bring sacred sexuality into a new energy, to share how vital it is in transforming our bodies at this time. It is now called VK18 Kundalini Rising. That is the short name. They all have longer descriptive names too: Kundalini Rising - Sacred Sexual Energies - Serpentine Power - Dragon’s Nest - Ecstatic States - Strengthen KA Body - Body-Brain Harmonizer - Easy Alpha Trance - Open the Throne of the Crown Chakra. It still does everything it originally did and now more of the deeper aspects of what it is was revealed by the Divine Feminine.

Colin: Your Vibrakeys are so full of light, do you scan the images in or are they produced directly into the computer?

Saleena: VK18 was created during my “romance with dots” time period. I was studying certain indigenous cultures and was fascinated and attracted to the dreamtime art of the Aboriginal people, who hold such a sacred space for us between the dream and the dreamtime. I did the best I could with the art mediums I had, yet when I first scanned my art into the computer, it was so dark! I did my best to bring some more light into it and gradually, as more light came into me, I realized that my visions were much more filled with light and energy than I could portray with the physical art mediums.

This is when I was introduced to the computer and to the magic of programs like Photoshop and Painter. The different versions here arean example of the evolution from the original VK18, to an enhanced version in Photoshop and latest update with new elements added.

I realize now that as I changed and evolved, the Vibrakeys reveal more of their multi-dimensional-ness to me. On our new updated website, , you will be able to view all the Vibrakeys in galleries with all kinds of perspectives.

Here is VK01 with a new name and focus:

VK01 Creation Cosmology / I AM THAT I AM / DNA Activation / Access the Genetic Truth of your Origins

Colin: When did you first start presenting your work on the internet?

Saleena: I created my first websites 8 years ago, with the help of a beloved partner and friend who helped me bring the Vibrakeys from hand written texts and color copies to a more professional production.

Gradually, I was able to do more of the production at home, which gave me a much higher quality control and a longer lasting product using quality paper and archival inks which resist fading for much longer. I am very careful to make sure the colors are just right and the designs show all their details. At this point, I do all the production by hand and at home, so every Vibrakey is created lovingly by one of the co-creators. I imagine we will grow out of that soon enough.

Colin: How would you describe a Vibrakey and its purpose?

Saleena: They are KEYS to activate or unlock your innate potential within. They stimulate and activate your personal encodements which are within your system, re-connecting you to the ONENESS, the Source-Creator that you already are, supporting you to fulfill your soul’s highest purpose and design this life.

They act upon your physical and subtle bodies, at all levels, to help you produce desirable changes as you interact with them either visually or by being in proximity to them.

They are:-

· MAPS to follow for exploration of new territories and ultimately to lead you home.

· PORTALS into a vast barely explored omni (all) dimensional territory.

· Energetic BRIDGES to many new life-forms within the web of life.


And much more! They are full of sacred geometry, keys, codes, light languages, levels and levels of dimensional energies, visual stories, maps and an array of old and new symbols which bridge the past, future and anchor it all into the present moment which is NOW! They are hosted by many different kinds of beings from many dimensions and through using the keys you can begin to meet them. It has been wonderful experiencing such a diverse co-creation and making so many new friends! There are more stories about all this on the website within the backs, the guides and in the new upcoming manuals.


They all work together as a matrix or grid system. Each Key influences the others and they support each other, though each individual Vibrakey works within different themes and vibrational energies. I was once shown this illustration: I saw a box with Vibrakeys on every face, then the box fell open and there were more Vibrakeys on the inner faces, then every face sprung open like the first box and it became dimensional and this action was repeated over and over until, like two mirrors positioned just so, you see they go on forever…not in a linear way. That was a beginning glimpse of the multi-dimensional aspects of these Vibrakeys.


Colin: How do Vibrakeys work, how are they physically presented?

Saleena: The Vibrakeys work on a variety of dimensional levels depending on where your consciousness is and how you choose to engage them. Each one has comprehensive information on the back, including their purpose, channeled messages, mantras, meditations and ceremonies to assist you in their use. The vibrational “art” design on the front and the information on the back are laminated together so you can use them as a durable tool. At this time, I make them all by hand, each one, right from my studio, which is inside an energetic pyramid with an organic ship docked here. That is another story... Since the beginning, songs and mantras have come along with their creation. I sing them over and over, as the songs and tones are part of creating a new reality. I include some of the words and mantras to use with them. I have a dream to record them to share someday.

If you could see all the layers that go into a Vibrakey you might be astonished. One design, VK27 Golden Pyramid has about 30 layers in Photoshop; well I decided open the file and count them to be sure. Actually, it has 238 layers, starting at the pyramids apex moving toward the center, with one of pure gold frequencies, then inverts and repeats 238 more layers to the bottom point. That is 477 layers! I had no idea!

At this time, they are presented in a flat 2D art form. Recently I met a man who has developed a new formula using the spiral in architecture. His work is certainly leading edge and beautiful. He was creating dimensional models and said he thought putting art into the 2D form ruined it. He suggested I make 3D models out of it. I had laid some of the Vibrakeys on the table during our discussion. He was standing talking to me and suddenly he really started looking at one. He put his hand over it and his eyes got wide. He looked so surprised and asked me if I knew that the energy of these designs came from somewhere else? I had to chuckle with him over his discovery. That was a wonderful testimonial of the dimensional nature of these designs!

Colin: Have you had any feedback on your work since you have been presenting the Vibrakeys?

Saleena: Here’s quote I love, from a visionary man, Barry, who received some of the Vibrakeys and really tried them out, following the processes and looking into them and how they interacted with his energies.

“The primary function of the Key (Vibrakey) is as a conduit for higher energies. The form is not as important as what it connects to. This is not to say that the form itself does not resonate certain archetypal energy patterns like merkabahs, chakra colors etc. However, more importantly is that Saleena’s consciousness is open to these higher energies and presences and they simply ground their frequencies as she envisions and then puts brush or other tools to paper. This allows the energies to be encoded. Each Vibrakey is like an icon on a computer. The icon is symbolic and not so important as what is behind the icon, what happens when you click on it and activate the program. So, it is with the Vibrakey. When one brings awareness to it with the intention of receiving its energies you click the icon and download the multidimensional programs… I think it is important to understand that the Vibrakeys are, in a real sense, conduits for living process orchestrated by divine presences that work through the keys. They use the keys as access and energy channelling matrices for evolving the consciousness and energy of the soul opening to them. They are in essence multidimensional holographic, living transformational experiences.”

Barry Martin Snyder see his website:

Colin: I notice you have started grouping some of the Vibrakeys together, and providing more guidance.

Saleena: I am now designing individual manual for each Vibrakey with many more stories and ways to use them. In these I will share more about their creation process and the many other dimensional beings I co-create with. I have many unpublished stories to share.

I am beginning to offer themed sets or kits, such as the K-EP Energetic Pyramid Kit;

This has all the parts and guidance needed to help you set up and activate an energetic pyramid. Its general purpose is to enhance Health and well-being, rejuvenate and immortalize your physical body, enhance and stimulate creativity: arts-writing-music-etc. It is a dimensional space for making Contact, or Shamanic Journeying. It supports you in a clear space for channelling. It is a great to set one up to generate the appropriate energies for Workshops or Conferences. Larger kits are big enough to encompass a Conference or Convention Room. It will enhance your workspace, living, or sleeping space. I have had some amazing adventures in mine! We have three pyramids in our home, one in my art-studio where we have an organic ship growing, one where Marimar works at his computer, and one where we sleep. Each one is set up with different intentions so they are customized to fulfil the unique needs of each environment.

Colin: Yes I have one in my office at home, and it provides a wonderful clear energy that I have now been able to take with me wherever I go. Like you I have been able to access my ship more easily through the pyramid energy (more about our ship project in later bulletins). Do you have other kits?

Saleena: The K-TW Transform your Water Kit includes WA2 RainbowWater-WaterAlive that restructures water resulting in a sweeter taste; silkier texture more satisfying to your physical and energetic bodies! Most people can immediately taste the difference. Just yesterday a woman from Oregon tasted the water and exclaimed how it tastes just like her wonderful water right from the mountains there. She said my water was REALLY good! I just finished a 6 year project, working with an advanced group we call the Ambassadors. They love water and offered us a series of design patterns to bring our water and ourselves to higher states of consciousness. It is called BluWater and is offered in both VK44 BluWater and Red Creation Codes and a powerful small disc called C-RA Rainbow Energy Activator. This is a design that includes many of the best of the Vibrakeys elements and is offered in the K-HC Higher Consciousness Kit. We are planning many more sets to serve particular needs. One man recently asked if we could put together a set for helping when someone is ready to meet their soul mate.

I just put together a full set called S-ALL “Keys to your New Cosmology; One of Everything.” You have a whole set of these keys to play with! Keep watching, more are being created…

Colin: How would someone choose a Vibrakey for themselves?

Saleena: There are several ways. The first is to look through them quickly and see which ones you are immediately and strongly attracted to. Then notice the ones you really don’t like. Both of these contain frequencies that your body can use to support wherever you are in your transformation process. Dowsing or muscle testing is another way. If you are not familiar with the keys, reading the backs, looking for the purpose, theme and what it addresses will give you the information you need to form an understanding of what will best support you. Ask for understanding from your higher self. Ask for assistance from your guides. Be open to your own intuition. These Vibrakeys are “focusers”, they focus your attention on particular themes and aspects of your evolution, remember, it’s all really inside you. They mirror things your soul wants to work on. We have a comprehensive list of things each Vibrakey might assist with on our website.

Remember that you create your own reality by your inner patterns and beliefs. Change yourself and the world around you changes. I believe these Vibrakeys are here to bring new things to your attention. To plant new ideas and help open you up to your higher senses and perceptions. You are becoming a multi-dimensional being. Eventually all this will be in you and you won’t need them.

They Evolve as we Evolve. In fact, having all of them in my life has been quite a ride!

I go through my own unique transformation process as each one forms and gestates, then births into its unique individual form. Of course, as the creator, I have them all. I find that I am attracted to certain ones and I keep them around me, everywhere, sometimes for a long time. Then gradually I notice I am no longer attracted to one or another, so I check to see which ones I am more attracted to and place them around me. Sometimes one that I was done with becomes attractive again… they seem to go in spirals; I come around to them again. They have many levels of you they can address as you progress.

Colin: Where do they all come from and what do you mean by co-creation?

Saleena: In the beginning there was a group I called the “Council” that was always talking to me about the Vibrakeys. One day, Patricia Pereira, the author of the series of books called “Songs of the Arcturians”, asked me who they were? I just knew them by my Council. She said I could ask them to identify themselves. So I did. They said I could call them the StarBand OutReach Council. They said they were made up of many Creatives; artists, scientists, writers, inventors, creators, just like us on Earth. They had so much to offer us and we had to ask. They said they supplied much of the inspiration around the world for things that advance us.

They would introduce me to different beings who would host certain designs. Some you would know and others are new to us. They are here to answer questions and guide me anytime I ask. Much of this is about working and playing together between the dimensions, meeting our forgotten families and friends and together co-creating a new reality structure and experience. We are at a most exciting door which is closing to the old age; some call it the 4th age and opening to the 5th age, a Golden Age. You can read more about this in my latest Spinning-StarS Newz in The Rainbow Connection.”

Occasionally, they make a suggestion, give me an idea or give me a whole design in my mind, like VK26 19.5 Hawai’i Paradise Frequency. One day I was at the beach, walking along the lava. The host being simply dropped a fun idea in my head, then as I responded, dropped the whole intricate and detailed design in… saying that it was a gift from all the nature beings on this Big Island of Hawaii; their gift to us. Later I found Mary Magdalene working with us on it. That happens. The designs are many layers and sometimes several beings host different parts of the design. The whole of creation sometimes aligns so I can have a dynamic experience of the patterns coming in. It seems to move through my body, consciousness and experiences before I can publish one. I interacted with every being in the new mandala that week. It was amazing, including swimming with the two whales! I have since become great friends with the Shark God, Mamakoe, who first gave me this design. He is a portal expert and has taught me some about portal travel. There are many adventures surrounding every Vibrakey from its conception to its birth and it doesn’t stop there. They continue as I use them and explore their dimensions ever more deeply. I will eventually share more of these stories.

Colin: Do you align yourself in any way to the highest good, to make sure they are for our best interests?

Saleena: I have a binding agreement with the universe. I will only work with higher consciousness beings and projects that resonate in love and through the heart. I feel energies that are out of this alignment. They have to align with our goals for a new earth and reality. They must support ascension. I have friends and loved ones who will tell me if the energies are faulty…. I had one turn off, become energetically dead, when activities around it became stressful and we went out of our hearts. We had to work very hard to get it clear and turned back on.

Colin: Where are you going with them from here? How do you envision them assisting us in bringing in a new reality?

Saleena: Three years ago my new partner Marimar and I began to see a whole new way of presenting the Vibrakeys within a much greater vision. Marimar is a visionary who sees the bigger pictures of what is happening. As a researcher and computer software architect he understood early on that we design our own realities. We both were dreaming in a new world in our own ways. We met and found our work weaving together easily. Contact and friendships with higher dimensional beings was familiar to us both. We both feel this is the way we are receiving ideas and support that moves us into a new higher levels of awareness. Life gets sweeter the higher we vibrate. Our vision includes the Vibrakeys as part of a whole new cosmology arising in our world reality As we began to list all the things we wanted to share, we realized we had so much to share with the world during this major shift that we had to organize it into at least 5-6 websites each with a different focus, yet with commonalities in the new emerging cosmology.

We decided to start with the Vibrakeys. We are in the process of updating the Vibrakey website and it is up and running. Keep checking back for our many new ways we will offer support and learning adventures. New designs keep coming. I have over 50 new exciting designs and ideas in the Birthing Chamber gestating. How about a Bliss Generator? Vibrakeys seem to have their own timing. They certainly emerge as a finished product only when they are ready. The greatest challenge has been allowing myself the time to focus on and develop the new ones… with so many projects we are weaving in. I have a number of designs finished and still have to organize all the information for the backs and guides. We offer these as prints until I finish them and they are fully published.

Colin: What makes the Vibrakeys such a timely offering?

Saleena: These Vibrakeys are focusers. They assist in bringing to your attention things that are timely and supportive of your ascension process. When I read what others are receiving, when I feel what is happening all around and inside myself, I know that these keys have been offered to us ahead of time to assist during a very intense of time of shift and change. Some call it the Great Shift. Some call it the end of the world. Some call it the end of a very long cycle of creation… what ever it is... I am grateful personally for the insights and energetic changes I have experienced through prolonged exposure to these amazing keys for transformation. My world has expanded and life in my body is much more pleasant and exciting now. I am grateful for the new friendships and higher dimensional family I have reunited with. Take some time to explore them. Find the ones that resonate the most and give yourself the gift it brings. I hold the vision that they reflect a greater potential that is in each of you and when it is truly in you, you no longer need the outer tools. They reflect your glory-ous-ness, the higher dimensional being you are; the creator god that is in each of you and assist your process of awakening to that knowing and perspective, then encourage you to expand it.

When I was I Palenque, Mexico, I had an encounter with Pacal Votan at his Temple of Inscription. He asked me if I knew what was wrong with this world. He was waving his hands around and seemed agitated. Then he pointed to the sun and somehow brought it into my heart where I saw it interact with some kinds of spiraled codes in the lining of my heart. They popped open and when there were little codes floating around inside my heart… he said now that was where true power came from. Then he said, “When you know who you are and what you are here on earth for… that is where you find your greatest personal power.” That is the bridge I placed into the Vibrakey which is now updated and called VK15 Personal Power – Heart – Thymus

Many Vibrakeys are connected to living energy portals and invite us to take our next steps into a 5th Dimensional and higher way of life.

I want to thank you for sharing time with me and leave you with a perspective:

“My friend Barry Martin was telling me yesterday that he was walking through the woods and suddenly experienced a deep tone which gradually enlarged to become the music of the spheres, engulfing him in a state of rapture and total peaceand a deep knowing that all is well with the world. He felt he had fallen into a crack between the worlds and was seeing the world in its true 5th dimensional form and it was ecstatic beyond measure!” From Uncertainty into Mystery by Kiara Windrider.

Let’s meet there, reunite with our higher dimensional families and participate in an expanded reality where our natural state of being is bliss. Where we live in sustainable harmony with our environment and each other. Where we are ONE, aware of our connection in the web of life. Living in harmony with the tones and flow of the universe, all basics are easily provided and life is focused on loving, sharing, creativity and learning. In this space of love, we do what we most love, what we are most attracted to and we are “whole-y” supported to do so. And so it is…. Aloha.

Colin: Saleena, thanks for spending so much time with us today and sharing your work, it’s been really interesting to find out how your creative process has developed into such a powerful set of vibrational tools.

About Saleena:

“Saleena Ki is a true living alchemist!” “She considers herself a StarSeed and has a knack for working in all Dimensions, Realms, and Timesand Angles of Space. She is here to activate change as a prolific Visionary Artist, Psychic-intuitive Transformation specialist, Meta-physician, Writer, Inventor and Explorer, with numerous skills and deep understanding, which result in creative works. Her works have a deeply healing, activational, transformative effect on those who view them.

She has a shamanic knack for gathering the newest vibrational colors she can bring in from the universe’s palette and then creating art that sparkles with colourful diamonds and gems, crackling with lively energy. She weaves in living elements of life, love, light, fire, earth, air, water, sacred geometry, mathematical formulas, sounds, light codes and light languages. Her art seems to live, breath and dance through the dimensions with a particular kind of vital aliveness. Designed to inspire, entice, activate, raise vibrations, invite and give permission to step fully into life and take it on with ecstatic joy and splendid power, this artwork embodies and fuses Love and Power into one.” Michael Levy, Poet and Author of The Joy of Live Alchemy.

Next Month’s Interview: We continue our conversation with Saleena, this time to explore our work with the VK37 Sublime Health Project.

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