What if we just do it - Now?
Friday, May 29, 2009 at 09:15PM
The Magic Of Being

By Colin Whitby

I am one of those people who recommend books when they impact me the most, when they get into my consciousness and get my energy moving in some way. Sometimes they are books that ask me to go and do something, perhaps some mediations on a subject, maybe go plan something using the tools I have just read about.

The thing is, I often have the best of intentions but then put the book down, and go do something completely different, leaving the book and it’s ideas on the pages, rather than in my life. Why is that I wonder? Well I’m not alone in this, when I interviewed Colin Turner he had just re-written one of his books so that it could be broken down into smaller bites. The reason for this, he said, was that no-one re-read his work, and if we want to really benefit from some of these wonderful books, we do need to go back and use the tools within them, otherwise they stay words in a book.

Another book I read and thought, this is great, I’m going to use this one for sure, was Neil Crofts’ Seven Stages of Authenticity, it was laid out beautifully and completely logically, and it could be picked up and read from any section, in any order. What could be simpler, and I even wrote that I thought this one would be well thumbed when I reviewed it.

So what is it that gets in our way when we know we have been given all the tools, all the information has come to us, all the contacts have been made to move to the next stage, whatever that might be?

In my case it was many things, too many to mention here (oh those lovely clearings!!), however I did want to share with you that today I actually got up and did one of the exercises from the book I have been reading, ‘Mandala – The Art of Creating Future’, by June-Elleni Laine. It just leapt into my head that here was something I really believe in, here is something I know works, so why not go and do it? The answer was simple, what if it works, what then? I would have to take responsibility for the manifestation, and more importantly, I would have to decide what I wanted in the first place.

So what did I choose for my first Mandala, well it’s something I have been ‘choosing’ for some time now, so I just wanted to put my foot firmly on the accelerator, and get on with it. I’ve called it ‘Be Fully Present – Now’, and here it is, rather simple but this is what came through.

I share it now in the hope that you might be inspired to start creating your own reality, knowing that you can, knowing that it’s your choices that make your own world spin magically, just for you (well and the rest of us too, for we are co-creators are we not?). What if we are creators, what if we just do it - now?

With Love,


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