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Seven Stages of Authenticity – Neil Crofts

By Colin Whitby

neilcroftsbook.gifAfter reading the first few pages of Neil’s new book Seven Stages of Authenticity I realised that this was not a book I could read and put down, like so many others, to gather dust on my bookshelf.

There are a number of books on my shelves at home where the authors have recommended activities that I have thought ‘yes a good idea, I’ll try them later’, only to put the book down never to pick it up again. With this book I realise that it is time to actually do the exercises, do the thinking, take the action.

What came out for me immediately was that we do live out of balance, even those of use who have been consciously on our journey for some years. We are asked to question our values, what drives us and find the meaning in our lives, our truth.

The book is divided up into a number of quadrants, which in turn are divided into segments, each with it’s own explanations and ideas. Using the questionnaire at the front of the book I found that I was well on my way on some of the deeper spiritual elements, yet was still at the early stages in the other quadrants.

Whilst reading I was reminded of a course I attended recently where we were taught, or rather encouraged, by a tutor who was himself living authentically. He inspired us by transmitting his vibration, his enthusiasm, his genuine love, which then infected, affected and impacted us all. Everyone on the course came away with a new thought, idea or direction. So it is with Neil’s book.

If you are feeling the need to look for advice or guidance and feel it is time to take action then Neil’s guide offers you some structure. Self awareness for me is a magical journey, but every now and again we all need a little guidance or clarity.

The non-linear approach to Seven Stages is significant too. Each of us will score ourselves differently and so our journey through the book will be unique. To read it end to end would not do it justice for that would be our traditional linear way of behaving. I can see this copy becoming well thumbed as I work through again and again, for once we have completed the first pass what will our route be the second time?


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