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Mandala - The Art Of Creating Future

By June-Elleni Laine


If I told you with very little training and some simple and fun artistic practices, you could create your future on a regular basis, would you believe me?


Well its true and my book Mandala The Art Of Creating Future will show you how, as well as why it works. Art has been in the human consciousness for more than 40,000 years. The caves of our ancient ancestors housed amazing artwork. There for a powerful purpose, not just for décor! Our society in the main has become less familiar with these age-old Shamanic practices in the modern world. However that doesn’t mean that the skill is lost from our psyche.


My vision is to reintroduce art as an accessible tool for manifestation and healing at this important time of change on this planet. I believe we can re-open this door of creative possibility, even for those who don’t feel they are at all creative. By using both inspirational and automatic techniques, I can show you how art and specifically Mandalas can be used to draw out your intentions into physical reality.


Mandala is a Sanskrit word that transliterated means container for energy or spirit. In the book I share feedback and true-life stories of how the Mandalas I have made, have affected people as well as the space where they were placed. In addition evidence that the Mandalas made by workshop participants also have produced some quantifiable results. This is even more important, because it validates the fact that we can all use these tools to manifest our intentions, no matter how artistic we are, or are not!


Art is a way to focus intention for those of us who can only manage short spurts of focus without being distracted; and I am sure you know what I mean! These wonderful moments of focused intent, no matter how short they are drawn into reality using art. These images capture the energy of our intentions and thereby broadcast it back to us constantly. It’s the alchemy of energy!


The Mandalas could be thought of as friends who constantly remind us what we said we wanted to achieve. But, these Mandalas are even closer than a friend, as they are another aspect of yourself; a focused and powerful aspect that transmits the energy until the job is done without being distracted.


It’s a very important part of my vision, to share art in this way and see many people realize ‘how to’ use art in their lives; to have intentions working consciously, subconsciously and even unconsciously while we sleep!


Finally becoming a conscious Mandala yourself, as explained in the final chapter of my book, is truly The Holy Grail of manifestation tools! J



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