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Enlightenment – what is it?

By Karen Leys

karen.jpgI want to begin this article by challenging myself to see where I go with this question, to work with this question with my intellectual mind first, then allow a process to unfold and allow myself to be in this process. I have come back to the beginning of this article and added this paragraph. Now that I have come to an end point at this time with this question, I have just been on another step of my journey to enlightenment. By allowing myself the time to question my perceptions and belief systems to this point, I have been questing!


1. A process of unfolding information, experience, integration to a new level of understanding, through the development of personal will with emotional intelligence? The hero’s journey!
2. A removal of an ingrained belief/ perception that had been created through the individual making choices from belief structures of another’s will and direction?
3. An awakening to a new awareness through a process of :-
  a) confusion – finding oneself lost in belief systems that until that moment had sustained ones interaction with the world
  b) questioning, (questing) - where these ingrained ‘tribal’ systems had come from, separating from the ‘tribal system’ to see which fit and no longer fit
  c) exploring and experiencing new information/skills, developing ones own belief system with the limited emotional security
  d) application of these new skills and information, the experience of alternative outcomes.
4. An instantaneous breakthrough to levels of perception previously veiled from ‘view’.

Enlightenment from my limited experience and understanding contains the whole of who we are, it is an experience that includes the intellectual mind, the emotional aspect of our being and the spiritual nature of the who we are and the physical body. A process of refinement of who we are through a journey, from follower without question to way shower (wise person/sage archetype) with integrity, compassion and fearlessness!

As a subject that has been studied, pondered, debated and explored from many angles for thousands of years I am going to try to keep it as simple, yet as expansive as my experience will enable me. My personal experience of my ‘hero’s journey’ of enlightenment began the moment I began to re-awaken! This moment was my journey of a thousand miles beginning with the first step, I questioned! Enlightenment can only BE once the questioning begins.

Enlightenment is a life long process that yanks us from the deep sleep of ignorance into the waking state of unfoldment, to Oneness, and the chasm between these points being a journey of refinement, a process of alchemy, transforming the mind, the body, the spirit from lead to gold!

A fundamental aspect of enlightenment is the development of Will, personal will that is balanced in its use of Strength (strong will, compassion and integrity), good will and skill (skilful will!). Once the questing person has recognised, honed and developed the aspects of will in their personal life this then evolves into a collective, transpersonal Will.

The development and use of these qualities can assist us in making great changes in this world. We can have all sorts of dreams but without the conscious use of will, these dreams can become nightmares or just fade into nothingness. When we want to make a change in the world we need to use all aspects of will. The first is the consciousness (knowing) that we have the ability to create things, then the skill to rally all we need for its creation, tempered with the insight that we can affect the greater good depending on our intentions and the strength to motivate the manifestation of the objective!

enlightenment.jpgWe are collectively living through an historical time when this awakening process can be seen all around us, the cracking through the darkness into the light can be felt psychically all around us, the earth is screaming with the pains of this birthing process, as are we. Humanity is crying in pain as we transcend from the womb of gestation! The birthing contractions are strong, and we are still pretty much in the darkness of the uterus, but many can see the point of light. At this time it may look dark and bleak, but before the breaking of a new dawn a destruction of the old is a necessary step and this step is where individually the fear can halt us. Fear of change, resistance, avoidance are all relevant and necessary aspects of unfolding, without these stages we would not know things are transforming into new states of being.

The process of enlightenment can be seen symbolically in the cycles of nature. With winter, the period of darkness, of questioning, then on to Spring, the time to see the seeds planted in our autumn time emerge and burst through. At this time we can see the product of our choices from who and where we were previously, do we like what we see emerging, do we even notice what it is? Maybe these are the ‘flowers’ of our choices made through the will of others?

Here, if we are questioning, we have the choice to pull them up and prepare the soil for planting what we do wish to see grow! On the other hand if we have already had a season of pulling up the weeds and preparing the soil then maybe what we are seeing push through the earth are the shoots of the choices we made in our Autumn.

Then comes Summer, now this is the time for fullness of these choices, for them to grow into all they can become. They reach their zenith, become their fullest possibility of evolution at this moment.

The next phase, Autumn, is the phase that we as unfolding beings find the hardest – the time to let the nature of that self quieten, to die back and return to the earth. Mother nature does not fear this dying off, she trusts without question the return of this aspect of herself, the return next season, fuller, stronger & more of its fullest potential!

So I feel enlightenment is being in awareness of the nature of transformation from one state of being to another without fear, and with a trust so unquestionable, the existence of question is no longer perceived.

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The Diamond Doorway Opens : Are you Ready to Pass Through ?

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

cfenn.jpgCelia Fenn must be the most ‘emailed’ author on the internet, I think this article must have reached me through at least 3 different people, more of her articles are copied to me through friends than any other source.

I find her channellings particularly relevant and accurate, and hope that you enjoy this one from Archangel Michael. You will see that the words are similar here to many of the articles in this issue, we are creating our new reality now, so what would you create?




And so it is, dearest Lightworkers, that you stand today at the threshold of the Diamond Doorway. You are about to pass through into the radiant Diamond Light of Infinite Love. Are you Ready? You may not feel so - but we can say that you are indeed! All humanity has made the Collective decision, and so you begin the process.

Dearest Lightworkers - you are the ones who are the pioneers, you take the first steps in consciousness so that All may follow. And so it is that you are now courageously accepting the changes in body, mind and emotions, as you integrate with your I Am presence and become the Human Angel that you are. As you step across the threshold, you allow the manifestation of the Being within you that has been seeking to emerge in the last years of this transformation process.

And, we will say, dearest ones, that you are not simply returning in time to reclaim some lost part of yourself. That work is already complete. You are taking a step forward into the consciousness of Present Infinity, the Now moment, where Past and Present and Future merge as One. And then, you experience the "Becoming" moment, as you Become a New Creation, something that the Earth has not seen before.

This is the unfolding of all Past and Present Potential into the Full Presence of Who You Are now. As we experience this "birthing" moment with you, we celebrate Who You Are Now. And we see you in this way.

You are no longer a Third-dimensional physical being only. You are a glorious Multi-dimensional being of radiant light. You are no longer a lesser and sinful being separated from God, but you are a spark of the Divine Flame of God Source in a human body.

Dearest Ones, can you see how your consciousness has expanded to embrace who you really are? You have spent thousands of years believing that you were separate from the Source or Creator Power, and so you created that separation. And you created also separation from the planet, and from others, and in this distortion of your glorious light you created much violence, and the result was a deep sadness and grief in the Planetary Heart. As many of you return to now to full God or Source Consciousness, you feel the sadness and the grief of your long separation.

All humanity mourns its separation and its broken heart! But know, dearest ones, that yowere never shut out of Paradise except by your own choice. For the Source, the "God Love", lives within each one of you, and it will never cut you off and abandon you. It was indeed your choice to create this experience, and now it is your choice to end this illusion and return to a full consciousness of your God self.

What did you gain by this choice? We see that you have developed individual mental and emotional consciousness, and that the individual consciousness can be aligned with the greater consciousness of Who You Are. Is this not indeed something to celebrate. You are, in the eyes of Spirit, a myriad of perfect Crystal Beings, each one a reflection of the radiance of the Source, each one made in God's "image" of perfection, and each one containing an awareness of itself and its beauty.

And so, as this new creation, a Human Angelic being aware of the God Source within and aware as an individual self-consciousness, you are indeed a "New Creation". But, dearest ones, it is only when you fully embrace your Power as a Creator, and when you embrace your responsibilities as a "Co-Creator" with Spirit and with Others on the Planet, that you will fully enter into your new being as a Human Angel.

We ask you - What will you Create in your new state of Being? Will you seek personal wealth and love only, or will you seek to move into your High Heart and begin to work to create abundance for All and the awareness of Unconditional Love for All? For we say to you, dearest ones, that Abundance is there for All, and that Love is always present. These are the very fabric of Existence and Creation. The extent to which you experience these individually and as a group is determined by your ability to give yourself permission to open your awareness to the blessings of love that surround you at each moment of every day.

In your new state of Multi-dimensional consciousness, you must choose what you will see and what you will create. For, the most important skill of a Human Angel is the exercise of CHOICE in the service of the Light. You are offered choices at every moment, and how you choose will determine the quality of your creations and how you experience them. When you pass through the Diamond Doorway into a Multi-dimensional consciousness, you have agreed to create only from Love. Your choices will be made from and through Love.

This means, dearest souls, that you will live your lives in a new creative paradigm. You will make choices in a new way. You will, perhaps, ask yourself these questions as you create:

Am I creating from and through Unconditional Love for myself and others?
Will my creation bring the highest good for myself and others and the planet?
Am I reacting to others and their creations from individual and personal emotional or mental patterns, or am I responding as a channel for the Love of Source?
Am I ready to surrender to the flow of Love from Spirit and to Trust that my creation will manifest in perfection at the right time?
Am I creating from my Heart in a balanced and loving way?

Dearest ones, if you can keep asking yourselves these questions as you step across the portal into the Diamond Light, you will begin to relax into this new energy and you will begin to find the flow of creative joy in your new Multi-dimensional Being.

And so, we will say to you, that the key to this process of shifting through the doorway, is the Heart. If you can hold your energy in your Heart in a balanced and powerful way, you will have no difficulty in moving into your full potential as a Creator.

For, your Heart is the Creative Matrix for the New Earth. It is from and through your Heart that you will create. It is in co-operation with all the other Hearts on the grid of Love that you will create all that you desire together.

So, we ask you to remember two things. Firstly, that in this new place of the Heart, you will be aware that All is Connected and Inter-connected. You will truly feel and understand that you are all One in the Unconditional Creative Love of Source. You will see others as manifestations of your own self, of your dreams and desires, and you will truly understand how you create together. You will learn to look at the mirror of your creations and to respond with joy and gratitude, for all that you create will be in balance and will fill your Heart with Joy and Gratitude. And, as you create the New Earth together, you will feel such Joy and Gratitude for the Creative Power that lies within your Beloved Heart.

And, secondly, we ask you to remember that you are Infinite and Eternal. You are an Angelic Being of Light and you will never die. You will continue eternally in a process of "Becoming". Becoming All that your "I Am" can be in a process of expressing your full potential as a Being of Light and Love.

So, we say again, what will you create? For, it is only through your creations that you will know yourself. And, as you see what you have created, both as an individual and with others, you can make new choices so that your creations can become richer and more beautiful and more dynamic, and more filled with the radiant beauty of the Diamond Light of Spirit.

And so, you will gain experience and skill as a Creator. And so you will "Become" ever more radiant and beautiful and ever more a reflection of the Divine Light of Source on the Material Plane.

And so, we leave you on this special day, wishing you love and beauty on your Creative Adventure.

© 2007-8 Celia Fenn and Peter Chastikov
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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