An Interview with Damiana Sage Miller
Monday, August 6, 2012 at 08:05PM
The Magic Of Being

By Colin Whitby

Damiana Sage Miller has recently published her book Ambassadors Between Worlds, Intergalactic Gateway to a New Earth, where she channels information from a number of beings from different planets.

I am always fascinated to read this kind of conversation and asked Damiana if she would agree to an interview so we could discover a little more about her technique and explore some of the more controversial material.

Colin:- Hi Damiana, thanks for agreeing to take part in this interview. I’m really interested to know how you came to the point of writing the book, were you channelling information before this?

Damiana:- Hi Colin,Thanks for interviewing me. It’s quite interesting how this book came to be. About a year and half ago I began to question my life. Lost and confused, I turned to daily meditations for answers. Not too long after I started these meditations, I received my first channeling. I was working as a waitress, and one day at work I heard “Welcome, being of the light!” I looked around to see who said it and again I heard “Welcome, being of the light!" I realized the words were in my head so I quickly pulled out a pen and paper to transcribe my first channeling.

That first channeling was signed from “a special friend” from my time in Atlantis. She was welcoming me back and told me that I had been channeling spiritual beings from other worlds for many lifetimes and I could choose to do it in this life as well. After that, I started working frequently with my parents. We would alternate our days with regular meditations, channeled sessions, and third-eye travels. (My second book, Third Eye Awakening, Adventures of a Clairvoyant Traveler, will be published next year.) My very first channelings were from archangels and ascended masters. Shortly after that, I had my first encounter with an extraterrestrial. My father asked him lots of questions.

Every few days, other enlightened extraterrestrials — from Pleiades, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, and LaZarus (a planet in another diimension) — also started speaking through me. I was hooked up to a microphone so we were able to record the sessions. My father asked the questions and my mother transcribed the recordings. It didn’t take us long to realize that these Q and A sessions would make a fascinating book.

Colin:- How did you feel when the beings were speaking through you, could you ‘hear’ what they were saying or were you ‘elsewhere’?

Damiana:- I feel like there are three distinct levels of channeling. The first level is where the channel receives images, concepts, and ideas and it is up to them to decipher the message. The second level is much more direct. The entities are connected to the channel. They are using the channel’s vocabulary and voice, but the message is much more direct and flows through the channel smoothly. The third level, trance channeling, is where the extraterrestrial (or angel) is fully present. They are using the channel’s voice and body by agreement. Right now, I’m at that second level, so I’m partially sharing my vessel although I am somewhat aware of the conversation as it occurs. However, quite often I will read a session from earlier that day and be surprised at the sophistication of the conversation and have no recollection of hearing or saying the message while the channeling took place.

Colin:- Throughout the book your guides mention that they were testing you to see how much energy you could tolerate to make sure you were as pure a channel as possible. How did that feel? Did you find you were growing in confidence as the book progressed?

Damiana:- I definitely feel like my gift developed as the book progressed. The sessions would become longer, the information that I was receiving became more direct, and I was less present in the channelings. In later chapters of the book, some of the information is very specific on topics that I have no knowledge about. For example, at one point in the book the extraterrestrials made the following statement: “Most inhabitants on Earth eat insects. However, for some reason most English-speaking beings on your planet avoid this (and are disgusted by it). But did you know that cattle cost millions of dollars to feed and farm, destroy your planet to raise, and only produce 18 percent protein with 18 percent fat, while insects eat natural food — fruits, vegetables, grass — cost very little to raise, and produce 30 percent protein and only 6 percent fat?” After this channeling session, I did a google search and was astounded to discover that these numbers are correct.

When I start to channel, I feel a strong pressure between my third eye (above my nose) and crown chakra (on top of my head). It feels like I have a little cap on that spot. Sometimes, though, I feel really strong energy throughout my body like they are preparing me or testing me for the third level of channeling. I think that with time I will leave my body and allow them to speak directly through me. They tell me that my third eye travels, where I am already having out-of-body experiences exploring other planets and dimensions, are preparing me for this next level of channeling. I appreciate that my guides are constantly pushing my limits because they know that I want to relay the most pure information.

Colin:- Your father posed the questions during the channelling sessions, did you find having this kind of support from your parents helped you develop your gifts?  (Damiana’s Mum Susanne Miller contributed two channeled interviews to The Magic of Being: Gene Roddenberry and Cleopatra)

Damiana:- Absolutely! I’m lucky to have such a strong relationship with both of my parents. Not only do they accept my unique calling, but they also work with me each day to develop it.

Colin:- One of the most controversial parts of the book is where your channels talk about how Jesus used a doppelganger to stand in for him on the cross. Your father asked for clarification a number of times and the story did not change, which was interesting. Why do you think this information came through now, when so many other channellings in the past have not mentioned it?

Damiana:-  We were very weary about putting that information in the book, but every time we discussed it with our guides they insisted that is was true. I don’t know whether that really happened or not but I think it’s certainly possible. The guides are very clear in the book that they do not wish to change anyone’s belief systems. However, they don’t want to deny us truths as they perceive them. I think we are coming up to a new period in time where we need to question everything, including our most cherished beliefs.  Perhaps people are using the concept that Jesus died on the cross for our sins as an excuse not to take responsibility for their own actions. The extraterrestrials are seeing where humanity stands on a number of different topics and slowly releasing new information that will push the envelope — and people’s buttons — helping us to grow.

Colin:- Did some of the answers to the questions about religion challenge your own beliefs or did you find them reassuring?

Damiana:- When my father asked the extraterrestrials to give their brief impressions of our major religions, they were honest but non-judgmental. The extraterrestrials are so loving and compassionate that their approach to sensitive topics like religion really made me appreciate the many similarities that our Earth religions share. I think that my true “religion” even before I started channeling was a belief in universal love, so I was not surprised or offended by their answers. I hope others are not offended as well.

Colin:- The explanation about past lives advised that we are all living in the now, and that past, present and future are all taking place at once. So our past lives, as well as our future ones, are currently being experienced by our souls. Was this something new to you and your father or did this just serve to confirm what you already felt?

Damiana:-  The concept of time has always mesmerized me, especially how it seems much more conceptual than concrete. I have often thought about time, trying to wrap my head around it: What exactly is time? Why does it appear faster when we’re having fun and slower when we’re doing things we don’t enjoy? What is the relationship between time and space? However, when the extraterrestrials said that everything is happening in the infinite “Now,” and that time as we understand it only exists in the third dimension, it was new to me, yet it made sense. When I travel with my third eye, I don’t have limitations of time and space. I can instantly travel anywhere in the universe, and I can go “back” in time to my past lives in Atlantis (or on other planets) or “forward” in time to events that haven’t happened yet in my third dimensional reality.

I also recently discovered that physicists are baffled by their mathematical formula for time because it shows that time should be able to move backwards just as easily as we perceive it moving forward. In my book, the extraterrestrials explain how they can fold time and space allowing them to travel great distances almost instantly. They also say, “Several things are just being. They don’t exist in any past or present form. They are just existing — as is God, your higher Self, time, love, and karma. They are not going anywhere. They are not coming from anywhere. They just are. They always will be.” These ideas were also new to me (and my father) although now they seem as natural to both of us as the hours of a day seem real to most people.

Colin:- Thanks so much for spending some time with us today Damiana, I’ve really enjoyed our conversation and wish you every success with this and your next book.

Damiana Sage Miller is an internationally renowned spiritual channel, an ambassador for enlightened beings in other worlds. She communicates with benevolent extraterrestrials from advanced civilizations. She also receives messages from angels, archangels, and other beings of Light, sharing their messages of love and hope. Damiana is the author of Ambassadors Between Worlds, Intergalactic Gateway to a New Earth (New Atlantean Press, 2012). For more information, visit:

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