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Atlantis and Lemuria (Excerpt from Ambassadors Between Worlds)

by Damiana Sage Miller

Imagine that you were visited by wise and compassionate beings from other dimensions. These celestial teachers represent humanity’s future. They can answer all of your questions about life and death, good and evil, free will and fate. What would you ask?

Imagine that you are an ambassador between worlds. Your message will teach universal laws, raise consciousness and inspire hope. It could also save humanity from global warming and other problems on the Earth. How would you share this message with others?

 “We wish to empower humanity and aid your planet, help give you the confidence to go forth and create the civilization you wish to live in.”

—Council of Intergalactic Relations

Look out for our interview with Damiana coming soon, in the meantime here is an excerpt from her new book:-

Adam, a Pleiadian Extraterrestrial Speaks

For the last few decades your society has been riding a wave of technology, drifting along into the future with this concept that technology will bring more ideas and profit. It’s time to realize that without the basics, without a good grasp of what is truly important to humanity at a root level, it all becomes fluff without filling. It’s time to realize that growth and balance are needed throughout your culture, developing from the inside out basic, seemingly simplistic concepts: love, compassion, and understanding for your brother and sister. These basic ideas are lost every day, replaced by monetary greed and corruption — silly concepts that have no true potency.

You will influence change by changing your concepts within yourself, always coming from love and the heart chakra, creating balance from root to crown, making sure all of who you are is complete. Then you will influence those around you.

May I answer some questions this evening? It is I, Adam.

Yes, Hi Adam. It’s very interesting that you brought up technology as one of today’s topics because my first set of questions is about Atlantis. Please discuss earlier human civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis.

Lemuria settled before Atlantis and was quite expansive, extending all the way from your Australian-Oceanic area today through India, Africa, and all the way to your Hawaiian Islands on the other end. There were many sister islands as well. Lemuria was a spiritual-based civilization that mostly consisted of beings with celestial bodies, although they could physicalize themselves if they chose to. They were in the fourth dimension and did not have this restraint of time placed upon them. Technology, while advancing, was not one of their prime gifts. They led with love and compassion and were ever pondering their existence, as they were rather philosophical and eager to understand energy and magic. Over time, sister or daughter civilizations developed from Lemuria. Atlantis, rooting from Lemuria, developed and became even more advanced and prevalent than Lemuria, and Lemuria began to shrink away.

Atlantis, eager and excited for new technology, developed at a rapid rate. They had connections with many extraterrestrials and exchanged different concepts and ideas for extraterrestrial technology and space travel. While still very spiritual, they had now become much more physical in their bodies. Although their bodies were different than today’s, they were similar in many ways as well. They had government and many of the different concepts that you are developing today; they were well rounded and quite advanced. However, Atlanteans were advancing too quickly for their own good and ended up destroying themselves from their use of technology before they were ready for it. Electromagnetic energy caused a massive earthquake and flood, and Atlantis sank beneath the ocean. Many of the survivors were clones of original inhabitants.

Was there more than one Atlantean civilization?

Atlantis was spread out all across where your Atlantic Ocean is today — between the east coast of America and part of Africa. This was part of Lemuria at one time and then developed into Atlantis. There were several different civilizations over an expansive amount of time, thousands and thousands of years. There were three distinct growths that can be easily identified. 

What were the high points of the Atlantean civilization?

They were extremely technologically advanced and were very eager to move ahead. They were also interactive with many different extraterrestrial life forms. A lot of spiritual development took place.

Besides the Great Flood, describe some of the low points of the Atlantean civilization?

They were moving ahead too fast without thinking of the consequences. They were too eager to advance and did not take time to think about what they were doing. They were also eager to push aside Lemuria and other civilizations — to be the top civilization at the time — and were getting too greedy and far from basic concepts of love and compassion.

Did the Egyptian civilization exist side-by-side with the Atlantean civilization or did it get started after Atlantis sunk into the ocean?

Egyptian civilization was one of the daughter civilizations of Lemuria existing at the same time as Atlantis. It was much smaller and did not develop as quickly as Atlantis did at the time, but ended up prevailing in the end.

Did Noah really build an ark and repopulate the planet when the Great Flood occurred?

The story of Noah is a lovely archetype for the repopulation of your planet. There were many beings who survived, taking many animals with them. But a distinct person who took two of every animal and repopulated the Earth is more of a story that incorporated the many people who survived the flood.

Did you say that the Atlanteans destroyed themselves with some sort of an electromagnetic accident or electromagnetic problem?

They got too consumed with their technology and power. The energy they were using from the Earth, combined with their extraterrestrial technology, created an earthquake that started the Great Flood, destroying and electrocuting their civilization.

Is that a possibility for our present civilization if we eventually develop, as Naor suggests, this idea of extracting energy from the electromagnetic fields of the Earth?

There are always possibilities to repeat the past. However, we hope that you’ll be at a more advanced spiritual state of mind — a higher collective consciousness — eager to help your planet when discoveries about the potential of the Earth’s energy are found. Right now, you are destroying your planet in different ways.

Are some of the people who are living in the United States today reincarnated Atlanteans?

Many are. They’re all over the world, but there is a great majority reincarnated in America. Many have fallen into their old ways, but others are eager to work out their karma and create change for a better future.

Copyright © 2012, Damiana Sage Miller

Damiana Sage Miller is an internationally renowned spiritual channel, an ambassador for enlightened beings in other worlds. She communicates with benevolent extraterrestrials from advanced civilizations. She also receives messages from angels, archangels, and other beings of Light, sharing their messages of love and hope. Damiana is the author of Ambassadors Between Worlds, Intergalactic Gateway to a New Earth (New Atlantean Press, 2012). For more information,