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The Field Of Wonder

By Tara Khandro

Let the Beauty you love be what you do.  Rumi

In the Balinese language there is no word for ‘art’, and yet the culture is affluent in diverse artful expressions.  How can this be? Perhaps it is because the Balinese naturally understand that each of us is an expression, a creation of the unlimited, creative power that birthed the Cosmos.  

The Balinese create their paintings, carvings, sculptures, dances, puppet plays and music as gifts to honor   the Source of All that Is. This Shimmering Luminosity created everything from stars to ants so it could more intimately experience itself. What an imagination!  Each time we write a poem, paint a painting, or create a flower arrangement we are giving birth   to the divine in matter.   And when we see and feel our creation we more fully experience our luminous beauty, as well as those hidden aspects revealed by the Light.

I hear many people say “I am God. I am the creator of my life.” I do not say I am God, for I am not that All Pervading, Ever-Present, Eternally-Enduring Light Consciousness that imagined, created and breathed life into the forms of humans, ants, stars and planets. If we experience this Great Creator as the Sun, then I am a ray of this eternal Love-Light. As a ray I am not separate, yet distinct. I am innately endowed with the creative power that births stars, yet I am not the Source. In order for a light bulb to shine, it must be plugged into a socket and that socket is wired to the Source that provides electricity. When each of us ‘wakes up’ the lamp shade has been taken off and the light switch turned on.  When we wake up from our slave sleep we begin to experience that we are not form, rather light that has taken form. We are ‘turned on’ and we are connected to the Great Electric Company that fuels all life.  We stand as a light bulb yet there is an energetic cord connecting us to God-Source. In this way we become conscious that we are One with All That Is.  

Now that we are plugged into Source we can relax as we begin to discover that 'it’s not up to me'.  Our only job is to surrender to this Love-Light current, and commit to watching those thoughts and beliefs that obstruct the Flow. Yes, 'I create my life', yet how many of us truly create our life? The majority of us are 'making our lives'. How many times a day do you hear yourself or friends say: 'I want to make money?' Well, go ahead. Get a copier, put in a bill, copy the bill and voila! You just made money. We are not mediums of money, paintings, music or words. We are mediums to let that current from the Great Electrical Company Flow through us and move us into creative action.

Once we are in Flow we remember that we are not the one creating. Seeking, striving and seriousness cease. These are replaced by Grace, ease and play. We become the curious child who lives in the wiley wonder of the wow of now. We marvel at the smell of dog poop and wonder how the duck got its quack. All is possible. There are no limits. We perceive the world through the eyes of the Child of God who is IAM THAT IAM and that each of us Be. In this state of Wonder we are able to author our lives from the authenticity of our innate  Authority. We are playing with life.

To live in this Flowing Field of Wonder means that we must dive into the dungeon of our hearts and listen to the wounded inner child who seeks security in outside forms. If we are to live into our planetary potential for Unity Consciousness it is imperative that we engage those aspects of ourselves that pummel us with self-hatred. When we gaze upon the fear, the belief in scarcity, the feeling of abandonment, and the battered wounds we are afraid to call forth with wonder, we expand. We are embraced by the Original Wonder that asked: ‘Hm, I wonder what it would feel like to be a bee?'. When embraced with Wonder we are free to feel contained within the vast protection of an All-Pervading Love. Each time we take this inner child by the hand, we emerge to live as the consciously mature divine Christ child we Be.

When we trust, we begin to live as the lilies in the field:

Why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They don’t toil, neither do they spin. (Mathew 6:28)

When we begin to explore in this field of wonder we experience Knowing. Knowing is an expanded grounded total body feeling. The mind is empty of thoughts. In this Field of Wonder we explore each moment with curiosity. Curiosity guides us to allow all to be just as it is no matter what it is. When we allow we are able to witness the moments in which we are catalyzed to react  from an unfelt or fully realized past experience or project into the future of what we ‘think’ and ‘should’ be doing/making.  Residing in this Field of Wonder, there is nothing to do except to surrender to Love. 

When you make this commitment and devotedly watch when your mind moves into ‘making mode’ you fertilize Presence. As Presence grows we become more present, living in the here and now. In the present moment you trust that Love will move you to act-whether it is to pay the electric bill, meet a person, find food or write an-in perfect timing.

In playful celebration of All That Is,

Tara Khandro ©2012

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