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The World of Energy

by Soleira Green

I love the world of Energy.  Through its doorway Life comes alive and the sourceful, creational power inherent in our thriving cosmos is ours to engage with. The world of Energy offers us the freedom to access the multiple levels of understanding inherent in all happenstance.  Things make sense in this world as we're no longer buffetted about by daily existence, befuddled by hidden potential.  In the world of Energy, potential is a thing of wonder shimmering for all with energetic eyes to see.

There's a beauty to Life here -- with choices you're given the grace to freely choose, without the weight of heavy emotions flooding your senses and your will.

There's a delight to the thrills of creation as Life surges through you, offering up the genius of new possibility for you to make real.

There's a relationship to the brilliant sentiency inherent in the depths of all living things.  Deep, rich communication with all Life is there for the asking and rich meaning applies to the making of your life and its impact on our world.

Legends, myth and greatness stir you in this world -- taking the mundane into the magical and the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Here a new kind of Life power offers you its hand to quicken Life -- to bring alive that which waits to spring forth for a vibrant and glorious world.   The cosmos sings its song of wonder for us if we open our energetic ears to listen.

In the world of Energy, everyone walks connected -- to their full true self, alive with the passions of their making -- to all of Life as it thrives and pulses through them.

In the world of Energy, we understand the potential that Life is offering us and we are free to master its wonders.  We learn to be sources of Life, taking the human race, the Earth and our cosmos to places and spaces that are stirred by imagining and lit by creation.

The world of Energy is the place where all things make perfect sense, where the vibrant, alivening power to exhilarate Life is available to all and where the future of the human race waits to be shaped with energetic craftsman's hands.

In the sourceful, creational world of Energy ...

*  limitless energy technologies and techniques will flood the planet,

*  kindness and connection will soar,

*  businesses will orient to their true purpose of making life better for all,

*  leaders will step into greatness, learning how to generate a better future, leaving legacies of brilliant creation behind them, and

*  people the world over will thrive in wild organic abundance and genius creations.

I love the world of Energy.  It enriches my life and gives me brilliant connection to magnificent people and otherworldly moments of wonder and delight.  Today, as we stand smack dab in the middle of the prophesised 2012, it's time for the world at large to immerse itself in the world of limitless energy, thriving potential and unprecedented creation.   Because here a future awaits us that is breathtaking beyond compare. 

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