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The Sacred Shift to Cooperation and Co-creation

By Hunt Henion

Welcome to the age of unity and the army of the one heart!

Gone are the days when we could ignore the suffering of others as not our concern. Rising consciousness is pulling people out of their private meditations and into a place of sincerely caring about those around them. Everywhere, people are supporting others with hope and inspiration, and it's beginning to transform the world!

This sacred shift has the power to renew all kinds of relationships, heal all sorts of misunderstandings. As individual concerns are shared openly, understanding flows between hearts, uniting them in one purpose and the one overriding understanding of love and support of each other.

When we care about others as much as ourselves, fear fades, anger is replaced with appreciation; and all those suffering souls, who struggle to endure their isolated lives, are joined in one room where we celebrate the salvation of support and sharing.

The basics of this divine shift are so simple! It just requires a little faith and effort. Someone has to start it, but when support for others starts flowing, it's reciprocated and revitalizes our ambitions. Also, when genuine concern is given freely, it multiplies our motivation, as we move effortlessly with gratitude in a world that is suddenly filled with grace. That's what oneness feels like!

So, this sacred shift is also our secret to peace and prosperity – the end of all suffering! It brings joy and the knowledge that all is well because we are NOT alone! Knowing that frees us from our pain and empowers us to continue our deep caring and support of others.

This attracts the closeness and appreciation we all need, and once in a close relationship, it provides the motivation to continue when things get tough, keeping commitment strong, so joy and satisfaction is complete and constantly growing. This iron-clad unity, brought on through sincere caring, sharing, and support is therefore also our secret to infinite progress, with no serious set-backs “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Heaven has been just a dream for so long!  However, when the heart is happy and love is flowing, anything is possible! When we witness the caring and goodness of the creator in another person, the sacred shift has just occurred, and we're uplifted.

When we know that we're being honored with the constant support of a friend, we are one with the Creator's love. And when we can dependably offer that support to others, we've made the sacred shift!

Knowing that we are not alone, and that we are cared for and supported, is what helps us take the next step forward in our lives. It makes it easier to take on our challenges with courage and to reach out to others with even more heart-felt support. This lightens everyone’s load, making the learning of lessons easier, and shifts the overall lesson from ways to endure... to the ways of love.

The lesson of this sacred shift has the power to transform the waring world by bringing peace through the grass roots of civilizaton one troubled soul at a time.

When we can shift our attention away from the divisive issues at hand to the heart of the humans in front of us, prejudices vanish, religious hatred disappears, the disparity between the rich and poor finds balance, suffering is replaced with joy, and heaven is truly at hand.

Caring and sharing saves lives – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Uniting body, mind and spirit around projects dedicated to unite other bodies, minds and spirits into one great, heart-felt support group IS the Apocalypse, the revelation that will shift our world into the prophesied Golden Age.

Acting as One is a powerful statement that will ensure the highest good of all. Cooperating in our efforts bonds us to the goal and to each other. And that bond to each other is a happy reminder that our goal of mutual support is being achieved.

Finding ways to care and support others is what The Sacred Shift is all about. Increasing communication and cooperation increases the divine reward of love. It multiplies satisfaction for all and has the power to bring deep peace to Earth for ever and ever.


In loving support,


PS: The Sacred Shift book may not be essential, but this message about how caring and sharing can transform the world is. Please help by passing it on.