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The Sacred Shift: Co-Creating Your Future 

Are you prepared for the coming Shift of 2012?

May 2012 sees the launch of the Kindle version of The Sacred Shift: Co-Creating Your Future, a book that I was delighted to have been invited to contribute. In our first book 2012: Creating Your own Shift, myself and a group of authors looked at how we might prepare for the changes that 2012 might bring, and one thing on which we agreed; 2012 will mark an initiation into a completely new consciousness and a divinely ordained new beginning for our world.

This time we look at what the coming shift might mean, but also what we can do to make our own unique contribution to what is already a quite stunning year. The revelation of unity and a renaissance of caring and sharing is quietly transforming our world!

Not only does this amazing book put the Shift into perspective, it shares secrets about protecting the potential of our children and posterity. If you wonder what will happen at the end of this year - Doomsday or Rebirth - then you'll want to discover the simple, economic ways to bring prosperity and peace down to Earth. 

This book is compiled for anyone who ever wondered how God could possibly turn what we have today into the prophesied Golden Age. It shows exactly how we're going to get from here to there, co-creating with family, community, and God.

The Authors include:-

Adele Ryan McDowell, Adolphina Shephard, Alan Wilson, Alanna Hartzog, Anrita Melchizedek, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bob Altzar Djurdjevic, Colleen Engel-Brown, Cynthia Sue Larson, Dale Ironson PhD, Dave Stratman, Debra Hosseini, Diana Cooper, E. Dee Conrad, Edward Miller, Elizabeth J. Foley, Humanity's Team, Hunt Henion, John Spritzler, Judith Ray, Judith Stone, Linda Martella-Whitsett, Lou Bognon, Michelle Payton, Nina Meyerhof, Oren Cohen, Patti Cote-Robles, Rabbi Michael Laitman, Rhonda Smith, Sharon K. Richards, Sophie Rose, Steve Bhaerman, Sylvia Kläre, Uriel Light, Wayne Peterson Wendell Fitzgerald and myself Colin Whitby

"In this anthology, views and suggestions come together from a staggering spectrum of diverse and deep thinkers. The Sacred Shift provides help to understand the possibilities for the new-stage "cross over generation" and considers the future in terms of what we can do."

~Eileen Howarth, management executive, educator, author, and Reiki Master, Auckland, New Zealand

‚Äč“In this time of rapid change and increasing uncertainties that humanity is experiencing, it is assuring to find a book that provides us with a cosmic road map through the next couple of decades. What is most valuable about the enlightening essays in The Sacred Shift: Co-Creating Your Future is the continuum of uplifting ideas and good, solid, practical advice given to the readers who are seeking understanding of the unprecedented shift of the ages that we are in the midst of. Highly recommended reading for those who are looking to evolve consciously during these exciting times”.

~ Louise Olivi, M.S. Metaphysical counselor/teacher, past life therapist, New Haven, CT

The Sacred Shift: Co-Creating Your Future is another inspired anthology that has been expertly brought together by Hunt Henion. For me the strength in any work that strives to explore such a diverse and interesting subject is the variety of points of view that this book brings. There may be many different perspectives, but the message is very familiar, ‘Now it is time for us to come together as the unified Family of Humanity we truly are to co-create a Renaissance of Love on Earth’.

This book lets you explore the possibilities that lay ahead for mankind - don't miss it. And when you buy the book, you'll receive dozens of great bonus - for the price of a Kindle book! Download yours today.

And if you don't have a Kindle, you can download a FREE program to read this amazing anthology on your PC here (or your Mac here.) and don't forget you can read Kindle books on your iPad or Android Pad too.

The paperback is also available in the UK via Amazon.

With Love,