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A Channeled Interview with Gene Roddenberry

By Susanne Beth Miller 

Gene Roddenberry

(Born: August 19, 1921 – Died: October 24, 1991)

Date of Interview: October 2010

The popular science fiction show Star Trek has been, and still is, enjoyed by millions of people. It allows us to see beyond the confines of earth's atmosphere. The creator of this innovative production was Gene Roddenberry, a multi-faceted visionary who had many encounters of his own while occupying a body here on earth. His legacy lives on in spinoffs of the original program, as well as at conventions that convene to honor both this man and his ideas. What a delight to hear what he has to say now that he is experiencing some of the realms he introduced to so many people. 

Susanne Miller: Welcome, Mr. Roddenberry. We have many topics of interest to discuss. First, I would like to know how your current experiences compare with the perceived experiences you had while occupying your earth body. 

Gene Roddenberry: I am pleased to be here today considering where I have been and where I continue to go. I would like to clarify some misconceptions about my work upon the planet and my association with Star Trek. I am possibly being presumptuous in assuming that when you refer to my “perceived experiences,” you are suggesting that I was operating from a world—my world―of imagination. This was not the case. I was in constant contact with my guides, through various channels and my own meditative practices, receiving direct information that was necessary to open up the hearts and minds of others on the planet. In other words, there are truly many beings in other realms and planes that we coexist with, but do not recognize due to our ignorance, fear, and total conviction of egocentricity. I knew that it was my mission to expose these truths; I chose television to be my main medium for this purpose. 

SM: Were all of the Star Trek stories, and its sequels, true accounts of life outside the earth experience? 

GR: Actually, my writers and I, with some collaboration from the actors, recognized that the information I was privy to had to be simplified somewhat, lest its full magnitude prove to be overwhelming to most people. Our task was to present the material in such a way that maintained a balance between shock and the need to expand awareness in order for humanity to evolve. 

SM: I have to say that looking back at the original Star Trek television programs, they seem pretty tame. 

GR: Then I was able to accomplish my assignment, thank you. I knew that it was essential to incorporate as much humor as possible in relaying the, ahem, data. The foundation of any evolvement is enhanced through love, awareness, and humor. I began receiving my knowledge of a far more expansive universe at an early age. My mother used to tell me stories of beings from other planets and how there was nothing to fear about this information. I also learned, early on, that to share this knowledge straightforward struck fear in many people who then ridiculed these beliefs. 

SM: Were you, your mother, or both, personally visited by these beings? If so, can you describe to us one of these encounters? 

GR: My mother had firsthand experiences with benevolent space brothers and sisters. They began to visit her when she was a teenager. She started telling me about these beings ever since I could remember. I used to dream about meeting them and wondered when I would get the chance. Because of my mother's experiences, I was looking forward to associating with these beings from other realms. I got my chance when I was around nine years old. Just before falling asleep one night, I was visited by a magnificent being. A wonderful, calming light filled not only my room, but my essence as well. Remembering the experience fills me with such joy even now. He spoke to me at length and assured me that he would return, in person, from time to time. This promise was kept. Over the years, it was disclosed to me that I was among a select few who knew of their existence. I was told that sometime in the future humankind from earth would travel great distances in space aboard aircraft that would house hundreds of people who would maintain moral principles in other realms. Sound familiar? 

SM: Yes, of course. Are you pleased with the way your creation continues to evolve, even after your physical death? 

GR: Yes. I am aware from the response that the original show evoked, then on to the Next Generation, movies, and so forth, that a chord is being kept alive. I am able to oversee many productions, even today, by offering my thoughts to the fine people who continue working on each Star Trek-themed creation. 

SM: How have the years affected the content of each new “enterprise.” 

GR: When I was physically associated with the show, we had to comply with censors who had advertisers’ concerns uppermost in their priorities. Consequently, some crucial information was left out. My wish would have been to convey man's spiritual connection in a more thoughtful way to the audience. I must confess, though, to getting caught up in the glamour at times, in addition to being frustrated with the close-mindedness of the censors and having to compromise on some of my principles. However, what was unacceptable at that time is more than acceptable now. Today, there are more people in the industry who are receptive to the idea that we are all One with the Creator Source. Therefore, I am currently enlightening and encouraging them to share this information. These are very exciting times and you will see more movies and television shows portraying images of extraterrestrials as the benevolent beings that they truly are. 

SM: Besides your encounters with space beings, how did you receive and work with your ideas? 

GR: I met regularly with a group of channels who were able to provide me with direct details to specific questions that I asked. This group produced a book in the early 1990s, The Only Planet of Choice, which supplied insights concerning the origins of the earth and its occupants. I had sessions with other channelers as well, often to confirm what they each had to offer. I appreciated hearing the details as they were filtered through these spiritual translators. This presented a unique overview for me and explains why I believe it is important to explore what credible channelers have to say in order to grasp a larger whole. 

SM: Where do you currently reside? 

GR: I occupy a ship and live with the very same beings that came to visit me when I was upon the earth. It turns out that they are my true brethren in spirit. 

SM: Are you doing anything else besides overseeing the continuing evolvement of your creation, Star Trek

GR: My celestial family and I are quite busy at the moment. At this time there is a necessary, stepped-up vibratory energy being dispersed upon the planet earth. The energy is noticeable to those whose focus is correct in recognizing that all souls, without exception, are connected; there is no separation. The current age of information is having a unique impact upon the populace in that there are far too many people who choose to flit from one belief to another based upon what they last read. The best way to combat any confusion is to go within, for that is where all answers are contained. In other words, meditation is a significant key to achieving understanding, especially on the spiritual plane. This stepped-up energy is being welcomed as an ally by all Light Workers, on and off the planet. They realize that this energy is a tool for waking people up so that everyone has the opportunity to recognize their spiritual roots and live accordingly. This will eventually permit the earth to reclaim its rightful place within the universe. Therefore, I invite all Light Workers who have courageously volunteered to be on the earth at this time to embrace the beacons that they are. Assist everyone who crosses your path by offering compassionate service in order to erase any confusion, mistrust, or hatred toward one another.

SM: Please share your thoughts and understandings with us as we move closer to the year 2012. 

GR: Your thoughts create your reality. Therefore, since so many people have chosen to perceive 2012 as apocalyptic, then so it will be. This may seem pretty simplistic, yet there is truth to what I say. Humanity has chosen to cleanse the planet through catastrophic occurrences. What few people understand, however, is that such tragedies are unnecessary. If humankind consciously chooses to fully honor its spiritual roots, then the transition to “heaven on earth” will be a smooth one. Those who recognize that they are co-creators with God, and earnestly accept that they are blessed, will discover that it is not necessary to experience all of the chaos around them. They will find that they are shining lights alerting others to a life of joy and fulfillment. The choice, of course, is yours. 

SM: Will 2012 have the great impact that so many people are hopeful for, or that so many people fear?

GR: Again, the year will have the effect that each individual believes that it will have. We can all work together and perceive it as the glorious moment in time that it is meant to be, or we can hold onto our fears and be held back in the process. I urge all of you to hold only thoughts and actions of magnificence and splendor for it is truly within our grasp. Remain aware of your intentions. The year 2012 will be a transition remembered for eternity. How do you want to experience it? These are certainly exciting times. Get in touch with your Higher Self in order to receive instructions that will be of benefit to you and others. Understand that listening to the “small voice within” will most certainly put you in communication with your Higher Self. Again, meditation is the best tool for looking within. 

SM: Thank you for your insights, Mr. Roddenberry. We wish you well. 

GR: You’re welcome. My goal has always been to show that everyone can explore new frontiers and “go where no man has gone before.” 

Copyright © 2010, Susanne B. Miller 

Susanne Beth Miller is a conscious channel and spokeswoman for the Great Light Brotherhood, Ascended Masters and Spiritual Hierarchy. She gives Channeled Readings from the Akashic Records. To read more interviews, or to schedule a personal channeled reading, please visit her website: