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A Channeled Interview with Cleopatra

(Born: 69 BC – Died: 30 BC)

Date of Interview: 2010

By Susanne Beth Miller

Cleopatra has been referred to as Queen of the Nile. History tells us that she was instrumental in ruling an ancient civilization. Cleopatra has been glamorized in Hollywood movies, but what was her life really like? Feel the cool breezes as they gently blow through the palms. Sit back and listen to her tell her story.

Susanne Miller: Welcome, Cleopatra. There has been so much written concerning your life as an adult. Would you please begin by describing to us what life in ancient Egypt was like as a child?

Cleopatra: Greetings, my dear ones. What a glorious time to have been alive, during the golden reign of the pharaohs. I was born into a life of luxury and, therefore, it was only fitting that I should one day become queen. I knew that I was different than, say, the servants' children even though they were my playmates. I guess I was spoiled because I was allowed to win at all the games that we played. I had the run of the palace and servants bathed me upon rising every morning. The first thing, after my bath, was to worship the god Set. All of us, from the lowly attendant to the high priest, were well aware of the need to honor the gods who brought health, happiness, good crops, and long life to those who worshiped them. Cairo, where I resided, was primarily an agricultural community. Therefore, we took the cycles of the seasons to heart. After our morning devotion, the other young members of the palace and I would have our lessons. We all learned how to write and spell. However, the boys would also learn how to rule wisely. The females were taught sewing and painting. Almost every day one of the old priests would come and tell us a story about the ancient ones.

SM: The “ancient ones?” Who were they referring to?

C: Well, as many people are aware, ancient Egypt grew out of the fall of Atlantis. Atlantis was a civilization of advanced beings that formed a society on earth and were originally from another star system.

SM: How is that?

C: There are vast civilizations outside of the earth plane, many of which settled colonies on earth. Their purposes were somewhat varied, however most of them felt that earth was a perfect environment for continuing to grow and expand their philosophies. Seeds of man and seeds of extraterrestrials, if you will, were soon intermingled. This is where you have the sons and daughters of man cohabitating with the sons and daughters of the gods. Unfortunately, technological advances started to surpass moral judgment and it was determined that Atlantis was to be no more. It was decided by higher authorities that she would be cleansed by means of earthquakes and a great flood. Those who did not succumb to these disasters left for other parts of the globe. One such people eventually settled in the area known as Egypt. They resurrected Atlantis, as best they could. Ancient Egypt's symbols and gods were directly from information passed down from other star systems. In fact, early in Egypt's history, while it was still being formed, it was not at all uncommon for ships from the mother planet to visit. Look closely at the pictures from her early time period and you will certainly see evidence to support this information. Our gods were merely those beings who lived on other planets and who had periodically come down to share their wisdom and expertise with those who were not as advanced as they were. Early pictographs of the gods do not quite depict them as having animal heads; this notion evolved later. There is distinct proof that these beings were not of human origin. It was the priest’s main job to keep this knowledge intact enough for the populace so that there was an order to our way of life.

SM: Fascinating. You say that you were always a part of the palace. What, if anything, were you being groomed for?

C: By the time I was older there were many colonies that had been settled with many ideologies being applied. Empires were won and lost. I was being brought up for the express purpose of marrying someone outside of our people in order to increase our influence upon the world. That someone was Mark Antony, a great leader of the Roman people. It was decided that the intellect of Egypt combined with the brawn of Rome was a perfect match. Actually, Mark was socially inept and spiritually limited and could barely see beyond the precious metals that we surrounded ourselves with. Nevertheless, I accepted my destiny and gained a reputation as one of the world's great lovers. I was content to amuse myself with long, luxurious boat trips upon the Nile. Traveling to Rome in those days was crude yet exciting. I was never without my traveling companions who I was able to have reasonable conversations with. I much preferred my time with the priests and my life in Egypt to anything outside of that.

SM: Describe your interactions with the priests?

C: There was great structure within ancient Egypt, a vast reverence for the cycle of birth and rebirth. Each person under pharaoh’s rule had a complete understanding of life after death and prepared themselves accordingly. There were certain initiations that took place in order to evolve in each lifetime. I am still working through these initiations as they do not take place within one life. Also, you gain much knowledge in the afterlife. This fact has become very evident to me.

SM: What other lives have you had?

C: One of my most significant lives, after Cleopatra, was as Marie Antoinette. I am still working out my karma concerning glamour and haughtiness. I received a big lesson during my life as Marie Antoinette. During my life as Cleopatra, I had believed that having good looks was the key to success. I carried this false belief over into my life as Marie. I was not kind, and conceit was my downfall once again, obviously a lesson that I did not learn as Cleopatra. I have since learned that compassion and good will towards humanity is by far a greater attribute for self-evolvement. I now try to impart this knowledge on to others.

SM: What are you currently doing?

C: I am still trying to balance my lifetimes and feel that I am close to getting off the challenging wheel of birth and rebirth. I have chosen to spend several lives as a plain character remaining in the background—a result of abusing my power in the past. It is very good for me to gain this perspective. I now have much more compassion than in the past. I will reincarnate at least one more time. The changing tide needs a boost from all of us who want to see the world operating from a chalice of wisdom, once again, as it did when civilizations were receptive to advanced beings from other realms. I am confident that the planet is returning to that level of awareness and many people will even choose to surpass it. 

SM: Thank you.

Copyright © 2011, Susanne B. Miller

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