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The Bridge - Mercy

This month I received a copy of ‘The Bridge’ which I have published below, and in order to get an insight into where it had come from and to ask permission to reproduce it here, I visited The Intenders’ website and watched their movie. I’d certainly encourage you to do the same, and if you like what you read here, why not sign up to receive ‘The Bridge’ yourself. How wonderful to know that this kind of information is available, and for free! This is what they say on their web site:-

 ‘The Intenders of the Highest Good’ show you how to set your intention to have that which you desire come to you as easily and effortlessly as possible. We have rediscovered a simple method of empowerment that we call The Intention Process which is making all of our dreams come true. We understand that our desires are in us to be fulfilled and that our thoughts create our world. We support and help one another to become as clear as possible in our words and our thoughts so that we can live our lives to the fullest.

Anyone can do it! Just by saying your intentions each day and gathering together once a week with your friends in an Intention Circle, you can change your life for the better. 
Tell Your Friends form or, better yet, forward your favorite Bridge Messages to your list of friends through your email program.’

You can go to to sign up free for The Intenders Bridge.

After a decade of seeing thousands of people manifest their intentions in our Intenders Circles, we have created a series of free short daily email reminder messages that we call The Bridge. The Bridge is a combination of our favorite Intenders Success Stories and the Best Intentions we heard over the years.

The Bridge has been specially designed to help you harness the Power of Intention in your life so that you can create a world that is always in support of you. Find out why The Intenders is the fastest growing grassroots intentional community in the country.

I hope you enjoy reading this message as much as I did.


The Bridge ~ Step 112 ~ Mercy

Who among you would deny mercy unto yourself?

As many of you know, Lee Ching helped us create The Intenders. What you may not know is that he is the archetype of mercy, the male counterpart to Kuan Yin who is the archetype of compassion. We thought you'd like to hear this very special story about him.

This man was the commander-in-chief of vast armies in a time which has long been forgotten in our current reckoning of history. He was both respected and feared as one of the most powerful men in the realm. At the time our tale begins, two great civilizations known as Atlantis and Lemuria had been involved in a series of wars for centuries, and, despite all efforts to bring peace to the land, no one of integrity had stepped forward to speak out on behalf of the true good of the people. The world situation was at a stalemate; a cycle of decadence and darkness prevailed.

Envision, if you will, a setting late one autumn afternoon toward the end of a particularly bloody battle in a valley that was strewn with bodies of brave men and women. With no sign of either side looking to retreat, the carnage continued unabated. The commander of the Lemurian army had fought relentlessly all day alongside his fellow soldiers and his sword was covered with the blood and sinew of fallen enemies. Though weary and wounded, he battled on, willing to fight until the last man was left standing or he himself was killed.

At a certain moment, with the twilight fast approaching, he found himself in a furious struggle with a very strong, courageous opponent. After almost 20 minutes of toe-to-toe combat against this formidable warrior, the Lemurian commander swung his mighty sword at his rival and connected. The brave man fell on his back, his helmet and sword flew to the ground beside him. Just as the great commander readied to run his sword through the defenseless man's chest, he paused for an instant to look into the face of his enemy. The soldier was just a boy - no more than 17 or 18 years of age - whose body had matured rapidly considering its years. The young man's eyes were filled with a terror beyond imagination; he knew that he was about to die.

Suddenly, as often happens when one is pushed to the limits of strength and endurance, the great commander's perception shifted. With his sword held high in the air, he glanced out of the corner of his eye at the bloody battle that raged around him. Arms and legs flailed in a strange slow motion-like dance, nearby shouts and screams seemed to come from far off in the distance. His entire awareness changed as a new power rippled through his body. He felt expanded into something much greater than he was just moments before. In that same instant, his knowledge increased dramatically - the future and past revealed themselves in one momentous flash. He looked down at the boy laying at his feet and saw into the depths of his young opponent's soul. This boy didn't want to die. He longed to be safe and warm in the comforts of his own home with his loved ones and family. He dreamt of once again running through the fields with the beautiful fiancée he left behind when he went off to war.

The great commander then saw of a part of himself in the young man's eyes; he saw a part of himself in everything around him. A feeling of deep compassion, such as he had never known before, overcame him. He knew he could not move to kill the helpless boy because, in doing so, he would only be killing himself. He dropped his sword to the ground and walked away from the battle to the top of a nearby hill.

What happened next was told and retold, passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. There, as darkness shrouded the land, he fell to his knees, vowing never to harm or kill again. . . and in that moment, he was enlightened. Immediately, the soldiers in the valley below stopped their fighting and looked to the glow on the hill. Ten thousand people witnessed the light as it became brighter and brighter and broke free from its connection with the Earth. The great commander slowly ascended to perhaps 300 feet above the hill and then gently floated to a point directly over the center of the battlefield. Some said that he hovered there for only a short time, while others reported that it seemed like hours. However long it was, all of those present were bathed and purified in the crystal bluewhite radiance that gently showered down on them from above. None who were there that evening would ever go forth to fight again. Mercy and a new respect for one's fellow man were reborn within the human experience.

In time, the hovering white light began to fade and an outline of the commander's body took shape again. He settled slowly to the Earth and beckoned the soldiers to step back and give him room. Directly, he approached the boy who had fallen defenseless beneath his sword earlier and held out his arms. The two embraced like long-lost brothers, and when they finally pulled apart, the great commander bid the boy to go home to his family and fiancée and live his life in peace.

As the story goes, all of the soldiers on both sides left their weapons laying on the ground that night and sat around campfires together in silence. The next morning they began their return home to their families, carrying with them the story of what had happened the day before. Word quickly spread far and wide of a new Savior who walked the land. The great commander had become a Christed Being, a warrior for the light, and, from that point on, everywhere he went people were transformed, as if by magic, into fulfilled, joyful human beings. The series of wars that had lasted for centuries came to a sudden halt. Atlantis and Lemuria flourished once again as they had before the senseless wars had started.

It would be another 13,000 years before mankind forgot about the power of mercy and the example that was set that night by the great commander. These two magnificent cultures and all of their wondrous architectural and scientific achievements would one day be washed beneath the ocean waves into the sea and lost forever. But that is not the end of our tale.

The great commander/Savior's teachings, after being forgotten for lifetimes upon lifetimes, are now returning to the people of the Earth. His messages are heard in quiet moments in the minds of those who call forth the return of mercy. More and more people each day are choosing to lay down their swords and set aside their control issues in favor of peace. More and more are urging their national leaders to stop bullying one another and take a stance for the highest interests of all mankind. We are beginning to understand that acts of compassion and mercy inherently vanquish fear and return us to safety and comfort. We are moving toward a better world.

Furthermore, it is now being heralded, in obscure writings here and there, that the great ascended commander himself will return one day in the near future to walk again among the people and show them the magnificent rewards that come to the merciful. Indeed, among the scribes who announce his return, there is one man who has faint memories - visions - of a lifetime long past when he lay, defeated and helpless, on his back with a great warrior standing over him, sword raised and ready to strike. And sometimes, in rare moments of even deeper contemplation, he remembers a pact made between his soul and the soul of the great commander. Their agreement was to come to Earth in times of unrelenting darkness and play out the roles of courageous rivals so that this message about the power of mercy could be given unto you.


From The Highest Light Teachings

My Intention for today is:

I Intend that I am withdrawing the sword, and I am allowing others to go free without any further persecution or judgement on my part.