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LightMasters - New Facebook Group

LightMasters: By Shely [ShaShana]

LightWorkers & LightMasters are "taking off" - either figuratively or literally! Our Time is Come!

The travellers among us are getting rid of our stuff and moving forth...

We are all stepping up & out...becoming visible in new ways...

Most of us have already de-cluttered & are simplifying our lives, desiring greater connection to community and readying for expansive New Reality adventures...

So let's stay in touch...

Join the group, use the discussion board, post your photo, make a profile [if you want], post your news, whereabouts, adventures, realisations, insights, list your website and tell us where you are as we move house or travel; make new connections & new friends... etc...

We have recently entered a new phase of this Shift...... it's time to actualise our dreams and run with ideas whose time has come. Less work, more play … we have come of Age…. It’s just over 21 years since the Harmonic Convergence & we are right at the beginning of a new unfolding!

Energetically we have come to the bottom of the barrel in terms of clearing stuff... now we're unravelling the programming that created the barrel itself!

We are moving from Conscious Competence to Unconscious Competence... if you feel drawn to connect with your fellow travellers, please come out & play!

And please invite your LightMaster friends to join us! 

I am new at Facebook, so will see how much we can do on the site. I'd like people to be able to connect & meet physically within their geographic community as well as creating a New Energy online community.

It would be great if people wanted to get together for fun or energy play, and also if people who have houses or land would like to connect with those of us who feel called at this time to "walk the earth", and were open to having LightMasters who are in the neighbourhood drop in or stay over...

I'd like to see us put up links to our websites and have a central place to connect through.

Let us know WHERE YOU ARE geographically in discussion threads... we can keep adding places. Use geographic areas or cities as appropriate...

Use a topic thread TO LIST YOUR WHEREABOUTS...list Country, then State & area or city in the post.

Start a new TOPIC for each country & new post for each State.

OTV [open to visitors] - means you're willing to be contacted by people visiting or passing through your area... share info, have them to stay, introduce them to your networks, or whatever...

If you're TRAVELLING keep us posted as to where you are & what's up.

Start other topics as you like...

Any suggestions on how to make more or better use of the site, do share!

Embrace & Enjoy It All!

Shely [ShaShana]

Cosmic Garbologist & Soul Polisher

Master Healer & Conduit Channel

Phone 07. 5533 2113[International +617 5533 2113] ~ Expanding Realities

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The best thing you can do for your children is to feel good about yourself!