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If Love Is The New Currency

By Suzanna Kennedy

suzannaphoto.gifIt is a valid question to ask, given that it is becoming increasingly clear that what we call "money" in the United States is a big fat illusion. The U.S. Constitution defines money as currency backed by precious metals. Since 1933, when the country went off the Gold Standard, we have had "fiat currency" (false money) in the form of Federal Reserve Notes.

The Federal Reserve Notes are U.S. debt notes to the Crowne. Blah Blah Blah.

The point is; the value of our money is arbitrary and illusionary because it is not real. But in this unreal world of holographic illusion, what is real? What really has value? The only thing that appears to be real in this world of illusionary creations is LOVE.

Love is all there is. It is the only energy that we can create with. So, in my humble opinion, it is the only thing of real value.

So I ask you again. If love became the new currency, how rich would you be?
Love is not a verb. It is not an action taken or something you can do to another person.

It is Source Energy (some call it God’s love) that flows to you through your heart and through your eyes. You can either open to allow it to flow through you or you can constrict its flow. Yes, love can express itself as an action, yet it is not the expression, but the energy behind the expression.

How open are you to Source’s energy flowing through you? In what ways do you restrict its flow?

Love does not flow through the mind. The mind is a filter that sifts through our connection to Source and others, trying to make it logical. The mind institutes a system of weights and measures and checks and balances, constricting or stopping the flow if it doesn’t see an equal return.

In this world, we have somehow gotten upside down between our mind and our heart. The mind should be the servant to the heart. But somehow the mind has overthrown the natural government and is holding the heart hostage.

If love became the new currency, how rich would you be?

The new business gurus would be teaching you how to open your heart. You would be looking for more ways to express your love to more people. Because as you express your love, the more love flows through you. If you don’t express it, it will get stuck. The more open your heart is to express and allow love to flow, the richer you become.

How can you open more? By doing what brings you joy! Joy opens the heart, making it a bigger conduit for love (currency) to flow through. So do what brings you joy. You would express as much love as you can to others, because that increases your bank account. Of course, the second you do it for personal gain, slam, the heart closes again.

This only works if you are doing it for the joy of expressing love.

How would you and your life change, if love were the new currency? Would you be rich?

Editor’s note for Suzanna:-

Suzanna and I first met over the Internet through our friends Marimar and Saleena in Hawaii when we were working on bringing in a new kind of energy. Since then I have sampled one of her courses ‘Upgrading your Prosperity Blueprint’ which I’ll report back on in our next issue. In the meantime why not visit her web site, for those with a technical leaning her approach is very understandable, a re-program for the soul she calls the Divine Human Upgrade Program. If it’s anything like the ‘Upgrading your Prosperity Blueprint’ course it will be wonderful.


Being Is Enough
By Suzanna Kennedy

Being is enough
Your gift is your presence
Honor your gift
Being is enough
It is totally and majestically enough
It is magically enough
It is more than enough
Being is enough
Be your radiance
Be your light
Be your joy
Be your love
Vibrate with it
Till you lose control
Vibrate enough
Vibrate Sacred Union
Vibrate home
Vibrate your sensuality
Vibrate your deep love for this Earth
Vibrate your deep love for varieties of vibrational experience
Being is enough
Express your being
Express your beingness
Express your gratitude
Express your appreciation
Express your joy
Express your joy in being
Express your joy in being enough


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