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Re-creating our world! -- The Exercise

By Dr. Nicholas Knoth Meta-Intuitive Healer and Visionary


"All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner, and with celebration, because WE are the ones we have been waiting for."

The Hopi Elders

Here’s how to do it and why:

There is a massive change—sometimes called “The Shift”—occurring as you read this. It is a world-wide change, with the year 2012 as its anchor point, which is affecting every detail of our lives, from top to bottom. The world has been dominated for an impossibly long time by the ideas of separation, lack, greed, and taking. It is rapidly changing to a place whose fundamental energies are unity, love, joy, and giving. That process has been set underway and the end result is no longer in doubt. We will get there. What is in question is the path we will take to get there, and how long it will take. The answer to those questions will be decided by those of us willing to work toward a better world, starting now.

The primary purpose of this paper is to tell you how.

The secondary one is to give hope to people of all ages, especially the ex-hippies and aging Baby-boomers who see the efforts of their younger years fading away under a barrage of militant capitalism and morally defunct expansionism. This is not “the end of the world.” It is the end of a world-system of control and abuse. It is the birth of a world where peace is actually possible.

I have seen a remarkable number of well-meaning people lately talking about the end of the world. They say AIDS or Bird Flu, Global Warming or The Death of the Bees, Terrorists or The NWO, or any of a thousand other “scares of the moment” will soon destroy it all. This kind of hopeless thinking is shared by so many that the world’s children are suffering. A recent study showed that HALF of children between the ages of seven and 11 are anxious about the effects of global warming and often lose sleep over it. The traditionally more positive people such as New Age and spiritual groups are succumbing as well. An increasing number of posts about horror and the end of the world are being seen on discussion groups and blogs. Maybe the largest group falling under the sway of the global depression scam is that of the aging baby boomers. A well-meaning, intelligent and politically active member of that group recently got angry at me for suggesting the world might be improving. Let’s call her Diane. Diane practically shouted at me when she said, “I am an optimist… and I don’t buy that ‘the world’s getting better’ crap!”

In fact, people are living longer, resources are more available to us, racism is down, oppressive governments are far fewer, women and minority populations have much greater rights than ever, crime rates are remarkably down in major cities all over the world, incidence of disease per capita in much of the world is lower than it’s ever been. There are far greater efforts to protect the environment. Military conflicts are decreasing the world over. Travel is cheaper, easier and safer than ever. The internet provides information and diverse opinions at a scope unbelievable even 20 years ago. Most of the world’s population is healthier, safer, more comfortable, more able to travel, longer-lived, wealthier, and generally better off than any time in the last several thousand years. (Do a Google search for “world getting better” and see what you find.)

If it’s all getting better, then why is there so much bad news? There are three very simple reasons. One, technology is better. 200 years ago if someone was angry at his university, he might beat a few people before he was stopped. Today, the technology is there to easily harm much larger numbers. Two, the news spreads information much faster. 100 years ago, a storm or other crisis would be known about by those who suffered it. Now it is almost instantly known by everyone around the globe. When you watch so much more of the world, you are going to see more painful things. Three, the News is getting darker. I remember 30 years ago seeing the entire front page of the paper dedicated to the city pool being repainted. There were lots of side stories about how it would be more fun and how folks were enthusiastic about it. Back about page D4, there was a tiny one paragraph article saying some 70 people had died in a horrific train accident in India . Now the horror is always on the front page. News is big business now and business is about sales. The more newspapers they sell, the more money they make. And bad news sells better than good news. The world is no worse off than it ever was, you just see more of that bad news than you used to.

I recently ran across a book with a large number of statistics that indicate that the world is improving. The book, The Progress Paradox by Gregg Easterbrook, has received a lot of press, both positive and negative. However, even if he made up 1/3 of his facts, the remaining ones tell such an overwhelming story that the book is worth reading. For those interested enough to do the research, Gregg cites resources for every fact he shares. It is thus highly unlikely that he made them up. The raging against his ideas comes from the same emotional source as the comment I received from Diane. Many people simply don’t want to accept that things might be getting better. They are.

An interesting question is why is it getting better? Gregg cites a surprising number of trends that appear to have swung from bad to surprisingly good, most starting at the end of the 1980s or in the early 1990s. Among those is the destruction of the Berlin Wall, the end of Apartheid, the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the arms race, the dismantling of over 90% of the strategic nuclear warheads in the world. Wow! How could such incredibly positive changes go unnoticed? Something appears to have happened at the end of the 80s that kicked off this slide toward a healthier world. What was it?

The harmonic convergence, according to Wikipedia, was “a loosely organized New Age spiritual event which occurred on August 16 and August 17, 1987, when groups of people gathered in various sacred sites and mystical places all over the world to usher in a new era.” The idea was simple. If enough people got together and began to meditate and intend a world of peace and harmony, it would begin to happen. Enough people did… and it did. The big change began back in 1987 and continues today.

If there is a change for the better, then why is there so much “bad stuff” happening? Simple. Almost anything alive is afraid of death. Organisms fight and struggle against it. That’s what is happening. The old world is dying. Its systems of abuse, corruption, manipulation, deceit, and control are fading away. Just before something dies, its struggle to live intensifies for a brief time. A corpse will tense up and kick and fight in its last moments of life. What is happening in the world is this ‘kicking of the corpse’ of the old systems. They are doing all they can to hold onto their last moments of life. May they rest in peace.

The old systems are dying. The Shift has already happened. The outcome is certain. There are however two questions that remain. “How long will it take to bear fruit?” and “How smoothly will it happen?” This is where you come in. This is where you can begin to make a very big difference.

There is another important item that has recently received large amounts of both acclaim and criticism. That is the movie The Secret. It has a simple, easily-understood and life-changing message. Simply put it is this: You can make a difference. By beginning a system of simple exercises that take only a few minutes each day, your life will begin to change dramatically. The book The Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie Householder shares the same ideas as The Secret but simpler and in more detail.

Doing these exercises alone can change your life. If several of us do them together, they will have an even larger effect. If thousands of us, around the world, begin to apply this level of understanding we can change the world. And we get better with practice! If we work together regularly, we will begin to see truly amazing changes in our world. The specific details are below.

There is a huge and beautiful change happening in the world today. This Shift has been going on for a while and is accelerating. Ideas of separation, lack, greed, and taking are being replace by more familiar ones like unity, love, joy, and giving. This Shift is happening and it is inevitable. However, it can be sped up or slowed down. It can happen with more or with less pain and chaos. The deciding factor is you. If you are willing to commit to spending a few moments once or twice a month, we can significantly increase the speed at which this is all happening. Together, we can make a dramatic difference in our world.

The Exercise:

Who: We would like to see 100,000 people working together in this project to change the world

When: Focus with us on healing the world on the 2nd and the 22nd of each month. Ideally around noon local time, though any time during the day you can manage 5-10 minutes will work. We will continue until December 22, 2012.

Where: Your location doesn’t matter. The energy will connect us all, no matter where we are.

What, the first time: Sit down and create a list of what you feel the ideal world would be like. Put lots of emotion, enthusiasm and detail into your description. If you would like some suggestions, check out our ideas. If you want to send your suggestions to us, we may be able to add them to our list for others to see. You only need to create this list the first time. Every other time you do this exercise, you can use the same list. Change it, of course, whenever it feels right to do so.

What, ongoing: Sit down some place where you won’t be disturbed. Read through the things on your list. Once you have them in mind, close your eyes. Spend the next few minutes imagining a world where these things are true. You don’t have to create them. You don’t have to DO anything. Just imagine them as already finished. Imagine the world perfect. Hold this image or feeling of a perfect world in your heart and mind for a few moments. Then express deep and heart-felt thankfulness… and stop. Let it go until next time. It’s that easy.

If you have questions, comments, or want to stay informed of the project, please visit the Act Always In Love forum, join our mailing list, or send us a note.

The AAIL team