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Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership
8 keys to leading people successfully
(without selling your soul)

By Neil Crofts

neilcroftsinterviewimg.gifThis is the introduction from an e-book written and offered by Neil Crofts - coach, consultant and author. Neil was interviewed for our first edition last year, and has since moved to Mallorca where he offers Authentic Transformation retreats.

Authentic leadership is the highest and most powerful level of leadership yet
understood. The worlds authentic leaders achieve remarkable things in business and
society. They are passionate, focussed, committed articulate, controversial,
socially conscious and inspirational.

Authentic leadership is assumed rather than appointed, it is dynamic rather
than hierarchical. Authentic leadership requires a high level of self-knowledge and integrity. Authentic leaders empower people around them to achieve their best
through a coaching and facilitative style of leadership.

Authentic leadership creates a virtuous spiral of growth and development leading to confidence, self-belief and success for individuals, teams and organisations.
Authentic leadership goes beyond other levels of leadership by seeking
the win, win, win, win in all situations.

A win for the individual, a win for the team, a win for the organisation and a
win for society as a whole. Anyone who is willing to step up to their responsibility can be an authentic leader.

Are you ready to step up to your responsibility?
Are you ready to lead?

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Copyright © Neil Crofts 2008

From the notable but imperative "Be Yourself" to the surprising and wonderful "Love", Neil Crofts nails on the head what it means to be an authentic leader. You owe it to yourself -- and the people who work for and with you -- to read this short but authoritative e-book.
-- B. Joseph Pine II, co-author, Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want