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Gateway to the Heavenly Realms

By Lauren C. Gorgo

If you have recently been feeling knocked down and unable to move forward, know that many celestial configurations are currently aligning to safeguard our imminent entrance into the heavenly realms thru the gateway of the high heart.

One such configuration is the arrival of the ancient Egyptian New Year heralded by Sirius rising. This much-celebrated event is associated with new beginnings... and coupled with the total solar eclipse/new moon combo (8/1), the Lion's gate opening (8/8) and the partial lunar eclipse/full moon combo (8/16)...much of the groundwork is being laid to successfully enter and navigate the fiery and forward moving energies of August.

For those of you who are enduring extremely challenging times, the starbeings would like me to share that the current energy we are experiencing is soon to lift and hope will be restored. New outcomes, or solutions to your current challenges will be the result of this most recent and intense push.

The planets and star systems are aligning to open monumental portals and stargates throughout the month of August to catapult us to the next level of our personal and planetary evolution. The most recent portal started opening when the full moon in Capricorn crested on July 18th signifying the beginning of our total disconnection from the past, and will fully activate on the Leo New Moon/total Solar eclipse on August 1st, when the first of many commencement ceremonies will begin.

On this day, the solar (masculine) energy will be at its most potent and will serve to balance out and dry up all of July's recent emotional high tides of lunar (feminine) energy. The stage will finally be set for our new lives, and opportunities that were not visible to us previously will be revealed as the path is cleared for their arrival.

What are we graduating from?

Separation consciousness (fear). We are releasing our karmic blueprints and activating our divine blueprints. Transcending our genetic history and rewiring our circuitry so we can participate in the 5th dimensional grids of unity consciousness (love). For those who have completed the initiation (clearing) phase of their ascension process, the next level of planetary service will come into plain view as all wayward elements join in divine union through a duly earned state of grace.

And just as many will enter into a state of divine grace, the outside world and outworn structures will continue to crumble into chaos due to the intensity of love now present on the planet. All that is not compatible with love will to rise to the surface to be transmuted.

So much of our external reality is falling away, seemingly without any replacements. This is temporary and because the new paradigm is still settling in and fluctuating as we are trying to build and integrate our new energy in a very new world.

What does all this mean?

So many people are in a state of flux right now, swimming in concentric circles of indecision. This is because we are still transitioning. We are in a time of pure potential for absolute separation from past mis-creations, but not quite grounded in the new. The amount of our past that we were able to resolve and release over the last several years will dictate our new beginnings based solely on what we have earned thru our very individual processes.

And this is why you may be feeling so disconnected, tired and physically uncomfortable, incapable of handling even the smallest tasks. So much of our reserves are needed and being used to finalize these spiritual and biological details in preparation for our arrival.

Because of this time of great uncertainty, the most beneficial thing we can do is be still, to center ourselves between fluctuating extremes and to unite with our brothers and sisters in community. Soon, the coming together of many soul families among varied galactic heritages will herald a new beginning in connectivity consciousness. August will be a time of much rejoicing and celebration as those who have felt alienated from their true family of origin will once again feel the kinship, comraderie and support of those who came to serve with us in the New Earth.

For those who begin anew, it will be a time of reconnecting with our true abilities as well, for it was never intended for us to serve unarmed. We will be stepping into our destined roles as empowered co-creators who fully realize that the illusions of separation were the only thing holding us back from experiencing our full potential. And with the support of our soul teams we will come together to achieve the impossible.

What was once a time of isolation, desparity and challenge will become a time of greatness and expansion, where miracles & synchronicities abound. Those gifts that are so deeply and innately part of us will surface to share with others, and the unique essence that is each of us will not only be needed, but celebrated for our contribution to the whole.

This will be a time of mending many woes, releasing many struggles & heartache and propelling ourselves, with the help of each other, to the status of true lead not by prayer or propagation, but by BEing fully-embodied, God-conscious examples of truth.

And to this end, we will be fully supported.

With Love,



Lauren is an Inter-dimensional Telepath, Author, Spiritual Healer, Conscious Creativity Coach, Multidimensional Mentor & Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, here to assist others to achieve their highest potential through the art of Conscious Co-Creation for these magical times of planetary shifting. For more information, free articles, channeled messages & e-courses visit Think With Your Heart