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The Glory and Magnificence of Self-Responsibility

By Eileen Silon

There are lots of channelings and discussions about ascension – what it means, what the symptoms are, how to cope, how it might affect your life, etc. On a lofty level these discussion seem to make sense, be fairly accurate and appear very exciting. What happens in the details of our every day lives?

We forget.

We forget that if we are as powerful as we hear, and sometimes want to believe, that we are responsible for our choices. All of our choices – even the ones we are unaware of consciously. We forget that as multidimensional beings we make choices on all sorts of levels of our being that influence how we feel, what we believe, how we react, who we attract (or don’t attract) and how we act in the body that is living as human on earth at this time.

And Oh My – the glory of having choices and the ability to change them!!

This means I don’t have to wallow in sorrow if I don’t want to. It means if I don’t like my life I can choose differently. It means if I keep trying something and it isn’t producing the results I want I change what I am trying or HOW I AM REACTING!! I never have to pretend to be a victim buffeted about by the whims of others. Now this is REAL power.

How do I know when my inner being has made choices that I may not like? I look at my life. Where am I not happy or where do I feel uncomfortable or worse? That is where there is energy or beliefs within that are influencing me in ways I no longer want.

I was sick for months earlier this year. I couldn’t get well no matter what I did physically and it kept getting worse no matter what doctor I went to. I truly believe totally that physical symptoms/events come about because of my own inner energy. So in desperation, I stopped going to doctors, and I began to listen to every spiritual talk I could find. I sought out uplifting speeches and messages online. I found several alternate healers in town who each helped with a piece of me feeling better. I also asked all my psychic friends to help. I made plans to take several trips this summer so I would have something to look forward to. As I began to feel better emotionally I was more open to my own intuitive guidance about what next step to take. Eventually I was led through some incredible visions, healing, and energy and perception shifts.

Other than no longer being sick and feeling better not much has changed in my every day physical life, except I quit one of the jobs I had, three more friends are gone from my life and am planning for a craft fair. All the things that depressed me last January are still true but my attitude is completely different because I released so much old pain and fear along the way. I have hope and can actually feel that events in my life are changing for the positive.

If you are still in pain over an event that happened 3 years ago, or still have physical symptoms of an illness that isn’t healing, or are not attracting the kind of people or jobs you want, do something different. Stop trying the doctors or psychologists if they are not helping (use your own judgment about this – some of you may need to continue with these medical professionals until you make more changes). Assume there is some energy or belief within that is contributing to all of this and make a choice to allow it to change. Forgive yourself for creating your situation, let go of the need to blame yourself or anyone else. Each time worry or any other negative emotion or thought comes up, imagine giving it to your higher self/angels/guides to take care of. Pretend to trust that they will. Embrace your own magnificence and the fabulousness self-responsibility affords you.

There is so much gratitude, love and life-affirming energy being offered to you by all sorts of great aspects of your higher self, angels and guides. Allow yourself to begin to feel that love. It is your choice.

Eileen Silon
The Down to Earth Spiritual Healer and Intuitive

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