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The New You

By Suzanna Kennedy

So, dear one, you have cleared out the past. The past is gone – only a distant memory. It takes too much effort to even try to recall it. Don’t even try. Don’t call it back. Let it go completely. For you may now enter each new moment without limitation. You may live in the everlasting present moment. What a gift you have given yourself. What a present!

This is a new beginning. And you may feel like a newborn baby – seeing the world through new eyes – experiencing it again for the first time. And indeed you are a newly born God or Goddess. Do you see now, that your body cannot contain you? Don’t you feel that you are much more than your body, much more than your thoughts, much more than your emotions? Your spirit cannot be contained. Your awareness of yourself as a Divine Creator expands and expands.

As you let go of the hidden and suppressed slings and arrows of the past and replaced that cellular memory with the higher vibrations of light -- you raised your vibration. And as your vibration continues to ascend to higher and higher levels – your Divinity descends to meet it and takes up residence in your physical body. You are anchoring your Divinity on to the Earth, blessed one. And in so doing, you are doing your part to anchor Heaven on Earth.

As you move through this transition Divine One, you may experience some discomforts that are usually associated with what we might call growing pains. These discomforts arise because you have raised your vibration and your awareness. But you may still be living in the middle of the forms that you created in an earlier level of vibration and awareness. The forms I am speaking of, dear one, are things like relationships, jobs, physical locations, life styles, habits and behavior patterns. Do not be attached to the forms dear one. They are temporary and they will shift now to align with your new level of vibration and awareness.

Relationships might shift or dissolve. You might find that you are uncomfortable in your home or location. Your job might become too uncomfortable to bear. Let go of these forms – or you might find that the universe just moves them away from you.

You may enter a period of time known as the void. The void is a wonderful time. It is the space of creation. It is the time in between. It is as if you are sitting down to dinner and you have finished eating the first course and the plates have been cleared away. You are now waiting for the next course to be served. The next course will be served, my love. This is also a time of great trust. It is an opportunity to exercise patience. Because what is patience, but a trust that everything will manifest in Divine Right Timing. Because you have heard it said that the universe loves and lives to fill a void. So the void is necessary. It is good. It is confirmation that you have successfully let go of the past. And now you have created space for the new forms.

You may experience the void at any or all of the four levels – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

You may experience an emotional void as not getting emotionally charged anymore. If you were used to riding an emotional roller coaster – you will notice a difference here. If you were very attracted to drama – you may even find this disappointing – or at least – non-stimulating. It may be that situations that used to push your buttons – don’t any more. This is actually a lack of attachment – You may drop your attachments -- to a person, to a situation, to an activity. You may experience a lack of attachment to particular outcomes. This non-attachment to outcomes is very desirable. It does not suggest a lack of caring – but a sense of loving allowance for things to be as they are. And a loving allowance for others to be where they are. For you begin to realize that in every moment, everything and everyone are just as they should be. It is all good. It is all perfect.

You may see that closely held mental patterns fall away. The old ways of explaining life and relating to it don’t work anymore. And in the void, you may not know how to think about something. It means you are not judging. It means you are not attached to the outcome. It is a good thing. Let it be. New ways of thinking like a Divine Creator will emerge. In the meanwhile, let yourself spend time in No Thought. When you quiet your mind, you allow Divine Inspiration to speak to you. When you quite your mind, you can hear your heart. There is great power in the mental void of no thought.

Physically, you may experience changes. Your body is shifting to accommodate the new vibrations. Physical discomforts my surface while your body detoxifies. The clearings released dense physical drama from your cells. They need to move out of the body so your body can begin to heal and rebuild. Drink plenty of pure water to flush the toxins through. Take apple cider vinegar baths to draw out the toxins. Treat your body with respect. Re-evaluate the way you take care of yourself. Look at your eating patterns, exercise patterns and sleeping patterns. Feed your body pure, wholesome, nutrition. This is a time to begin supporting the Divine Body as it regenerates.

Spiritually, you may find a void as some of your spiritual beliefs or practices may want to shift. You may actually experience a change in your spiritual guides and teachers. You are at a new - higher level of vibration and your guidance and lessons will shift to accommodate your new levels.

While you are in the void, you may experience a feeling of "I don’t know what to do." The only activity is that is required in void is to just take good care of yourself. Let the Divine Mother in you nurture the Divine Child – the newborn -- that you are. Hold yourself in loving arms. Nurture and pamper yourself with love and tenderness. Take this time to just be – without DOING anything. Spend your time doing those things that bring you joy. For you may suddenly find that you have plenty of time on your hands. Do those things that you love, but usually never have time for. Take a nap, take a walk, take a bubble bath. Go to a movie. Sit by the fire and stare into it for hours.

The more love and trust you have in the void, the easier and faster your new life will appear. Your destiny will unfold, your life’s purpose will reveal itself. This will happen when there is no resistance. Resistance can look like fear and impatience. It can look like being attached and not wanting to let go of the old forms. Love yourself, trust yourself and Spirit and let go of attachment. Love, trust and let go. Love, trust and let go. Love, trust and let go. That’s all you need to do in to void.

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