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The Time of Your Life

Yeshua Channeled through Carol Cooper-Steyn

Johannesburg, South Africa, Thursday 29 May 2008

Greetings dear ones of the Light. It is I, Yeshua, and it is with great love and great joy and great anticipation, beloved ones, that I greet thee this evening. I bring to the forth and to the fore the vibration of anticipation. It is that just recently, my beloved brother, Saint Germain, asked many of you to consider having the time of your lives. In that, he was asking you to consider that this is the time of your life. And so it is that all of us who hold the Christ Light with you stand back, as it were, in great anticipation of the greatness of the presence of God being expressed through each of you. Beloved ones, this time upon your planet is the most magnificent that has ever been experienced. And the reason why I say this is because so many have in fact opened to the Light. We stand here in deep honor and respect for all that you have accomplished, beloved ones. And you are on the cusp of experiencing the greatest, greatest time and times of your life.

So as we stand here in anticipation, my question for all of you this evening is: are you ready? Are you ready to blast off into realms of Light that have never ever before been experienced upon the earth plane? Take note of these words, beloved ones. What you are drawing to you has never been experienced previously at any time upon the earth plane. You have heard us speak on numerous occasions of how it is that you live in a different reality to those who live within the third dimensional world. It is now time for you to fully realize this. And this is the journey that all of you are currently undergoing and taking. And as you place your feet into the divine waters of this new life, so new tastes and experiences come to you.

As always, beloved ones, it requires of you to surrender completely and open oneself up totally. This is part of all that we have been working with all of you — that is, a complete letting go of everything that you have come to take as reality, if you like. There are many, many different levels of this. There has been great preparation in anticipation for this time of your life. This is what all of you have been doing — you have been preparing yourselves. And it is not too long now, beloveds, when the energy of preparation is complete. You may recall not too long ago I spoke of the pulling the rug out from beneath you. For all of you who experienced this, this was part of the preparation because it was, and still is, necessary for every one of you to let go completely of every belief system that you believe to make up reality as it stands.

I realize that this sounds, firstly, very challenging, secondly, rather impossible, and thirdly, rather scary for many of you. But think about it, dear ones, if one is to change one's world completely so that there is a complete shift in perception and in reality, one is needing to let go of every thing that holds limitation, beloved ones. This is very much what I have been … I hesitate to use the word "training", because in fact, I am not training you, beloved ones. I am just reminding you of your greatness and your divinity. It makes me want to weep, not in sadness, but in pure and utter love..... I am not sure how many of realize how much I love you. It is a love that is beyond words. It is a love that you can only experience, you cannot speak about it. This is what I am, this love — this love that I share with everyone — with every one. That was, and still is, beloveds, my purpose. I cannot be anything other than that. This is the emanation of Light which I hold. It is, in fact, pure divine love. And I give it to all of you freely. There is no thing you need to do in order to be assured of my love. Because it is already there. There is nothing you need to do to gain my approval, to gain my love. And the reason why I share this with all of you is because I ask you to consider being like this within your world.

Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone felt like this? If there was no condition placed upon one's approval or one's love ? If we could just all stand as One, with open hearts, in pure divinity and love. If we could all let go of the barriers that create separation between all of humanity and just stand together in divine love. Beloved ones, this is my vision. This is my vision for the future. This is what I wish for you to all contemplate today. That in letting go of your current realities, in letting go of all of your limitations, you are able to stand in love with an open heart, with love pouring through your physical vessel, touching everyone and everything. Not even, beloveds, in your environment, everyone and everything in creation. You have heard me speak of how everything you do, everything you think, everything you say has an effect on the whole of creation.

My greatest wish would be for all of you to experience love the way that I do. My greatest wish is for humanity to allow the barriers of hatred, discrimination, separation, to crumble. So that everyone stands as one in divine union — one heart, one mind, one body of pure, divine light. Imagine the transformation in your world. You are the ones who are hearing my words first hand. You are the ones who have the power to be this within your world. You are the ones who show others what is possible — an alternative reality to the one which they are currently living.

This topic is exceptionally pertinent for South Africa at this time. It is exceptionally pertinent for the whole of Africa, beloveds. Africa, for far too long, has epitomized separation consciousness, poverty consciousness, war consciousness, abusive consciousness. Life does not mean much to many within Mother Africa. Now beloveds, you are a powerful community of light. You are the ones who can change this. You have it within your power to bring light — not only to Africa beloved ones, but the entire planet. We ask for a volunteer to transcribe this channeling because it is necessary for the lightworkers of the world to unite, to bring an end to separation consciousness and all that it holds. I am not going to go into detail on the many aspects of separation consciousness. All that is needed is for the awareness to bring one-ness, unity consciousness, god/goddess presence to your world. It is entirely possible for every human being upon your planet to be overlit by the Divine and to then bring the divine into physicality. This is your task, beloved ones. I asked you two weeks ago to live in joy, to monitor your thought patterns. This is very necessary because you are powerful co-creators who have raised your vibration when compared with many living within your world. That which you think has much more power to it.

This I would like you to ponder, because I ask you to focus, beloveds, on peace, on love, on light — all of the wonderful things, qualities that you wish your world held. You have the power to make the change in the world. If you come together as a community of light connected with Light workers on a global scale, you can make a huge difference, beloved ones. I would even go as far to suggest that you hold regular meditations. Beloved Chantal, we are aware that this has been one of your dreams. We ask that you consider coming together regularly. I will leave that up you, but to focus intently as divine co-creators on making a change globally within your world.

You have heard us speak on countless occasions of the necessity to let go of the ego, not because the ego is bad beloved ones, but because the ego can in fact get in the way of projects such as that which I am suggesting. Open your hearts, beloved ones, to each other. Recognize — I will say this again — the divinity in each one, the Divine gifts that exist within every one, and allow, just allow the living presence of Light to work through all of you, in divine harmony. If you manage to do this you will notice that the barriers of separation between you begin to melt so that it is that you come into a space of one-ness, where it is, that you are able, in fact, automatically feel, as if you and another are one, and there is no separation. This means that you feel one another's thoughts and feelings. You know deep within you exactly what the other is feeling, because the barriers of separation have been swept away and you function as one body of light.

Now if this sounds a little weird, it matters not, because it is true. You are capable of doing this. You are capable of creating realities of light, beloved ones, realities of love. However, it is up to every one of you to do this. As you create your community of oneness, so it is that you bring that to the world, and slowly, slowly people begin to respond and awaken to the great Light that is present within your world. Light workers of the world unite. See the divinity within each of you. See the magnificent role that every individual has to play in this great plan of Light. Beloveds I remind you, every one is unique, carries Divine vibrations which are not held by another — there is a reason why there are so many of you. It cannot be done by one, or even a few, alone. You are needing to come together in one-ness and to truly honor this. This will be one of the most rewarding journeys of your life if you can do this, and I cast your mind back to me suggesting that you love, in the way, that I have expressed this evening.

Take note beloved ones, I am not asking that you become me. I am asking you to look upon my love as an example and a possibility of what can be. It is, that this evening, beloved ones, I take you into my heart space, where therein you shall find a divine temple of love, and I shall hold you there for as long as it is necessary for you to let go completely. For you to allow the barriers which prevent love, to crumble. This is a very individual journey with me. My heart is extended to everyone who wishes to take this opportunity and to come into the powerful light of love with me, Yeshua.

So it is that I shall work with each of you, while you are asleep. This by-passes the conscious mind and works very deeply with the subconscious and unconscious aspects of self. There shall be great healing taking place for many of you around love and what it means, so that you are fully able to completely submerge yourself in love, to express love, to be love and, let me add, to be loved. Beloved ones, this is an important aspect. It is about divine balance remember — giving and receiving. How many of you feel worthy of my love? I hope that all of you would answer — Absolutely, dear Yeshua, I completely and utterly deserve and accept your love. I remind you beloveds, when I walked your planet, I offered this to humanity. And not many could understand it or accept it. Even within those who were my disciples, there was a certain level of ego operating where there was a tussle as to who would succeed me. That is one of the greatest sorrows of that time, because even in the presence of the love, the ego was unable to let go completely. My message is, and I repeat, one of love. It always, always has been.

In your current world, beloved ones, there is still so much competition, in all walks of life. This competition between one another, absolutely prevents love from being made manifest within your world in its completeness. If every human being could turn around and face their enemy, competitor, whichever word you wish to use, with love in their hearts, with pure acknowledgement of the Divinity which is within every one of you, the world would transform.

The world is in a sorry state and it is much to do with the feeling that one has to gather the best of everything to oneself and not share it with others. One has to be the best at everything, and not many realize, the best is within. The Divine presence, of God, Goddesss, the I AM, the Divine Light that is the best, and yet, how many choose to even focus upon this? How many are even aware that Divinity is within? You have a great role to play in reminding others of this.

So, I challenge you to let go, to allow love and to be free. May the Light of the I AM always be within you. May you come to recognize your divinity, and in so doing, recognize the divinity of all others. May you open yourself so completely that you welcome Divine LOVE into every aspect of your life and every part of All That Is. May you love like never before so that wherever you are and whomever you are with, you love. Beloveds you are completely deserving of this love. If there is any person here, who is struggling with love, who has rejected love because it is too painful, for whatever reason, I ask you to take a long hard look at yourself. And ask yourself why it is that you continue to reject love in your life. Perhaps it is that you will see that still, now, you reject you.

I, Yeshua, take each of you into my arms now. I hold you in the most exquisite Divine love. Can you receive it? I invite you to journey into my heart and be in love — there!

Beloveds, ignite my Flame of Peace within your world, ignite the Flames of Love within your world, ignite the Flames of Love within yourself. Be open to receive every divine gift that is coming your way and make sure that you are ready for the time of your life.

I AM Yeshua, beloveds, and I greet you completely in love. Adonai dear ones.

Channelled by Carol Cooper-Steyn. For more information on Carol's work with the Ascended Masters go to