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Breathe in the Light

By Eileen Silon, the down to earth spirit.

My vision: I was sitting in my apartment earlier wondering why I was not worried or panicked about money or the stock market when a vision came to me. I saw myself looking over the United States from Arizona (where I live). I saw all this light available to the people but I saw them running around in fear. They could not see the light and yet they were starved for it. I knew more light has been made available by the fear flowing as a result of the economic changes announced today. It was like a barrier had been ripped off. I felt sad. All they have to do is stop running around, breathe and let themselves be helped. My overall feeling was one of satisfaction at the progress being made on this earth at a spiritual and energetic level. And I felt compelled to write this.

There is so much light. Breathe it in. Light pouring from our souls through our hearts is available to us. Light beaming up from earth is available to any and all who need it. It is a time of unprecedented change.

As the stock market continues to adjust to a more realistic value and financial institutions scale back to reasonable levels of economic participation, so many are panicked, worried or sad. But with the so-called bad news comes forth more light. The changes are both a result of all the light absorbed by earth and the human mass consciousness and boost that light. Certain doors are opened or veils are dropped with this kind of news. More light becomes available. As we all know with more light sometimes comes more chaos because limiting beliefs are shattered, illusions are illuminated, and emotions flow more easily.

Tune in to yourself. Find where you can allow deep necessary changes that will help open your inner doors to the light of your own soul. Listen and discern your own guidance as to what is perfect for you in this changing world. Let the incredible wonder of the light and love bathing this world and available in your own heart guide you to a comfortable, abundant life that supports the ‘real’ you. Let the ‘real’ you emerge from its cocoon of illusion and duality.

Breathe in the light. Let it flow through all of who you are on all levels of your existence. Feel the joy and trust in that light, the light of your own soul. Imagine your heart relaxing and opening so that your own inner soul light fills you up, assisting you in letting go of old thought and behavior patterns that no longer suit you.

When you begin to worry, get angry, or fill with panic or despair turn your thoughts to light. Imagine being bathed in the light from the earth and from your own soul. Imagine that even though you have no idea what to do next or how to handle changes on the earth, some part of you does. Let yourself allow that part to guide you now. Let yourself know that no matter what others are talking about or feeling YOU can be calm and centered and trusting. Even when you feel stuck, you can imagine being helped energetically until you are able to shift in the physical world/body. You can allow yourself to be guided easily to make changes in your life that align you with joy, trust, abundance and love.

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