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The Power of One! Humanity Decides part 2

Or - What Timeline Are We On Anyways??? - by Michael White

Years ago on a road trip to Mt Shasta, my friends and I were indecisive about which highway to take from southern California. Should we take the quick way or the more scenic way? I was driving, and even as we approached the fork in the road none of us could decide what to do. No one had a strong opinion either way. At the last second before the turn off, without slowing down, I randomly chose the exit for the scenic route. We all laughed at the randomness of our adventure but something else happened that changed my awareness.

For about 5 minutes I distinctly felt connected in my consciousness with the other timeline where we had stayed on the other highway. I could even hear and feel our other selves laughing for the same reasons. It was like our energy had split on a quantum level to create two realities and there was still a form of quantum entanglement, like the energy that made up our bodies was two places at once. Gradually the connection faded as our memories along our chosen timeline changed our resonance.

In the last article I explained that we had entered a window of time where multiple potential timelines were overlapping, one of which is the timeline of humanity’s collective awakening into an upward spiral of conscious evolution. There are currently two alternative timelines of fear where humanity falls back from its true potential to become something much less than what it was meant to be, and we are about to reach a major fork in the road. Once we pass this next collective test, there will be one more like it, designed to complete our initiation into our true power as cocreators with the Power of One. This next test concerns the impending financial crisis in the United States. Here is what you need to know.

In a different version of our Now, various forces of greed and misplaced power engineered a financial crisis designed to trap us with fear. For some it appeared to be a clever ploy to consolidate wealth and political power in the hands of the few and for many it seemed to be the next logical step in creating a modern global economy capable of creating order and security during the crisis of our transition into a new age. The media was used as a tool of deception to manufacture fear and define our awareness of the timeline.

From a more multidimensional perspective these plans involved a hidden agenda to hijack the timeline of human history the same way this has been done on other worlds. There are plans for managing the resources of emerging galactic civilizations like ours that are larger than most have dared to imagine, and yet we are in position to not only thwart such plans but to reverse them and convert many interconnected systems of worlds into a new model of galactic peaceful cocreation.

In the alternative timeline, Barack Obama was not elected president. This was a timeline where people feared the great change that is upon us enough to be tricked into giving power away to a new digital currency system designed to maintain our status as wage slaves to the debt of an empire that we believed we needed to protect us from our fears. The crisis would be used to trigger our survival mechanism and our fear of losing material ownership and power so that we would agree to become dependant on the new system once the old one collapses. Though elements of this plan are still in play on our timeline, this plan has already failed. We have already changed our resonance and cleared the way for a collective opening into the ascension timeline.

On the night before Barack Obama was elected, I traveled out-of-body to visit the White House, where I met with Obama and many others from a soul level as the energy of his administration was already spiritually moving in. Then the Founding Fathers appeared to me and spoke as a collective, explaining that Obama’s election represented the restoration of a continuum of resonance with the ascension timeline through the office of the president. Apparently, for the last 8 years there had been a break in the continuum, and we have had to work twice as hard to take responsibility for the resonance we create with our choices, so as to realign America with its destiny through holding equality in our focus. This was what the choice of the Obama candidacy offered: an opportunity for people to align with the resonance of equality in his DNA.

We are quickly approaching the next major choice point/opportunity to align collectively with the Power of One. This is the exact same point where, on the alternative timeline, we gave our power away in a state of crisis and became dependent on the system created to trap us, but that was a different time reference. We are here to choose a new model of empowerment through a code of oneness that reveals the key to human creative freedom and abundance. In the presence of The One we are all one-one. This is the code of universal equality, where we are all equal to the Power of One. When we focus on empowering others as equals, we align with the Power of One, which seeks to resource and empower the cocreators. Remember 1:11.

Right now I can see clearly the split between these two timelines through awareness of humanity’s collective DNA. As we approach this choice/point, the memories of the fear version of humanity’s future are coming up to be cleared. These are only memories! There are still many people resonating with the timeline of fear and disempowerment who need our help to change their resonance and recognize their true power to choose the world of compassion and abundance that is awakening within us collectively. For many, this will be a test to clear the resonance of fear from our DNA, so as to break from alignment with the fear timeline. There is just enough of the resonance of the fear timeline present that people are challenged to discern their true power as cocreators and choose the timeline of ascension. For a short period of time, we will continue to experience the plans of control playing out that were part of the alternative timeline, which will create the opportunity to choose the more empowering model of reality that is awakening. When the financial crisis culminates, an even higher vibration of the new DNA will arise!

Very soon we will start to feel this fear version of the future curving off into its own space, like an exit ramp for the energy that is not ready to surrender to the journey that is ahead. This exit ramp leads to a cycle of karmic balancing based on frequencies of consciousness that we no longer resonate with. We will feel the fear version of this future of debt and slavery being peeled away as we surrender to the birth of a whole new system of human reality where there is no more debt or fear. Our reality is about to get a lot lighter. We are about to graduate from the phase of material expansion and discover the awesome wealth of the collective human heart.

A whole new field of cocreation is birthing in the land of North America. This is a field of group consciousness that will transcend the resonance of ego and reveal our oneness with the unified field. This field of cocreation is part of humanity’s new collective DNA. A new planetary gene structure has anchored here that is about to be activated to a level of energy that will trigger the mass awakenings of millions of people into awareness of this new field of cocreation. This will fulfill the original purpose of the great experiment of self-government and religious/spiritual freedom that founded this nation.

This field is self-organizing. It transcends hierarchy. It will cause us to become more telepathic. It will reveal that cocreation is an underlying principal to the whole of universal energy and the cause that creates the universe. Access to this field will open through the Spiritual Equality Revelation that all are created as equals. This revelation seeded the birth of the United States and will fulfill its destiny, for America was meant to birth a new race of human beings through establishing the resonance field of perfect equality, which is a key to aligning with and embodying forms of multidimensional DNA that are collective in nature.

The only way to shift your DNA and embody the higher levels of multidimensional DNA that are coming online within the field is by holding equality in your consciousness. Holding equality with all human beings unconditionally will align you with the collective DNA of the new human species.

On the alternative timeline of fear, the grab for power happening through the economic and political structure of the United States leads to a conflict with China, where China will seek to use the crisis as an opportunity to thwart these plans of control to become the next world superpower. Both economic and military warfare between the two brings the creative awakening to a screeching halt and plunges the world into chaos.

Many people have had visions of this timeline and have seen these events in the field of our collective DNA, but this is not going to happen on the timeline we are currently aligned with. Instead, the Chinese people will be the next major collective group to awaken to the same field of cocreation that will arrive in the United States. They will be mirrors for this awakening in the American portals and many new models of cocreation will emerge there. The specific ways that China has been tied into the American experiment will trigger the same deciding point for them as these events begin to play out.

The choice point that we are now approaching is one where masses of people will face the choice to react in fear to the end of the old materialistic economic paradigm or to embrace a future where we worship Love over form. We have forgotten that Love came first and created form. What we choose to create here in America will be mirrored throughout the world, which is why our responsibility is so great to have the courage to walk away from the old system and trust in the abundance of caring and doing good. Many forces will seek to hold us back, to stop the shift from happening or steer us off course into an alternative reality, but there is no going back. The choice to awaken to the Power of One has already been made; we simply need to remember that we have always been on the road to greater and greater freedom.

Stay tuned to The Promised Key for more instalments.