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5th Dimensional Healing - a practical description

By Eileen Silon, the down to earth spirit.


5th dimensional healing takes a lot more faith and trust than healing at a lower vibrational energy. But then, by the time you are ready for participation in or facilitating 5th dimensional healing you have more faith and trust. So it all seems to work out.


It takes faith that something is happening even if you don’t feel, see or sense it right away. It takes trust that the greater part of you, your higher self, is acting in your best and highest good and that you are aligned with the healing you have asked for and are allowing. It takes more allowing because there is no forcing or pushing at this higher level of healing. And it takes self-responsibility – which is trust in your higher self again- to allow changes to choices made (consciously or not) that led to whatever it is you want to change.


Healing/ascending/spiritual growth changes as we clear out more and more of our illusory limitations and oppressed emotions/energy. For instance, I have been writing about healing a very deeply wounded inner child part of me. Before, I would go to the part of me wounded and needing assistance. I would mentally ask for what I thought was needed. I would ask that part of me questions to obtain info to be able to know what to ask for. In this higher energetic plane of existence, I don’t approach it the same way. I do ask for help from the greater part of me (that I call my higher self) but I am less directive. I re-affirm my desire to be aligned with the highest vibrational reality appropriate for my highest good. I ask for healing of all emotional trauma and damage. I ask any part of me that wants healing to come forward and allow. Then I just allow healing to occur however it needs to. Sometimes I need imagery to allow because my ego gets triggered. Lately I have been imagining placing everything, including me, in the lap of god, but mostly I allow and try to keep my mind and ego out of the way.


The experience is very different. I am generally extremely clairvoyant. This level of healing bypasses that for the most part. Clairvoyance involves too much of the mind and is a bit limiting. So any info I need to know just comes to me rather than a series of images unfolding in my brain. I just know it rather than see it first and have to do any interpreting. If I recognize that I am resisting I change my perspective to being more identified with my higher self looking ‘down’ upon my body and what is going on with the energy and emotions of it.


Healing this way can be surprising. By opening, aligning and trusting the greater part of me knows what it is doing and it will all be great as long as I don’t resist all kinds of issues/energies get addressed. So the healing may not be only with my inner child but with other angry, judgmental, damaged parts of me. It is smoother and easier. Not s narrowly focused. Therefore it tends to go deeper and be more thorough. A lovely side affect is that I am aware that I become more and more expanded each time I deliberately allow healing this way. Of course, at this level internal shifting is going on all the time but there are specific instances where I ask for, and allow, it to occur.


Allowing healing this way reminds me that my ego and the mind associated with this body is not all there is and is definitely NOT in charge. It reminds me that I have choice about participating and allowing, but there is so much more than my mind knows and can comprehend so the higher, more knowing, part of me does most of the work. It is a relief to believe and know that. I have struggled like many lightworkers for a long time (for me it began almost 20 years ago) and I am weary. I am grateful to be at an energetic and emotional place of trusting and allowing so that my higher self can be doing most of the work. I need the break!!!



Analogy: It is hard to describe the difference between allowing healing at this higher vibration and what we used to do at the lower vibration. I have a fun analogy. I recently bought a new iron. Now the new iron gets hot and has steam just like the old one. It has a cord and a non-stick bottom for ease of ironing just like the old one. The general shape of the two irons is the same. So all the same words could be used for both.



However, there are a lot of differences. The new one has a retractable cord so my cat cannot chew on it. It even flashes at me if I leave it plugged in (even though it is turned off) so I remember to retract the cord when I am done. The new one has 4 settings for steam so I can control how much steam comes out. The water well on the new one is at least twice the size of the old one so I have to fill it up less. The new iron is a bit heavier and the plate is a bit bigger so it irons more cloth faster. Also the new iron gets hotter – again makes ironing faster and easier. The new iron shuts itself off after a half hour of non-use. This is a GREAT feature. Using the new iron has made making my fabric art easier and more enjoyable. A better and improved iron makes a difference just like healing at the higher vibrations is different – even if you use the same words to describe it.


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