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A Message to the Masters of the Blue Ray  

El Morya through Lauren C Gorgo

Blessings and divine greetings exalted ones! I speak to you as El Morya, Chohan of God's Blue Ray.

I come first to commune with those of you who have volunteered to incarnate on the blue ray of cosmic light and as the divine way-showers of a new era. I come to assist you to harness the new potentials that each of you are here to claim and have put forth in the name of oneness to honor the path of the risen Christ within.

Before long, your outer world will shift to reflect the internal changes that you have worked so long and hard to achieve. Yes, they will be the changes that you have long sought after, yet they will also be the changes that each of you came to ground into the earth's core through the warrior ray of cosmic truth, wisdom and the divine will of God.

I offer this information to you solely as a reminder that those beings of the blue ray have a very special role to play on this planet, at this time, and that you have come first to set up the positions of leadership that your human society so desperately seeks.

In this, those of you who have realized that your role is one of the path-paving pioneer, and the dominion within you is now a clear reflection of that role, you are preparing to step once more into the unknown.

The fluctuating tides that continue to wash over your current planetary affairs are those that have long been proven outworn and those of you who have contributed to this fading reality are those who are becoming the rising leaders of a new day, a new way.

Many blessings of virtue will be bestowed upon you, the new physical guides, for indeed the path that offers much, required much. Those of you who have wholeheartedly mastered the strength of divine will, will be replacing the unseen guides that have guided each of you home, to this very point on your evolutionary journey.

You, of the blue ray, are those who have come to rescind the ill will of humanity and replace it with the Will of God, the glorious and abundant futures for each member of your human society who deems the highest good a righteous endeavor.

Yes, there will be those who denounce the path of unity in search of more proof of the way, yet those who have come specifically to replace the man-made will of separation and strife with the will of Godly abundance, creation and hope, are those who have come to serve in the highest form.

In this, know that the masters of the blue ray will become a predominant voice of the new age.

All voices will blend into the creation of the One Plan in their inherent and signature form, yet the masters of the blue ray have developed the sacred gifts of communication, speech, discernment and clarity of divine will to the point of mastery. Indeed, you will soon discover that there is good reason for this.

Those of you with the roles of divine communication, vocal and otherwise, will begin to attract the platforms, mediums and support for your much needed ventures now that your planet and her people have shifted to an openness and readiness to hear more truth.

Beloved members of the blue ray, you will know yourselves by your name for your name will carry the vibration of this ray most succinctly. Examples of archaic vibrational tones in earth's history are depicted in scripture as singsong just as your name carries a tonal frequency of harmonics that when stated aloud creates the dynamic chords of the color spectrum and resonates at the signature vibration of the color blue.

The Path of the Blue (First) Ray

In the history of earths creation and the evolution of man, the blue ray has had many roles in implementing the divine structures necessary to further expand human consciousness. It is for this reason that Archangel Michael, co-holder of the blue ray, is of the most widely known and discussed angelic beings in scripture.

What is important to realize at this pivotal point in human creation is that the blue ray must precede all others in its implementation of the divine will. "In the beginning, there was the Word", exemplifies this truth most profoundly. The blue ray holds the frequency of eternal wisdom and detachment from form, so that new potentials, new levels of consciousness can be attained and eventually formed into matter.

For this reason, the blue ray has held the role of warrior, protector of God's Will, and for the purposes of furthering human evolution in this magnificent time of planetary shifting into unity consciousness.

What this represents for the whole of humanity is the emergence of a new voice!

God's blue ray is strongly associated with the throat chakra and the energy of truthful, creative expression. "First, the word" is a depiction of the process of the creation of worlds and now, in this unprecedented time in human history, the incarnated beings of the blue ray will duly manifest the divine word into divine deed.

For this group of souls, you will be moving forward with your soul brothers and sisters and positioned at the forefront of humanity where your voices will be heard. You will be brought to your rightful place as truth-sayers, with the recognition and tools needed to spread the Word, the Will of God and to inspire communities, nations, cultures and races to join together in support of the greater good.

It is paramount to realize that your diligent and noble intentions to free yourselves from mental bondage have been in favor of the greater good, for you carry the vibration of the Word with you at all times. The arduous process of disbanding from the heaviness of the distortion fields that permeate the collective consciousness was your gift to this planet and her people, and now you step forth as examples to herald a new way.

Beloved members of the First Ray, take heed. Your diligence has paid off and your next steps will fortify the intentions for the highest good of all. Now is a time to bask, to float, to breathe, and to prepare your earthly bodies to anchor into your new vibrational home. The space that you have willfully created for yourselves here on earth is now available to all, but you, the new physical guides, will be the first to enter and dwell here.

You will witness a changing of the guard in your earthly sphere as those leaders of yesterday become increasingly more ill-equipped to handle the challenges of today. Be patient and persistent in your quest for global goodness, dear angels of blue, for you will have great influence here.

We, of the blue ray, carry each of you in our hearts as the silent warriors of a new earth. Your gifts of communication will fall on deaf ears no longer, and you may find that many who have disregarded your teachings in the past suddenly summons your wise council. Turn no one away, for the challenges will be great and will continue to increase in magnitude for all yet unwilling to surrender to the beauty and sanctity of Mother-Father God.

Remember your journeys well, bright souls, and leave the mark of compassion and hope for all who are ready to accept it.

The blue rays have succeeded in their quest to unlock the gates of heaven and all who follow in the now-worn path will be blessed by the bounty of their lighted creations.

Expect the unexpected!

On behalf of the inter-dimensional cosmic council of light, we bid you farewell, blessings and good tidings.

Telepathic Transmission thru Lauren C. Gorgo at

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