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A Millennium To Expand  

Alec Christos Gabbitas                                            

Many will be choosing to leave the planet in these ensuing times as their contracts and any ‘additional contracts’ will be expiring and their workloads well and truly fulfilled and duly completed. There is no preference by these expansive souls as the blueprints of their soul co-creations are totally open-ended and without bias or favour. Because a one is to be leaving at this now time does not mean that he/she will be deserting the ship, no way and very far from it. Their continuing focus will be on the collective ascension of both the peoples and the universal ascension which will of course be directly linked with the added movement of beloved Mother Earth, leaving behind the 3rd density world and so moving toward her 5th density imminent reality.  

Nothing has changed by a soul’s acceptance to assist the overall ascension from another view point, ie in a 4th - 5th dimension plus vantage point, for much has to be overseen and be adapted on all levels of ascending realities. There is no reality to consider those up to date and readied light beings taking the‘off planet’ option will be any the less involved than in the overall re-balancing and re-calibrating alignments on three levels so to speak, and in many cases will this move to 5th density+ prior to the actual shift, present greater expertise and co-created commitment. All will land on whichever ground ‘a running’ as there is no ‘easy route,’ for this shift is monumental and it is paramount that all lighted beings both on and off planet will have their hands full, and their hearts open wide, as all calibrations and further re-calibration are executed. 

Much has to be shared regarding the actual processing as the planet moves through the trigger and ‘tipping’  point of 21.12.2012 and it needs not to be an instant revelation and /or tangible change - physically that is. The window for the Hu-man/woman on planet will extend from 2012 to approximately 2025 as all are allowed own adjustment periods to be able to rightfully choose their own futures, either staying with the planet into her 5th density, or choosing to remove to another 3rd density planet which might well be many souls choice, not practically making the “leap of faith” into earth’s newly alighted ascension into the 5th. We must remember too that we are just about finishing the ‘old’ millennium of moving through the Age of Pisces, and a similar time window will be afforded as we move into this next new millennium of well over 2000 years plus, of the Aquarian Age. 

Great changes may well take place in the early days of 2013, but as aforesaid and indicated will it be in another decade or so for the greater realisations of most souls to be complete. This new Aquarian Age will afford the same or similar time span as the Piscean age, now all but over as we move through the bookmark date of 21.12.2012. The greater changes will probably be realised, not immediately or in the physical interpretation of ‘the blinking of an eye, but more continuous over the new millennium overall duration. Rome will not be built in a day nor will any who choose to reside further in 3rd density, be forced to ascend into a brighter or lighter place than they can at present adjust to. Some will be leaving due to these heightening energies becoming too strong. 

Those who are seeking to assist beloved Lady Gaia and her royal consorts with her soon to be 5th destiny, will make the leap of faith and hold the light and the space  to accompany her into her rightful point of vibration. As you  move into the ‘new age’ of Aquarius it will be the seventh Astrological Sign out of the determined total of twelve within the universal shifts and golden ages where all moves in a sequential vibration and in precise geometries. These imminent three stage knock on ‘leaps of faith’ are quite unique for it affords  personal, planetary and also universal shifts alongside each other, and so on into the Omniversal mirrors of all life.. and all being...  

All that we read and hear from our many sources of input regarding these events must needs be looked at with perhaps a ‘bigger picture’ in minds eye, bringing things into a realism so to speak, in a way of changing realities and vibratory related shifts. Each star sign is over 2000 years in duration and we must also accept, to some lesser degree, that the greater number perhaps, of marked changes and introduction of new and faster facts etc., might not be so quickly realised as some messages seem to infer or speculate. This is a major shift, this is an unknown event, not having been realised for maybe a million or so years hence. Yes, it still must surely conform to the progressive 12 Star signs of progressive evolution of the planets and stars within this universe. What will occur after this next millennium of resulting events and progressive developments remains to be seen. 

One things is for sure, is it not, that we are moving at a pace towards our ascensions and it’s up to one and all to choose for themselves which way or vibration they will adopt and align to. Many lighted beings will stay with and on Mother Earth and hold her lovingly in their hearts as indeed does she you. Many will it seems, and at the appropriate time, remove to a lesser 3rd density vibratory planet. The universe will exercise it’s universal laws both justly and perfectly. All will find themselves in the right place at the right time. Everything is governed by the universal laws and all will be destined according to one’s vibratory frequency, so that ‘like’ will ever attract and be with ‘like.’ 

As we about to enter into this seventh golden age, there being six before, we stand as ready as can be, poised to enter into a quantum leap of some progression and ascending realities. And, as in every golden age or new millennium, we are aware that all will not happen in the blinking of an eye. Yet, we are assured that certain changes are to expected and much sorting of the wheat from the chaff will be undertaken, as ‘good’ will separate from the ‘bad’. And that a healthier and fairer world begins to ensue as the multitudes of the many ‘wrong doers’ will begin to be amended as the light will now begin to guide and control the way forward, ridding the planet of all negativity and sorrowful life styles of so many used and abused dear souls.

Let is accept and allow our free and clear thinking, love based words, deeds and intentions, are now ro radically change this world we live upon and far better and fairer lifestyles will begin to be experienced by the needy and the  many. 'Time' is a priceless commodity and it can only be positively tendered with love and highest loving divine intent. Let there be light and let there ever be love... love unadulterated and love unconditional...and freedom for every one, and all....Namaste

Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind and an ever United Kingdom. Please copy and share as you give credit to its source. Be still and know. Be you.