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Approaching the Energetic Shift Point, Blasting into New Levels of Being

By Katie Gallanti

Hello to you all

In the last newsletter we talked about the shifts that were occurring energetically in each of our bodies as we received and then integrated a wave of particularly intense light coming in from the galactic core. And I also said at the time that, by the end of September and beginning of October, we would be using this increased light as empowerment and action in the outer world.

This has indeed began to occur as many are now shifting into a deeper level of their mission. Or at least, let’s say that there are several groups of light holders that are doing so at this time. As I have spoken about before in some of my articles for Paradigm Shift, some of which you can find on my website, free of charge, the Earth plane has seen an influx of old souls incarnating here since the beginning of world war two, in successive waves of groups of Souls, each matching particular astrological signatures. Each generation of incarnated old Souls had a task to carry out. And a particular quality of light to bring forward. And each generation has paved the way for the next generation to come. And now we are moving into the crunch time, as we approach the dimensional shift point, with all the right Souls positioned in the right places, to do what it is that they have come to do.  

Generations of Souls Carry Specific Vibrations

Each wave of incarnating Souls carries its own signature vibration. In evolutionary astrology the Soul is symbolized by Pluto, so we can look at Pluto (and the outer planets in general) to get an idea of the energy signatures carried by each group of Souls whose mission has been to pioneer the consciousness shift, as this is the axis on which those Souls will manage to channel their light more favorably whilst in Earth embodiment.   

Pluto In Leo (Neptune in Libra

The first group we are going to look at, from an astrological standpoint, is the group born in the 40s and 50s (1939-1956), the Souls who were at the root of the Sixties' Revolution. These Souls created a potent shift within the collective consciousness, which many of us still refer to right now for inspiration with regards to the civil rights movement, the peace movement and the first modern inclines towards a free form spirituality, outside of traditional parameters (think East West blend, meditation, chakras being introduced into the western world).

This was also the time in which the human potential movement was born and great strides were made in a psychology aiming at liberating the spirit. In fact this was a very creative and positive time in the psychological and personal growth field, before the great clamp down we now have, which has turned all human angst into psychiatric labels where problems are solved with pills.

If we were to sum up the vibration brought forward by this group of Souls, we could probably say that it was the vibration of creative freedom...Freedom to love, freedom to color outside the lines, freedom to express and freedom to just be oneself. Pluto in Leo shows the pull away from societal norms, towards a more individualized expression (Leo is the sign of individuality and creative expression of the Self, with all the drawbacks that this can also have, which are, however, beyond the scope of this brief newsletter). Many of these Souls also have Neptune in Libra as an astrological signature, which is a placement that indicates aspiring for an ideal of justice, peace and balance, as well as receptivity to music, poetry and all that is beautiful. I think we can all agree that all of these energies were present during the sixties , which, peace and civil rights movement aside, was also a very creative time musically and artistically, with amazing song writers, musicians and poets emerging during that time. 

Pluto/Uranus in Virgo (Neptune in Scorpio) 

 After which we have my generation, the ones that were born during the 60s (1962-1969 in particular) and who carry the vibration of that time, represented astrologically by the Pluto Uranus in Virgo conjunction, in our energy field and electromagnetic make up. Each one of us is, energetically,  a mini walking revolution, as we literally have the energy pattern that was present during the sixties phenomena, inside our energy field. This is a generation of hard to pin down, hard to rope in, system busters.

Many of this generation early in their lives were described as slackers as they did not like to participate in the status quo and therefore often did not settle into any clear work pattern. Their personal lives have not always been easy, because they carry within the energy of turbulence and change. Their job was to refuse to adapt, to break down the mould, to expose all that is not true and to be unwilling to play the game. Sometimes even at great personal cost, might I add. Its not comfortable to live with the energy of Pluto Uranus inside, as it is a an energy that is constantly asking for transformation and transmutation and it can be quite hard on the Earthly parts of the self that needs some kind of routine and continuity... I know this one first hand ;-)

Astrologically, the Pluto Uranus conjunction, generates an energy that is a mix between a rebel and a nuclear bomb. A good combo when used wisely if incarnating in a system that needs to be radically changed and exploded from the inside out - which was this generation's job. This generation did not create a group revolution, but , armed with Virgo analysis and critiquing skills, they questioned every system they were placed in and have been the foundation for the exposure of "all that is rotten in Denmark", so to speak. A challenging combination on the personal level at times, as ticking time bombs don't always make for the most tranquil domesticity ;-) lol ...many of this generation have married late or not at all, have cycled through many jobs and experienced much discontinuity of lifestyle, as they travelled through the Earth plane rebelling to the system and breaking up patterns.

Just on a side note, many of these souls are highly technical and many computer geeks and software programmers have emerged from this group. While the sixties generation created songs and poems, this generation developed the internet, computers technology, and much of the alternative healing technologies.  Uranus is a very tech friendly planet and it plays a big  role with these natives.  

Pluto in Libra (Neptune in Sagittarius) 

The next generation is the Pluto in Libra generation, born in the 70s and early 80s (1972-1983). This generation's focus is to restore balance and fairness in all forms. Pluto in Libra is willing to die for piece, creating ironically the signature of a dedicated warrior of the light, a mixture between an eagle (Pluto) and a Dove (Libra), depending on what the situation requires. Many with also Neptune in Sagittarius also carry the Sagittarius's idealistic focus towards freedom, truth and embrace the explorer spirit. They are free spirited, they like to travel, they hang out at Burning Man, are not afraid to explore new concepts and they are optimistic truth tellers. If the Pluto/Uranus generation were truth researchers and exposers, this generation is the one that SPEAKS the truth, far and wide. The Sagittarius energy makes them very forthright in their expression and not afraid to tell it as it is.    

Pluto in Scorpio (Neptune in Capricorn)  

And then there is the next generation, which is coming of age, the Pluto in Scorpio kids, our current younglings, born in the second half of the 80s and the 90s (1984-1996), currently age 15 to 27. I remember Michael Lutin describing this generation as the ones who, when bombed by a nuclear weapon, would walk out of the mushroom cloud, unscathed, saying: "Hey that was cool, when do we do it again? ;-)". Pluto is in its own sign in Scorpio and is very powerful in this placement. This is a generation of warriors, who have no fear, power aplenty and who don't back down in front of anything.

They are also finely tuned psychic machines. They can see through BS, smell a rat a mile away and are aware of all levels of dark machinations behind the scenes at a visceral instinctive level. They have an innate knowing of what power is, even the dark side of this beast. And when they use their skills for good, they have the potential to be the navy seals of the light holders. They are the protesters in Greece, London and in Wall Street. They are the ones with the strongest ability to say no and mean it, as fearlessness is in the very fabric of their energy make up. The perfect ingredient for the final stage of a world engaged in a death rebirth process, with many power and economical structures that just need to go, as they are not heading in the same direction of as the divine plan.  The ones with Neptune in Capricorn also have the vision and seeds of the new power to be. After the initially disillusionment with what is, these Souls are the ones that will bring through the vision of a new way.  

Generations of Souls Uniting to Create Change 

There is nothing random about the sequence of Souls who have been incarnating on the Earth plane since the 40s. Each group has been breaking a pattern and seeding something new, building towards a moment of shift. And that moment of shift is now.

Now is the time in which the world as a whole is reaching critical mass. Critical mass with regards to what will no longer be tolerated (the old paradigm) and with regards to what is to be seeded (the new world as we intend it from the highest levels of consciousness prior to incarnation).
There is a divine plane here, a well orchestrated one and we are all here now, poised together to bring it to completion.

This is a monumental and exciting time to be alive. Most of us have been preparing all of our lives for the shift that is to occur in the next few years. A shift that is as spiritual as it is worldly, as the structures of the old crumble, to make room for the new of our collective creation.  

The beauty of this stage is that all the generations are still here present and involved. Even at the Wall Street protest (if you are not informed about this protest, go on YouTube), we can see people of all ages, from the "Peace Grannies", most likely Pluto in Leo women still carrying their peace and civil rights flag from long ago, all the way down to the Pluto in Scorpio kids, who stand in their power and don't back down, even in front of the threatening teeth of "the man".

And this is just a microcosm of what is happening on the planet at large. Humanity and the Souls that took on the job of going first in the awakening process, the catalyst Souls, are uniting, synchronizing, starting to breathe as one.  

Uniting Patterns and Operating as One

 And as they do so, the energy patterns that each have been weaving will now be coming together. Alighting the world anew. Setting the world on fire with light. Shifting the Earth and humanity grids higher, so they can sustain the energetic shift coming in from the core of creation. And ready to bring forward the next level of the mission, which is a collective one.

One in which we let go of all the things we have been conditioned to believe that keep us divided (even new age belief systems, designed to keep us in a state of passivity, need to be re-examined and let go of). And where we move into a new level of awareness, which knits together a common purpose.

Entering in resonance with one another, we start to operate as one. Still individualized, but harmonized. Like water droplets attuned to the same patterns, we maintain our individual selves, but we vibrate together, creating a beautiful shared design. Each making our very valuable and unique contribution to the emerging picture. This is ultimately why we are here, on this journey at this time.    

Focus on what Unites, not on what Separates 

As part if this uniting, I encourage people to look at the commonalities between us rather than what separates us and in particular to focus on the commonality of our goal: which is to shift this planet.

Many of the Souls currently incarnated here are very feisty. We need to be so, as that is what it takes to bust a paradigm. However we also need to remember that our feistiness is best directed to what we are aiming to dismantle, rather than against each other. So remember to not get distracted and to align all arrows in the same direction as our combined arrows creates more impact than any arrow working alone. 

We also are here with different missions. Some Souls are just here to hold light, through peaceful and positive visualization. Some are here to operate in more pointed ways, as activists, truth beacons and light warriors. Do not make each other wrong for the different ways in which we are all called into being. Claiming your aspect of the mission is right and the other one's is wrong, only disperses energy.

Every flavor of light holder is here as planned and as required. Just see yourselves as Souls working in different departments and accept as valid all contributions to the pie. As many different energies are required to achieve the common goal of lifting the planetary focus, consciousness and patterns into the next level of being. And the more we work together, the more effective we will be, in common purpose.  Honor your differences and maintain a singularity of direction and focus. 

Also remember that what we are ultimately aiming to do is to assist humanity into going into resonance, so that we may translate the pulse coming from the creation core (via the Sun) to humanity, in its most usable form (think of us, energetically, as adapters stepping down vibration so it can be used).

See the video below to get an idea of the unstoppable beauty moving through creation and mentally ask to harmonize with the incoming creation pulse, so that you may yourself navigate these energies with more ease, but also so that you may become a better transmitter of the same.  


Solar Resonance

Ask for your body to harmonize, your energy field to harmonize, for your DNA to harmonize and for all levels of your being to harmonize with the incoming creation pulse, so that the beauty of the cosmic hum may flow through you and, via you, be transmitted to all that are with you on this journey. As it is so that, one droplet at a time, as we channel the infinity, we will dance to a communal and most beautiful song.  


Incoming Creation Pulse triggering human consciousness droplets into awakening

And in closing a video for all once upon a time Atlanteans, who remember the true nature of vibration and sound, somewhere in the inner strata of their being...may we all remember how to harmonize...may we become conduits of beauty and of the incoming creation wave like singing bowls, so that we may not just carry, but become transmitters of the universal tune.


Atlantean Awakening Technology

Wishing you all the most fabulous October and a great fall season...which looks like it will be a fun one, especially for those that enjoy roller-coasters and fast speed car rides ;-) Hold on to your hats, as we accelerate yet one more step upward into our full being. 

Much love to you all


Copyright 2011. Katie Gallanti, MS, MA.  If sharing with others, share the whole newsletter or with authors name and websites included. Thank you.