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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Ascension?

The Galactic Frequency Council through Catherine Richardson, Ph.D.

The time is drawing near—the time that you have appointed for yourselves to return to your own godhood. The time you have chosen for your own ascension. For it was you and not the stars, not extraterrestrials, and not any sort of distant, guiding deities, who directed your ancient cultures to end their calendars at approximately 2012 A.D. It was humans—your ancestors. It was you.

2012 is simply an approximate date that you have set for yourselves for the arrival of a wave of high-vibrating energy. You may choose to ride this energy to ascension, or you may choose to ignore or even to fight it. It is completely up to you. But before we continue, let us speak more about the concept of ascension. Much has been written, and much has been channeled, about this concept. Much of this information states that this planet and the people on it are in the process of ascending to a higher vibration and higher dimensions, and that this will result in a new age dawning on Planet Earth—one of peace, prosperity and increased spirituality. All we will say about this is that it is a possibility that is dependent upon choices.

We have a different definition of ascension. We define it as follows: the fully conscious and complete embodiment of the frequencies of divine unity within a being or system. Unity, when fully embodied, is completely aligned in all dimensions, for, in this universe, beings and systems already exist in all dimensions. All of you exist in the dimension of the Galactic Frequency Council, just as we exist on Earth. This is what unity is. And, when fully and consciously embodied, it is by definition divine.

Somewhere, in some dimension, all of you are ascended. It is important to know that. Some people are ascended in their Earthly incarnations, but most are not. Many seek to be. The Dalai Lama is ascended. Some who study with him are ascended. It is not necessary to be a Buddhist in order to ascend here on Earth. There are many, many ways. But, in order to ascend, one must choose spiritual expansion. One must choose enlightenment. In order to ascend, one must choose to embody the frequencies of divine love. All else follows from this.

“Why would anyone choose ascension?” you might ask. One reason is this: it is only through ascension that one can learn to create on a conscious level in all dimensions at once.

This simultaneous creation in all dimensions—this unity of choice—is the most awesome power in this universe. That is why some people do not choose ascension. They find this power too frightening. To these people, we would like to ask the following: Do you trust someone else more than yourself to wield such power? If so, please ask yourself why. We do not judge your choice regarding ascension. We simply ask you to reflect upon that choice.

Another reason one might choose ascension is that through ascension, one may experience himself or herself in all dimensions at all times. In other words, one may experience himself or herself as God, as self, as many, as One, as all of these—simultaneously. This is in contrast to how most of you experience yourselves at this time—as separate, with moments of transcendence into Godliness.

Just as many of you are choosing ascension, Planet Earth is moving toward ascension. This is what it means to become a star. There is an overseeing body for the ascension of Planet Earth, and its membership is growing. The Galactic Frequency Council works very closely with this group, as we do with several other groups.

As more of you choose to ascend, the more likely it is that Earth will also ascend. Raising your vibration raises the vibration of the planet. As the planet’s vibration rises, it is easier for its inhabitants to embody the higher vibrations and frequencies.

A great deal of excellent information about ways to raise your vibration is already available, particularly in the pages of this magazine. We have discussed these techniques at an earlier date, and they are not the focus of today’s message. Rather, we will discuss the ways in which some of you may be sabotaging your own ascension process. Please remember that we do not desire to direct your lives in any way; we are simply offering information for those of you who seek spiritual expansion, enlightenment, and ascension. We see many of you losing touch with two essential things:

1)  the importance of divine unity, and

2)  the necessity of including your divine mother—Planet Earth—in this process.

We will first discuss the concept of divine unity. Much has been written about the concept of divine unity—that we are all One. We are here to tell you that this is true. We are all various aspects of energy. It is our choice to experience ourselves as separate from one another. “Why would we do this?” you might ask. In order to evolve, to experience things from different perspectives. But true access to awareness is found through the experience of unity.

Unity involves a suspension of judgment, and understanding that everything is God. There is no devil who is separate from God. There is no religion that is wrong, that is followed by infidels. There is no one spiritual journey that is more sacred than any other. No being is more Godly than another. We are all God, and we are all One. This is where our true manifesting ability lies. As God, we can create worlds. We can create universes. Look at creation, and give yourself credit for the role you have played in it. The more you acknowledge your power, the more power you have.

Can we experience ourselves as God, rather than as these various aspects as energy? Yes. Many people have done it. Many more are doing it. Some people who have experienced themselves as God are the one called Buddha; the one we call the Christ, in his many incarnations; and Mahatma Gandhi. There are many others. This is what these souls have chosen to experience.

In finding their own divinity, they learned to see divinity everywhere, and in everyone. This involves seeing God even in events such as the Holocaust. Understanding that all souls create their reality, and you co-create it with them.

Yet as we approach 2012, we have noticed many of you focusing on separation. For example, there has been a great deal of speculation about who will ascend and who won’t. Who’s doing it right, and who’s doing it wrong. Some theories being posited include that the Earth will become two Earths, one for the “enlightened” people, and the other for the “unevolved.” Another theory is that a spaceship will come and rescue those who measure up, leaving behind those who don’t. More and more, we see humans taking the idea of a planetary rise in vibration and turning it into an “us vs. them” experience.

If you learn nothing else from us, then please understand this; it is the most important message we can give you for the year 2011. By definition, ascension is divine unity. Without the unity part of the equation, these powerful and magnificent 2012 energies you have summoned for yourselves will only serve to create some heightened and confusing emotions, and then these energies will quietly pass. A glorious opportunity will merely come and go.

So please remember as you go about your daily life this coming year, that All are One on Planet Earth. This does not mean you place anyone else’s needs ahead of your own. It means that you are aware at all times that your decisions affect everyone on the globe, as theirs do you. It means you know that, in some way, you are that immigrant trying to cross the border. You are that Iraqi civilian trying to make it home from work alive. You are that Japanese banker in Tokyo. And you are that politician with whom you so vehemently disagree. These are all aspects of you, reflecting something you would like to see. It may not be something pleasurable to look at, but you have asked to see it on a soul level. In thinking of others, it’s not a matter of

“There, but for the grace of God, go I.” It is simply “There, by my grace, go I.” For you all walk in grace, and you all are blessed beings.

The second way some people may be sabotaging their own ascension is by seeking to control and to destroy their own divine mother—Planet Earth. For eons, this planet has gracefully provided mankind with all its biological needs—food and water, moderate temperatures, and breathable air. In addition, she has provided humans with special frequencies to promote healing, unity, and spiritual growth. As more and more humans embraced duality, they chose to separate from their divine mother and from nature itself. Nature became something to be feared and tamed, and Earth something to be controlled and exploited.

Some people are remembering that they and the Earth have an inseparable, symbiotic relationship. You are part of your planet and its eco-system, just as it is a part of you. Yet other people are continuing and escalating the destruction of the planet and its eco-system. As this exploitation continues, they are inhibiting the ability of the planet to ascend. She cannot easily expand her frequencies if she is damaged, or pre-occupied with protecting and defending herself. Thus, she cannot support you effectively as your vibration rises.

In order to ascend and reclaim your own godhood, it is helpful to view yourself as a custodian of Planet Earth, rather than its owner or master. If ascension is what you seek, then nature should be honored, and not feared. Resources need to be nurtured, respected, and shared with all life, rather than controlled, removed, or hoarded. You are all One on Planet Earth, and you are all One with Planet Earth. When you truly realize, remember, and embody these two concepts, the awesome creative power of the universe will be yours to wield. We stand by, ready to assist.


The Galactic Frequency Council

Catherine Richardson is a former corporate attorney who spiritually awakened following a near death experience in 2000. Shortly thereafter, she began manifesting intuitive abilities, and decided to pursue a career in the healing arts. Catherine went on to earn a Ph.D. in transpersonal counselling, and now helps others to empower themselves and to expand spiritually. You can reach her through her practice in San Diego, California, or at

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