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Be Careful What You Wish For

By Colin Whitby

There is something really percolating this month, some of the most powerful energies are being released for us to observe and to absorb. I might even go as far as ‘for us to become’, for much of the focus for me has been how to engage and be with the energies rather than what can I do about them.

This has been a significant month for me in other ways too, I retire from full time work the end of August which means I can devote more time to writing (like this) which is something I have been neglecting for some time now. It all came about one evening on the way home whilst stuck on the motorway, I said to the universe ‘do something about this constant busyness, this travelling, this focus on doing’. Within a week I had an offer of early retirement I could not refuse. My only caution, be careful what you wish for, the universe is on instant manifestation!

As I read Katie Gallanti’s August message I realised I am being prepared for the next phase, my busyness is being replaced with contemplation time, I am going through some massive clearings (as are many of my friends) and only this morning in my mediation I could feel the different being clear is going to make, the energy was sparkling and bright with unlimited potential.

So it’s about being a clear channel, being all you can be, or simply being. When I first came up with the idea for a website to share these new understandings the first name that came to mind ‘The Magic of Being’ just said it all. At the time I couldn’t have imagined just how relevant and to the point that would be. It’s the whole reason I’m here, to explore the magic of being, and then to share that magic.

So here’s to the new phase, I hope you find your space to be, and the courage to step into that space, let’s explore our new reality together.

With love,