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Benefactor to Beneficiary: bestowal of blessings

By Lauren C. Gorgo

Ok people…even if it feels otherwise, we are finally at a very long-awaited and super significant turning point.

It definitely took me ALL of July to be-lie-ve this to be true…and btw, thank you in advance for your patience so I could get to a more expanded place personally before I wrote this report…had I not waited, this would have been a VERY different article 8O

The unrelenting force of compression that was required to get to where we are right now, to turn the last of our carbon into diamond…to rid ourselves of those final patterns of self destructive limitations…was straight-up Crazyville. But thru all of it, the unseens kept assuring me that we were grounding into a major earth-bound crossroads…put into place by the cosmic (grand) cross-roads reflected in the skies back in May…and that the intensified pressure we have been feeling the entire month of July was the actual pressure created/needed to outgrow and break free from our metamorphic cocoon.

compression |kəmˈpreSHən| • the reduction in volume (causing an increase in pressure) of the fuel mixture in an internal combustion engine before ignition.

And while that made sense to me on a logical level, I just couldn’t connect with the feeling of it for weeks and weeks. You know how it is when you’re “in it”…and I was IN IT…so deep that it felt plain irresponsible to write. But that’s over now and we are starting…if barely…to feel the wheel of destiny creak and moan, preparing to turn in our favor after many months of non-movement and a sincere lack of motivation. The thought that ‘things just might be possible’ is starting to slip thru the cracks of our justified, but overly-doubtful minds.

And while this may have definitely been another grueling make-or-break month for you, the difference between this month and all the other 175-ish months since the lions gate (8/8) in 1999…3 days before that massive four-way planetary conjunction/grand cross that occurred simultaneously with a total solar eclipse on 8/11/99 @ 11:11 am…is that this lions gate (which opens today-7/26) is showing us to our ability to finally turn over our brand new (crystalline) engines.

Cosmic triple play:  Not only is today (7/26 in the north) the opening of the powerful Lion’s (star)gate portal, it is also the planetary new year AND the wildly creative Leo new moon.  Translation: prepare for lift off!

Once we get our motors running (tho mine might seriously need a jump start)…and if you did the grueling 7+ months of (Mars thru Libra) inner-work (read: consciously witnessed and LOVEd yourself thru all your relationship-to-self discomfort)…I am hearing that a bestowal of blessings is on tap for the lion-hearted.

It may be a challenge to connect to the concept of blessings after such a punch-in-the-gut month/year/decade, and with SO much chaos still swirling about (especially on the global stage), but this leap feels quantum by all standards. Our inner and outer lives got so shook-up the first half of this year…like the old snow globe analogy where it feels like a little of us is scattered everywhere…that it may be difficult to see or feel your way thru the discarded remains of your past.

No matter, just BE…here now.  That’s all that’s ever required.

Luckily we’ve been at this long enuf to realize that whenever we undergo a major disconnect period it’s always in preparation for a reconnection to a higher level of consciousness which inevitably brings us to a deeper level of LOVE and ultimately, personal truth.

And yes, the process to assimilate that deeper LOVE can be deliriously disorienting, disheartening even, but as soon as we anchor back into our newer-truer-Self, we notice a bright, fresh & crisp newness, the return of creative inspiration, and a deeper connection to joy…which is exactly what’s in store for us now.

We may not have a whole lot of understanding yet about what we have all just been thru and why, but the immensity of it can only mean one thing:  we are completely different BEings than we were before the year began.

I think it would be too much to grasp at once but from what I can sense/hear/feel, the changes we underwent during the last 6+ months are nearly incomprehensible…at this point anyway. It almost feels like there is SO much goodness to unfold, so much that is so ripe with potential, that the whole joy of it will be in the ongoing process of rediscovering ourselves anew…in physical form.

That said, I did get some highlights. When I finally started swimming back to the surface after another round of deep-soul-diving into my core inside-y parts, I immediately heard lots of stuff swirling about me head as if all this information was backed up on a server somewhere, waiting for my reconnection to download into my consciousness.

Here are some of the things I ascertained when I started to see the light again:

  •  When you awaken from your ‘postpartum’ slumber, things will not look or work like before.
  • You will find that when you move forward it will be at a very different, much quicker pace. But what you won’t find, is difficulty in handling the pace.
  • Life will become “electrified”.  You may find some challenges in dealing with the force of power at first, feeling as though you are a live-wire, in a manner of speaking.  This intensity will subside as you ground these God-frequencies deeper into your body and earth.
  • There is coming a “wave of support” that is not like anything you are used to. It will uplift you from on high and it will carry you through life in a way that you have never known it to be. You will be amazed at how effortless life can really be.
  • Once the tables are fully turned in your favor, everything you once knew will change, as if by magic.  
  • Humanity is soon to reach critical mass. On a global scale, expect more revelation and unearthing. 
  • Your return to LOVE will begin with a creative call.
  • When the energy of creation fills you, you will know Grace. When you know Grace, you will know that you are Home.
  • When the sun changes signs, you will begin to feel the force within you..this is the christed energy, pulsing new vitality through your very veins. This pulsing is the light of your soul, it is the directive of your divine blueprint that will serve to reconstruct your flesh.
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