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Birth of the Luminous One 

By Karen Anderson and Barry Martin Snyder

I first came across this article when doing some energy work in preparation for the New Year's Eve Blue Moon celebrations. A number of influences were being drawn together and the energy and clarity from Karen and Barry's site was just amazing.

They have very kindly agreed for me to reproduce it here.

 "I AM the only One that Is, has ever been and always will be... to the end of time and beyond.  I now make my full and final appearance on Earth in, as and through you.  The moment of the Birth has come,when you in your splendor and magnificence will shine forth as blazing divine Light~Fire, illuminating and raising all into a new heaven and new earth.  You are each that One that I AM.  Turn within now and fully face and embrace your true nature, realizing and living what has always been the truth of your infinite, divine, luminous Being."

The Cosmic Christ

We have arrived at the moment of birth...the most momentous event in human history... the end of the human experience as we have known it, and the point of emergence of a new, luminous human species -- multidimensional, fully awakened to its true nature as holographic aspects of God/One/All That Is.

Humanity has been in a long embryonic process, gestating in matter for millions of years.  It has been asleep to its true nature, forgetting its oneness with all that exists.  Like a caterpillar that has no idea that its ultimate destiny is to become a butterfly, humanity has been bound to matter, identified with but a small portion of who and what it truly is. But now, at last, we are awakening to our totality and soaring free of all earthly limitations, glowing with the luminescence of a butterfly’s stained-glass wings.

For a caterpillar, life equals crawling along on the ground, looking for food. Even when it inches its way up a tree, it is always bound by gravity to the earth.  Knowing no other possibility, it cannot imagine it could ever become other than what it has always known itself to be.  And so it has been with the human species. 

But the time comes when the One is ready to experience more of itself, and that inexorable desire for transcendence moves through even the lowly caterpillar.  Deep within its consciousness, the impulse to freely explore new dimensions of existence arises; suddenly, something within it wants to fly on gossamer wings above the “flatland” of its previous existence. 

Yet in order for this transformation to occur, the caterpillar must endure a death; its deepest sense of itself is about to dissolve away. The caterpillar cannot know what will unfold from this mysterious, uncontrollable dissolution.  Without even the slightest inkling that it will go on to become a beautiful, magnificent creature, it only experiences the end of what has been. 

And so the caterpillar spins its chrysalis, its womb of death and rebirth. As it enters that chamber, it experiences its last moments as a caterpillar, leaving behind all that it has known.  Slowly, inexorably, its very being begins to break down.  The familiar structures that formed its sense of self dissolve, until all that remains is an amorphous mass with primitive nervous and circulatory systems and a heart that continues to beat. 

In the midst of this “death” process, as this radical, unstoppable dissolution continues, the light of the New is just as unceasingly streaming in.  Genetic intelligence is being activated to bring forth a new form and a new being. Out of the meltdown of all that has been, something new,  something never before seen, emerges -- for the caterpillar, and for us. 

This time has long been foretold.  Ancient traditions describe it as the close of the age, or even the end of the “world” as we have known it.  Prophecies passed down for generations tell us that all that has been must dissolve and fade away, so that which is to come can be born. 

And now humanity is entering the chrysalis.  The crises we see all around us sound the death knell of our caterpillar phase, while simultaneously heralding the birthing of our butterfly existence.

For millions of years we have been living under the illusion that we are limited human beings, each a separate personage, fundamentally alone and disconnected -- from each other, from all of Creation and from the Source of All That Is.  This false identity is dying, while our true identity as an emergent luminous one, a magnificent manifestation of the only One that is, unfolds.

This moment of birth was foretold from the beginning.  It was central to the dream-plan of the One, whose only purpose is to continually explore and come to know itself through the dance of its creation.  Like a child playing with a dollhouse, the One continuously plays with its multidimensional “house of many mansions”.  Just as a child populates its dollhouse world with the characters who inhabit its imagination, the One dreamed up the idea to expand and deepen the possibilities for its experience by projecting itself into its creation. 

Children playing together can pretend that they are mommy, daddy, baby, and even the family dog, by projecting their sense of self into the figures who “live” in the dollhouse.  So, too, did the One dream up the idea of individualizing itself as myriad souls, which it projected into the many species within its multitude of worlds.  No longer was the One limited to experiencing its creation from its overarching perspective; now, an infinity of possibilities to experience itself and its creation from within  unfolded before it. 

So the One involuted, compressing and compacting its self sense until it was able to “inhabit” a human form.  But as it did so, it began to lose touch with its larger Self sense, and started to identify with the reality inside the “dollhouse”.  Slowly it became entranced in the illusion that it was the dream character in the “dollhouse” play, a limited human being identified and synonymous with the human body. 

Thus, over time, the One fell asleep to its true nature and began its long gestation in matter.  This was all part of the dream plan; through the dream of self-forgetting, the One could experience itself as countless individuated aspects, each with its own experience of being.  Each projected aspect of its Self was able to exist in its own world, have its own experience, and dream its own dream within its own play.  And in all of this, God was exploring God within God.

The end, however, was known from the beginning.  The One can never be other than the infinite, self-radiant conscious beingness of All That Is. Even in its amnesiac trance, it was always that One.  The time would ultimately come when the One would slowly unfold itself inside the human cocoon, bringing forth enough of its totality to self-remember.  It could be no other way.

But like the caterpillar, each fragment of the One must die to its limited identity if it is to know itself as the multidimensional, luminous being it truly is.  The crises that now pervade the human experience attest to this process; each constitutes exactly the evolutionary stimulus that is forcing humanity to evolve into its new level of beingness.  External crises mirror the limits of our self sense that must be transcended now so we can move into the next stage of our evolution.  As they call us back home to our true, larger nature, God is calling to God to self-remember.  

In the end we will see that our collective condition is the real cause of all the crises. Our sense of being separate and isolated beings leads us to act in disconnection from the web of life all around us.  We poison, pollute and destroy ourselves, each other, and the Earth because we do not perceive the oneness and preciousness of all of life.  We seek to grow and expand, yet we do so only through our limited, physical self sense, largely ignoring the spiritual dimensions of our being.  We attempt to fill the gnawing hole within the collective human soul by seeking without, consuming the planet in the process.  Yet that deep-down hunger can only be satiated by the one thing that will fill the void -- union with our true nature. 

 Many are beginning to recognize that they are suffering -- and that their own ego, not something or someone outside themselves, is the source of the pain.  Realizing that the suffering has been created by our individual and collective separate ego/personalities will spur the shift.

Each day more and more of us realize that we are unable to pull ourselves out of the egoic quicksand we find ourselves mired within.  The resulting hopelessness and despair will catalyze the newly-humble, surrendered heart to ask The One for help. Individually and then collectively, we are realizing that both the problem and the ultimate solution lie within.

The end is assured; just as a plant emerges from a seed, grows a stem and leaves, and eventually flowers, so the human soul is awakening to its true identity and bringing forth its divinity as the culmination of a natural evolutionary process.   The first step is the birth which is about to occur around 2012.  Then, over the course of the next millennium or two, the collective Christ Child will grow and mature until a luminous Christed species exists on a higher dimensional earth.  We are the evolutionary prototypes, the first ones or seed crystals of the new species.  Our task is to awaken to our absolute nature and embody as much as possible in this incarnation.  Many will achieve full liberation, moksha or the etheric ascension, which is a fully conscious exiting of the body into full union with our oversoul or paramatman aspects.   As this occurs the portal of planetary ascension is opened, and increasingly vaster infusions of higher dimensional light pour into earth.  This further catalyzes more to awaken, manifest their luminosity and experience transcendence of all earthly or "caterpillar" identification.   The end is always the same, the realization of our true estate, resulting in liberation and absolute freedom to soar as vast, multidimensional presences.

While this may seem like a lofty possibility, we are not without guides and role models in this great unfoldment.  The  “miracles” performed by saints, shamans, mystics and illumined beings throughout history were but natural manifestations of their true nature. These beings were no different from us, with one exception: they awakened from the hell-trance of separation and realized their true nature.  The real miracle is that we have managed to stay mesmerized in our hypnotic state of Self existing in the dream of forgetting and limitation for so long, creating a world that reflects virtually the opposite of our true nature. 

Many traditions predict a coming messiah, and billions hope for a saviour that will bail humanity out of its self-created mess.  Muslims expect the Imam Mehdi, Jews await the Messiah, Hindus prepare for the Kalki Avatar, Buddhists anticipate the Maitreya Buddha, while Christians make ready for the Second Coming of Christ.  While great awakened beings are here and will continue to come to Earth, their only purpose as “saviours” is to spark our awakening from the dream of our own illusory condition.  What Christ, Buddha, Krishna and others demonstrated is a way of being that we all intuit is possible.  They were not special beings above and beyond us, but simply the full blossoming and fruit of the awakened human being. As Christ Jesus said, “Know ye, ye are Gods.”

 This being gave us other vital clues through his many powerful statements. “The kingdom of heaven is within”, he asserted, also pointing out that “the kingdom of heaven is laid out before you but you do not see it.”   When once we turn within, rediscover and merge with our true nature, the God within, we will see the kingdom unfold before us and so it shall be.  What is causal lies within; the effect, without. The implicate order of the kingdom of God within must necessarily be outpictured holographically as the kingdom of heaven without -- the new heaven, new earth. 

The gestation period is over; the birth is imminent.  The plant must flower; the baby must be born.  The grace flowing from God/One/All That Is pours forth as never before to bless our beautiful planet Earth.  It is time for humanity to awaken from the dream. The Hopis, Incas, Aztecs, Dogen, and many other traditions, prophets and mystics have proclaimed that now is the time.  Scientist Paul LaViolette predicts the Earth is about to be engulfed by a galactic superwave, an emanation of energy/consciousness from the galactic center that will cause a quantum leap in the vibration of the solar system.

Great cosmic cycles are coming together at this time.  The Mayan Calendar comes to an end sometime around 2012, while the calendric system encoded within the Great Pyramid ended in 2001.  Many believe the Kali Yuga is coming to an end. 

It is the time of the second, full and final coming of the One, in, through, and as humanity.  In this collective messiahship, at first a few wake up and realize we are the ones we have been waiting for. Then a great wave of awakening will arise in the collective consciousness and ripple through the planetary mind fields with ever-increasing speed, until one day we all will look in the mirror and and see the face of the Luminous One -- the Only One that is -- looking back at us. Out in the streets we will rush to meet ourselves again and again, dancing, singing, celebrating the birth of the luminous One and the beginning of the new heaven and new earth....

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and first earth passed away...and he shall wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there shall no longer be any death, there shall no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away...

“And there shall no longer be any night; for they shall not have need of the light of a lamp nor the light of the sun, because the Lord God shall illumine them; and they shall reign forever and ever.”

                                                                                                                                 Revelations: Chapters 21 and 22

Karen Anderson and Barry Martin Snyder

Look out for Karen and Barry's book which is due for publication by Summer 2010